Stamping: Pretty Little Liars Season 5

by - 3/24/2015

Tonight is thee night... Pretty Little Liars finale fever is running rampant, and I think the fandom might just break the internet! In a few short hours... we might actually know the identity of A! Welcome to the Dollhouse is being touted as a #BigAReveAl all over social media. We shall see! But like I said, finale fever is everywhere, including on my nails! Today's mani is totally inspired by Pretty Little Liars...

Nails inspired by Pretty Little Liars

PLL Nails

PLL Nails

PLL themed Nails

Pretty Little Liars Themed Nails

PLL Themed Nails

Nails inspired by Pretty Little Liars

Materials Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
Bundlemonster Plate BM-407
Bundlemonster Plate BM-414
Bundlemonster Plate BM-416
Bundlemonster Plate BM-418
Bundlemonster Plate BM-420
Bundlemonster Plate BM-426
Fing'rs Stamping Plater
SinfulColors Boom Boom
SinfulColors Black on Black
Wet n Wild A Latte Love
Zoya Severine

I tried to incoporate a little bit of everything from PLL in here. If I could freehand the signature A, I totally would have, but I am sadly not an artiste in that sense. C'est la vie, right? Thankfully, one of my Bundlemonster plates has the letters to spell Love or Hate, and they're in a really cool circus-y font that just feels like A, given Charlemagne the Great and Boo Boo's Ice Cream. And those clowns... O.o

Am I the only one who forgets which plates they have on a consistent basis? I found the plate with the zipper on it and practically fell over at the thought of being able to do a black hoodie nail. Tippi the bird definitely needed representation, add in the New York skyling, fingerprints, some paint splatter, a mask, a lock, handcuffs and then borrowing a little bit of style from Jonny and Spencer's graffiti and BAM. Or should I say, Voila?!?

Inspired by PLL Nails

When I started watching the show waaaay back in 2010, it was because I was a really big fan of the books and theorizing over them. Who knew I'd become so obsessed with the TV show, too?!? I can't wait to see what we're going to find out tonight! I've made my predictions... have you made yours?

The finale airs tonight at 8PM EST and 10PM EST on ABC Family. I'm going to try and watch both airings, if a certain little Peanut is cooperative...

she's not telling...

I'll be liveblogging, probably a little bit on Tumblr and a little bit on Twitter, unless I manage to get Chromey out so I can do both simultaneously. Either way, expect reactions, theories, a review, and plenty of ramblings! And if you don't follow me on Tumblr or Twitter... you should totally get on that!


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