Layering: A Faerie Seriotype

by - 4/13/2015

Faerie Seriotype Manicure

Faerie Layering Manicure

Faerie Nails

Faerie Seriotype Manicure

Faerie Layering

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Wet n Wild A Latte Love
China Glaze Mingle with Kringle
Essence Glitz & Glam
Pure Ice Oh, Baby!
Sally Girl Circus Clown
Sally Girl Human Pretzel
SinfulColors Lavender
Wet n Wild Reject the Mainstream
Wet n Wild Wear Skinny Jeans
2 Coats SinfulColors Clear
1 Coat Seche Vite

If I had to pick one style of nail art to use on my nails for the rest of time... I think the Seriotype would win. I know it's only the 3rd one I've done, but I've seen a lot of these manicures between perusing creator Joy Serio's instagram and the incredibly talented Nichole from Pretty Girl Science. Everyone has different ways of making these little smooshed up masterpieces, and no two methods are the same. Then, add in different preferences for colors, textures, finishes, and ways of layering... yeah. Seriously the best thing to happen to nail polish since Jelly Glitter Sandwiches.

Surprise, surprise... I chose A Latte Love for my base because I have a serious problem and seem to think that using this polish in every other manicure won't deplete my resources before the end of summer! Actually, I knew I was going to pair Wear Skinny Jeans and Reject the Mainstream, so I needed a more purple leaning taupe base than some of the others in my stash.

This time around, I used saran wrap to blot my polish after I painted on random spots, rather than doing the dry brush technique I tried last time. It definitely marbled the colors together a little more.

After a wash of Wear Skinny Jeans and Reject the Mainstream, I added a little gold using Mingle with Kringle. This little gem was a Christmas present, and I can't believe I passed on it when it was out in stores. It's got a great color to it and was really easy to work with. Using the saran wrap method, you can duplicate the look of finer gold flakes. So... yeah. I'll be searching around for a regular sized bottle of this. Or a dupe. I'm always in the market for a good dupe.

With a little gilding, my mani was really taking shape, but it was still fairly light. I added a stripe of SinfulColors Lavender to each nail to darken it up, immediately dabbing with saran wrap after application on each nail. Next up, each nail got a coat of Pure Ice Oh, Baby.

The gold had added a nice touch, but my nails were in need of some glitter. To add more sparkle and depth, I added random blobs of Essence Glitz & Glam, Sally Girl Human Pretzel and Circus Clown, and then topped everything off with another full coating of Pure Ice Oh, Baby.

It would've been easy enough to layer Seche Vite over everything at this point, but I decided to add two coats of SinfulColors clear coat before Seche, to try and toughen up the layering. The idea worked out well, I wore this mani all day yesterday, and it looks just as fresh as it did then!

As much as I really do love this seriotype, and could probably keep it on for another few days... my nails are itching to be painted! And in all honesty... I have no clue what color or technique I'll be using next. My April Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag is due to be delivered today, so maybe something from that? Your guess is as good as mine... If you've got any ideas, leave them in the comments!


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