PLL Season 5 Finale Predictions

by - 3/24/2015

So, by now, it's really no secret that I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and figuring out all the mysteries. Yes, I want to know who A is, but there are so many other questions that I've been waiting for. We've gotten speculative and suggestive answers, but not really anything solid or definitive. That makes creating theories really, really frustrating.

But that's not going to stop me from trying! I follow a lot of Pretty Little Liars blogs on Tumblr, and PLLAwesomeness is one of them. They came up with a list of 20 questions to answer before the Finale... I answered them on Tumblr, but I'm tackling them in a little bit more detail here. Oh, and I added some. Hope that's cool! If you're on Tumblr, check out the link and reblog your answers too! Then, after the finale, when the dust settles, you've got definitive proof if your theory was 100% correct, or completely and totally off. Don't worry, I've been in the completely and totally off category many, many times, and it's still a lot of fun! Questions from PLLAwesomeness are bolded, my Tumblr response is in black, any additional thoughts are in red. Here. We. Go!

1. Do you think A is  a guy or girl? Right now, the clues are mainly pointing toward guy, so that’s what I’m going with. You know, unless it's a girl. 

2. Do you think Mona is alive? You know, she very well might be, and maybe the shocking thing will be that the show kills her off again. I’m just not sure how her being alive and coming back can really work with 2 seasons left. If there were only 10 episodes, maybe. Or, maybe the Liars are going to think that she is Mona, when she’s really Mona’s secret twin, who stole the game from her. Basically parelling the whole Ali/Courtney thing, just with Mona, instead.

Mona wonders if someone can be crazy and not know it
c/o PLL Wiki

3. If you think Mona is dead, who do you think killed her? I’m pretty confident that she was killed by A. I think she knew a lot that she wasn't telling. She might've been on the wrong track thinking that Alison was A, but she definitely stumbled onto something she wasn't supposed to, or she really rattled A by doublecrossing him/her.  

4. Who do you think is A? Toby, Jenna, Mona’s twin, Someone’s twin, or Melissa. Clearly I’m still debating! I can't really say any of them for sure at this point. Ask me again in a couple hours! 

5. Who do you think is/was Varjak? My theories are all over the place with Varjak. Part of me thinks he's not even connected to A, or the game, but someone who is trying to help the girls without them knowing. If that’s the case, Andrew, Caleb, Ted, Ezra, really any of the guys/dads. If it’s truly A or a minion to the big bad Black Veil, then Lucas, Toby, Noel, Wren, or still Andrew.

Boo Boo's Ice Cream Factory Pretty Little Liars Season 5
c/o PLL Wiki

6. What kind of evidence do you think Tanner found about the PLL’s? I’m pretty sure that she has solid evidence, but it’s likely solid evidence that was planted. Their blood, hair, DNA, fingerprints... I mean, once they were arrested and booked, their fingerprints went on file.

7. Who do you think is Black Veil/Black Widow? Bethany Young, Sara Harvey, Spencer Hastings, Someone’s twin. I used to think that A and Black Veil were the same person, and I'm beginning to join Camp Two Different People.

8. What do you think Ali will tell Veronica about A? I’m not really sure. Maybe she will tell the truth. Maybe she’ll spin a whole new story. Hard to say, Ali is really unpredictable. But for the first time, Mrs. Hastings has a real vested interest in what Alison might tell her. And is it just me, or does Mrs. H. have a soft spot when it comes to Ali? She's definitely been motherly towards her before...

9. Why do you think A wants the liars in the dollhouse? Gathering them all together to kill them? Find out what they really know? In the books, they were all brought together to be killed by Ali. The more I think about this, the more unsure I become. Maybe A wants to keep them locked up in the Dollhouse like he/she was locked up in Radley. Heeeey that's really not a bad idea! 

10. Do you think by the end of the episode, the liars/Ali will no longer be ‘wanted’ for murder? I’ve heard so much about a cliffhanger ending, that I’m not sure. I don’t feel like it will all be wrapped up so quickly. There’s still 2 more seasons, and if both will have 20 episodes each, that’s still 40 more episodes! Okay, so I read and article from Marlene basically stating that this mystery will wrap up withing the beginning half of Season 6. But honestly, I don't know which mystery that is! There are so many different unsolved bits and pieces of a lot of different mysteries. Tanner was originally brought on to investigate Wilden's death... so, is that the arc we are putting to rest? Or is it the Alison/Bethany/what really happened that night arc? So many questions. 

Toby, Caleb, and Ezra team up PLL Welcome to the Dollhouse
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11. Do you think the boyfriends (Ezra, Caleb, Toby) will find the liars? I want to say that they’re going to try, given the promos, but I feel like the police are going to be involved too. So, maybe they work together? And honestly, I really hope that Toby stays on as a police officer. I want him to be the only upstanding cop on the force, or the cop that turns it all around. But they've been showing him being forced to make some tough choices because of that badge. I think maybe Toby will team up with the guys, then be the one who gets the police where they need to be at just the right time. And it's possible that he will be trustworthy because he's largely been held back from the case. You know, unless he's A...

12. What do you think Andrew will be up to in the finale? Chicanery. And if he really is Varjak, he should probably be careful. I think we're probably going to see exactly what he's been up to. He could be Varjak trying to protect Aria in order to win favor with her, without any real connection to A. We tend to be just as paranoid and jumpy as the girls.

