PLL: "The Melody Lingers On" (5x23)

by - 3/16/2015

Previously on PLL, Ali refused to take the plea deal, but it didn't matter. Hanna was arrested as her accomplice anyway. In Rosewood, the court system moves quickly, and the episode opened with Alison DiLaurentis officially on trial for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal!

Alison: She's officially on trial, and it's not looking good. Early on, her lawyer tried to make her feel better by telling her that they only had to raise doubt with one juror. The prosecution had a much more difficult job, convincing 12 jurors of her guilt. It was a nice sentiment, but for someone who has lied about so much... It's gonna be a tough sell. I'm pretty sure that she'll be found guilty.

Hanna: Met with her mom and Ted in jail, and her mother was definitely all about Hanna doing whatever it took to save herself. Maybe this is the beginning of seeing what's really wrong in Rosewood? Then there was that weird conversation about DNA and genetics. Are they setting us up to find out that Hanna was adopted or something? Or is it the opposite, cementing the fact that Ashley and Hanna are genetically mother/daughter.

Spencer: Tried to apologize to Jason, and Mr. DiLaurentis told her to stay in her own home, reminding her about the gate and the wall. After Jason's turn testifying in court, he came over to reiterate how unhelpful she had been. She tried to explain that someone was framing all of them, but just couldn't bring herself to say that a new A was back, terrorizing the girls.

Aria: Had a weird conversation with Andrew. Really weird. She definitely seemed creeped out by what he said about Mona.

Andrew: He might be A-Team. Or someone is using some kind of secret to blackmail him into being an A-Team minion, and he has no idea that it ties into everything that's going on with the girls. This might have been his attempt at finding out if Aria was part of the "group" he's been helping, possibly even the leader. He definitely knows more than he's saying, but we know how A can make people look super suspicious! Also... he pretty much watched Aria, Spencer, and Emily break into Mona's house.

Aria, Emily, and Spencer outside the courtroom Pretty Little Liars
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Emily: She joined Aria on a trip over to Casa de Vanderwaal in an attempt to search Mona's room. Their search was thwarted when they discovered that Leona wasn't home.

Later, Spencer joined the girls and discovered that Mona's house was still locked up tight. As they walked away from the door, they heard music start to play. The girls tried the door again, and were surprised when it opened. They ran upstairs to find Mona's room had been trashed. Someone had just been searching in Mona's room, but what were they looking for? And was it A?

Initially, the girls thought that A probably beaten them to the clue, but Aria suggested that it might have been a trick. Maybe A didn't find anything at all. So, the girls looked, and Spencer quickly found a clue tucked behind a hand mirror on Mona's vanity. 

Mona's Mirror Message, Pretty little liars 5x23
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Almost immediately after this scene aired, all 3 lines were discovered to contain the same letters, and possible anagrams for the same thing... Charles DiLaurentis. Only we don't know a character by that name. More time and research yielded Rachel S. DiLaurentis, Raschel DiLaurentis, Nerd Lucas is the Liar, Run Ali Ted is Charles, etc...

Some finally listens to the whisper machine in The Brew! Emily heard 3 secrets before the sound of the French music started wafting a la the Fiddler on Aria's roof. I was disappointed that it spooked her so quickly. I bet that machine has a lot of good stuff on it.

I wasn't sure what to really make of that ice pick/screwdriver inside Mona's window. But, apparently the police get a hold of it and test it. So, that's not looking so good for the Liars! It was from Boo Boo's ice cream, which I'm guessing is going to send Rosewood PD to find all kinds of fun stuff, if they haven't recovered it already.

Oh, and I almost forgot about that convo between Ali and Hanna in jail about the ads. The number on them was the same as Varjak's number. Alison figured the ads were being placed by Mona, because they stopped when she died.

Thoughts, Theories & Random Facts

The title of the French music played translates to "I Regret Nothing."

I know I shouldn't put much store into the teasers from producer I. Marlene King... but she keeps repeating this one. She claimed that more people are guessing the identity of A correctly, but for all the wrong reasons. I feel like every motive theory I've seen boils down to revenge. On the show, Melissa constantly says it's about love. When I look at the facts, it seems like A wants truth above all.

I really do wonder if everything connects together. Tanner once said that it seemed like everything always led back to Radley. Maybe that really is where it all started?

When they first mentioned the Varjak ads from, I thought they were the ads from the beginning of the show, when Alison was first being targeted. I'm not sure why I thought that. I do get the fact that Alison thought that they were being placed by Mona, but did she really think that Mona killed her mom?

Big A reveAl
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The promos keep saying that we're going to get a big reveAl and everything, and I'm just not sure that I buy into it. Supposedly we're going to find out who A is? But earlier this season, that wasn't even on the table? And now Varjak? I'm thinking we might find out the identity of Varjak, and they might be a right hand minion to Uber A, but I'm just not feeling an A reveAl kind of vibe. Is that just me? We've been tricked so many times!

With all this Charles DiLaurentis stuff... I'm really wondering about Bethany Young now. Like, what's her deal? And Sara Harvey, too. Will we ever get the answers to some of these smaller plotpoints? Or are we not getting more answers because everything is so convolutedly tied together?

I'm starting to wonder if Mona really is alive. Honestly, if Alison is found guilty for a crime that she supposedly didn't commit... how else are they going to be able to rectify it? I mean, no one is going to take her word for it, because she lies. And I'm sure the prosecution will discredit all her friends, too. But if Mona came back from the dead like Emily came back from the dead in the books... that's real life proof.

So... those Daisygate spoilers from reddit? I'm still trying to picture how in the world that could ever be a thing, and it still doesn't make sense to me. All in all, theorizing has become really difficult and confusing. There are so many questions, and so very few answers. I'm getting to the point that I just want to watch the next two episodes, take about a 2 week break from PLL, then come back at it with a fresh mind. Because mine is friiiiied. Is this what it feels like to be one of the Liars? 

This week's A

1. Toby's twin... We've seen lots of sign-ins for C. Cavanaugh over the past few seasons. Charles Cavanaugh, perhaps? Or maybe, Charles DiLaurentis doesn't know he's a Cavanaugh? It could be the other way around... Charles Cavanaugh doesn't know he's a DiLaurentis?

2. Toby Cavanaugh... although I'm leaning more and more against this by the day.

3. Aria Montgomery... but if it's actually her and not a secret twin, she's got some serious issues and doesn't realize that she's doing it.

4. CeCe Drake... I'm not above thinking that Charles DiLaurentis could be a girl. Spencer isn't typically a boy's name.

5. Anyone's twin... There's always the easy retcon that A is someone completely new to us that just happens to be a favorite character's evil twin. I feel like you could do this with any character on the show and make it work.

6. Lucas... He's moved down quite a bit. I think it would make a lot of sense for him to be A, and that's kind of why I'm hesitant to believe it's him. I feel like we are going to learn more about A, and that's part of why they're doing what they're doing. So... I wonder if we even know enough to speculate on this now. I did wonder, however, if Lucas really was a hermaphrodite, how that would impact his story? It could be a really compelling turn of events, and would add a lot of depth to his character. But I'm still not sure how all of that would tie in with everything else. 

Just two more episodes left until we get a big reveAl. The penultimate episode of Season 5 is entitled "I'm a Good Girl, I Am." Sounds to me like a last-ditch plea to be found innocent... what do you think?!?


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