PLL: "I'm A Good Girl, I Am" (5x24)

by - 3/23/2015

Previously on PLL in The Melody Lingers On, the trial of Alison DiLaurentis offically began. Her case didn't look good from the beginning, the trial didn't start off well, and let's be honest... it's really all downhill from here. I mean, it is the penultimate episode of Season 5.

The trial has been going on for 2 months, and there's talk of a surprise witness. Wait... two months, whaaaat? Where did that time go? So many events happened in that little 3 month span from Halloween to Christmas 2012, and now we're moving at light speed!

Leslie Stone testifies Pretty Little Liars 5x24
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So... surprise witness, that's where we were. I really thought it would be Holbrook or someone with some really damning evidence. Then it turned out to be Lesli Stone. Her testimony was shocking at first. Listening to what she said on first viewing, I was just as irritated as the Liars. But later, especially after the tetherballing, I kind of realized that she had a point. The Liars are definitely on edge. But no one else knows about A. So... how does that really look to the rest of the world? Guilty. As. Hell.

Despite everything, and a lot of intervention attempts by loves ones, Spencer, Emily, and Aria still blow full steam ahead trying to find anything that could get Alison off the hook for murder, and Hanna out of jail as her accessory.

While all that was happening, Mike was brought into the thick of the A game, thanks to a box of copy paper and a cow's tongue. Mike wanted to tell the truth, and Aria tried her best to protect him, but that wound up (no pun intended) only seeing Mike tetherballed by A. Luckily, Caleb and Ezra broke away from the invisible archer just in time to find him. Rather than cut him down, Caleb took a picture of him first. Then, instead of calling the police immediately, they drove back to Rosewood to file the attacked with their inept PD.

Alison DiLaurentis was found guilty of murdering Mona. Immediately after the verdict was read, Ali was taken into custody. Spencer, Emily, and Aria were also arrested, booked, and processed.

In the last scene, A was playing with their legos, driving a Department of Corrections SUV containing dolls wearing prison jumpsuits. He/She dropped a brunette doll off inside the castle, where a blonde doll was waiting in the tower. The the vehicle continued driving, with 3 dolls inside.

A plots to kidnap the Liars, PLL 5x24
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Thoughts, Theories & Random Facts

Alison had no idea who Lesli Stone was. Soooo that makes me think that she's never really met her before, or that she's inconsequential to the larger scheme of things. For a surprise witness, she certainly was surprising.

Andrew is really being shady lately, and I feel like that came out of nowhere. I sure hope he's just a red herring. I don't see how there's a going back and having a-ha moments about him in previous episodes. He just hasn't really been in enough of them. I guess, you know, that we know of.

I've said it before, that I think we might find out the identity of Varjak. Honestly, I'm pretty sure we will. But I'm not really sure that I believe Varjak is A. I feel like Varjak is either a minion to A, or someone who thinks they're helping the Liars, and they're really not. In the latter case, I think Andrew could be Varjak thinking that he's helping Aria with her druggie brother Mike. He might've even been the one to attack him and beat him up. Definitely a scare him straight kind of move. Because honestly, would A really do that? Mike was still able to talk, and we've seen what A does when they don't want someone to talk... 

We're really beginning to see how the Liars look to the rest of Rosewood. I mean, their parents have been trying to reign them in for a while now, but no parental intervention is going to help these girls. Makes me wonder what A has in mind...

I know I shouldn't really make theories based on anything Marlene King says about the show, but she did recently mention that, "you're not going to see Courtney, but you might see double of someone." I've seen so many brilliant theories about boy/girl twins that this kind of makes me sad. It really seems to point to identical or same gender twins. Oh, and Cindy and Mindy better not count. Anyone else notice them grinning while Ali's guilty verdict came down? Blech.

This Week's A

1. Toby Cavanaugh / Toby's Twin: I just keep coming back to him because of everything that happened at Radley and with his mom. I don't really want it to be him. I don't really want it to be his twin. I think that would be heart-wrenching for Spencer. Especially if Twinnie took Toby's place after that whole incident in the woods when Spencer went to Radley.

2. Bethany Young: I keep coming back to her as well, and I really like her as Toby's twin sister. Maybe Marlene was lying about seeing double. Maybe she'll look identical to Toby when they're side by side and she's styled correctly. I feel like we've heard her name so much this season, and we really know nothing about her. All we know is that she fell under someone's spell and then became disallusioned about it.

3. Jenna Marshall: She is blind because of Alison's actions, and the Liars kept the secret for her. The girls took away her sight, then they took away Toby. She was with Garrett until she found out that he had lied about killing Alison. Wilden was her friend, she was dating Shana... She's lost a lot because of the liars.

4. Melissa Hastings: I feel like I have to add her in, because she's really lost a lot because of the girls, too. Ian, her baby, Garrett, Wilden...

5. Someone's Twin: It would be easy enough to go with this idea. They could reveAl the person at the end of the finale, then in the beginning of Season 6, we'd find out that there was a twin involved. Basically, clearing the name of the potential A in a new way, but essentially the same way that Toby, Ezra, and Spencer's names were all cleared.

6. Lucas: I really liked the theory about him, but it doesn't connect all the dots together in the same way that some other candidates do.

Only one more episode left to Season 5... It's hard to believe we're here already! Will we get an A reveAl? Will we learn the identity of Varjak? What about Mona's fate? What does Sara Harvey have to do with anything? Oh, and while we're at it, why does Varjak's number spell her name?!? In all honesty, I'm still not sure that we'll get a lot of definitive answers. I will try to post my best-guess theories for the finAle tomorrow, in a separate post. Welcome to the Dollhouse airs tomorrow at 8PM EST on ABC Family.


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