PLL: "To Plea Or Not To Plea" (5x22)

by - 3/10/2015

A is everywhere and nowhere. Last week, we were led to believe that "Black Gloves" was paying off some inmates to do his/her dirty work. This week, we saw the result of that incentive, in addition to A pulling a fast one. You know, like A always does...

Alison: Still in jail. Will she plea, won't she plea? She almost caved with the attack in the laundry room. But she held on and remembered what Emily said back in Season 3, "Ruin one of us. Ruin all of us."

Aria: Welcome to the investigatorial squad! I'm loving that Aria is joining in on the mystery this season. She's been left out a lot in the past. She, Em, and Ezra follow Mona's lawyer James Neilan to a highly secured cabin that bears a strong resemblance to the Kahn cabin.

Emily: Joined forces with Aria to investigate Varja(c)k. Em follows Neilan through the gate to see him get some files out of a safe. While hiding near the trash, she finds a takeout receipt for Varjak... The phone number used to order is on the receip. She dials the number at the end of the episode, but we don't get to listen in on the call. Boo.

Varjak's receipt, To Plea or Not To Plea
c/o PLL Wiki

Hanna: Spent most of the episode evading jail, until Caleb finally convinced her to tell. someone. about. A. FINALLY. So she did, and as she was waiting to talk to Lt. Tanner, her phone was wiped of all those taunting messages from A. Ouch.  In the last scene, she looked pretty certain that Ali sold her out.

Spencer: Still in London, and it seems like Melissa and Veronica are trying to make sure it stays that way. Honestly, the Hastings are so Team Hastings that it's kind of amazing that Spencer looks out for her friends so much. I get trying to protect the girl, but sheesh. Could they at least be honest about it? And is there more to their thinking than what we know? Veronica found something damning in Ali's file, hence the immediate call to tell Spencer to stay put in Bloody Hell. Oh, and she kissed Colin.

A: Orchestrated an attack on Ali in prison to try and scare her into naming Hanna as her accomplice. Deleted not just the messages sent to Hanna's phone, but to Emily, Aria, and Spencer's phone as well. 

Thoughts, Theories & Random Facts

Veronica revealed that the police found bone fragments in the Barrel, but they were so small that they couldn't test for DNA. That's tres convenient, don't you think? So, I'm guessing that we'll never know who/what was in there unless we see via flashback.

Melissa and Wren are living together, but are they a couple again? That's just so weird, given what we know about Wren's history with Spencer, Hanna, and Mona...

Sara Harvey memorial website Pretty Little Liars
c/o PLL Wiki

The number Varjak ordered pizza from was 727-242-7839 which spells out SAR-AHA-RVEY if you look up the letters on a phone keypad. I know the body in the grave was supposedly ID'd as Bethany Young, but I've always thought it was Sara Harvey. She had such a throwaway story, when you think about it. But maybe her story isn't as throwaway as we think? Maybe Bethany Young's story is really just what it is... A girl who looked like Ali that escaped from Radley and found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe our attention should be on Sara Harvey. Maybe we should be focusing on Sara and Avery, and the similarities between Sara's disappearance and Alison's?

This whole Varjak thing... Do I believe it's really A? Maybe, maybe not. I think there's a lot of hype from the marketing department at ABC Family, and that's not exactly in line with things that the producers were saying early on this season. So, I'm not really sure if the reveAl we get in Welcome to the Dollhouse will be A's identity. Probably just another minion, and maybe a big clue. There's still 2 seasons left! They're definitely not going to give everything away right now.

This week's A... 

1. Toby Cavanaugh is still super duper absent/shady.

2. Also absent and still shady... Jenna Marshall.

3. aaaand Wren Kingston.

4. But then I read this excellent, incredible theory about Lucas... It doesn't really touch on everything, but it's really good. If you're looking for a good PLL theory blogs to follow, Tremolux should definitely be on your list!

Just 3 more episodes left in Season 5... Next week, The Melody Lingers On... Duh, duh, duh...


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