13. Do you think we’ll see any surprising characters in the episode? I know Mona is going to be in it, and she definitely makes her episodes! Other than that, I've seen Mrs. DiLaurentis in the credits, so I'm hoping for a flashback with her, either the night Ali disappeared, or something about her own death. I'm hoping for a Jenna sighting, because where on earth did she disappear to? 

Twin Redcoat Blondes Pretty Little Liars
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14. Do you think we’ll meet a twin? If so who would you like to see with a twin? Toby, Mona, or Jenna. I want to know more about their stories. One of the girls would be cool, but I feel like with the potential cliffhanger, we might not know until next season that said person really is a twin! Those three are still the most compelling possibilities to me. Then, as far as the Liars go, probably Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily. 

15. Do you think the episode will be as ‘shocking’ as it’s being hyped up to be? I hope so, but I’m not getting myself too hyped up. I’m not sure that we are really getting an A reveAl. But the last episode was really good and entertaining, so as long as it’s compelling, I’ll be happy!

16. If one of the liars are A, which one do you believe it would be? NONE. Unless it’s a twin.

17. Who would be the most ‘shocking’ A, in your opinion? One of the girls. Like, really one of the girls, because their friendship is really all they have left. The relationships with everyone else are so strained. Their significant others, parents, friends... A has really managed to isolate them to the point that they really only have each other. A being someone inside the group would be the ultimate betrayal, even more so than any of the parents being involved.  

Pretty Little Liars Welcome to the Dollhouse Promo Blocks

18. What do you think is A’s motive? I want to say revenge, but I feel like that’s not all there is to it. Melissa claims it’s all about love. I feel like it’s truth. A wants the truth. Just looking back over these answers and thinking about them a little bit more, it really does seem like this A has slowly turned everyone against the Liars, isolated them, discredited them, taken away potential futures, and now A was to kidnap them and keep them somewhere? It seems like a move from someone who was locked up somewhere against their will for a while, wanting the girls to know how he/she felt. Then there's also that element of turning them into social pariahs. Sound like anyone we know?

Toby Cavanaugh was wrongfully sent to juvie for the Jenna Thing. He spent almost a year away, if not more. It did get him away from Jenna, but there was definitely a cost involved that he could've grown bitter about paying. 

Bethany Young escaped from Radley, and who knows why she was in there. Was she wrongfully kept there? Was she the twin from Ali's Halloween Story? We know very little about her. We haven't even seen her face. 

Jenna Marshall was blinded by the firecracker the girls didn't stop Alison from throwing into the garage. But before that, Ali made her an offer to be friends, or she'd ruin her. Jenna chose to make her own friends, and Ali ruined her. We didn't get to see a lot of what went on before Jenna was blinded, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty, and probably right along the lines of Loser Mona.

19. Do you think we’ll get ‘other’ answers? Such as who killed Jessica D? Or who  attacked Mike? I think it’s more likely that we will get those answers than an A reveal, in all honesty! Pretty Little Liars is usually pretty good about throwing us a bone in the finale episodes. Especially when they don't have a huge reveAl for us. Look at all the info we got in the Season 4 finale! I think it's possible we will get answers to questions we're not even asking yet... because last year at this time, barring all the spoilers, who really saw Ali getting buried alive by her own mother coming?

20. Do you think anyone will die or get hurt  in the finale? Finale episodes do tend to be fatale, but they haven’t really been touting that this time around. If anyone, Varjak. Whether or not he’s A. I feel like we’re finding out too much about him. I really could see him going, but if Andrew is Varjak and not related to the A game, I don't want him to get hurt. So many people have died already.

There are definitely a lot of different ways that this all could go tonight. There's excellent evidence supporting a lot of different people as A, but I think the strongest candidates are Jenna, Toby, Mona, or someone's twin. But there is another thing that I've been wondering about on and off for the past couple of episodes. There are a lot of theories out there that this is all in someone's head, but what if everything that's happening right now is part of an elaborate sting operation to draw A out into the open?

Here's the thing... A doesn't always work directly to make people do things. Sure, he/she uses secrets against the entire town of Rosewood to a means of something, but what? Has A ever pushed someone too far? I'm sure he/she probably has. Tanner came to town because of Wilden's murder. That's what she was brought in for. Maybe that's what she's still investigating, it's just that all this other stuff keeps happening and getting in the way. Kind of like when Lucas talked about the iceberg. That's what Tanner found herself with. But she's so good at letting events play out without taking a personal stance about any of it. I don't think she's involved, but I think she really knows a lot more than she's letting on. I just wonder if she let events run their course allowing Alison and the girls to be arrested, thinking that with them out of the way, she might be able to find out what really happened. But that doesn't neccessarily make her bad. I think she just wants to solve the case. She's waiting for A to make a bold move, and I'd say that stealing a Department of Corrections transport van is pretty damn bold. Also, likely a felony.

A's Department of Corrections Van PLL 5x24
c/o PLL Wiki

So yeah. That's pretty much all I've got in the way of official predictions. Honestly, after watching all the episodes, reading interviews, spoilers, and other theories... I'm not 100% certain of anything. The whole idea of the finale seems so out of character and far-fetched. I'm kind of ready for anything! How about you? What do you think will happen in tonight's episode?!?


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