10 Favorite Foods, 1 Non-Fave

by - 5/21/2015

While I wouldn't say that I'm an extremely well-versed foodie... I do looooove trying new foods. Asian, Thai, Greek, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, all of it. So, I've got a pretty big repertoire of what I've tried and what I love, what I would order again, and the one food that I will always, ALWAYS pull a Bartleby over. So let's get started, shall we?  

1. Surf & Turf... Crab Cakes & Filet Mignon. It's usually between these two for a special meal out with Mr. Sparkle. I like my Crab Cakes with very little filler and lots of lemon juice. Then, for my Filet, medium, no fancy sauces or dressings required!

2. Cheeseburgers... We have a couple good burger places around here, one in particular that is constanstly switching up their menu. Regular burgers, Angus burgers, Elk burgers... slather it in cheese and I'm there. I could never be a vegetarian. Oh, and make it medium. It tastes better that way!

3. Grilled Swordfish a la Mr. Sparkle... He usually makes this with a green veggie and rosemary potatoes on the grill. So far, I've only had it prepared on charcoal, but oh my goodness. It's sooooo delicious. And this is coming from someone who didn't like it baked in the oven one. single. bit.

4. Lasagna... This is one thing that I make at Chez Sparkle. I've tried a lot of different combinations, but my favorite so far used Ground Turkey, Hot Italian Sausage, Provolone Cheese, and Vodka Sauce. Sooooo seriously yummy! I'm definitely planning on sharing the recipe the next time I make it.

5. Sushi... We have a great sushi bar in town that has the most amazing white tuna nigiri. And I've never met an eel roll that I haven't immediately loved. Pretty sure I could live on eel and avocado rolls!

6. Popcorn... Definitely my favorite snack food. Probably the fave snack food of my little wolfpack. Mr. Sparkle and Peanut both love it!

7. Fish Tacos... Seriously delicious and addicting little buggers. I've had them friend and grilled, but if I had my preference, Grilled Mahi Mahi all the way!

8. Quesadillas... I have what would probably be considered an unhealthy love for cheese. I usually opt for steak or crab.

9. Triscuits... My 2nd favorite snack food. Right now, I'm loving the Balsamic Vinegar flavor, but I also really love the Dill and Rosemary flavors!

10. Chicken Caesar Salad... Sometimes I cheat and pick up a pre-made salad from the store. Surprisingly, little Peanut LOVES salad, especially if she's helping eat it from my plate! If I'm making this at home, we mix spinach and arugula, add in pulled apart rotisserie chicken and croutons, then top with anchovy-laden Caesar dressing.

...aaaaaand for the non-favorite, pack it up and send it anywhere else other than my plate... CARROTS. To quote Bartleby the Scrivener, "I'd rather not." Sure, they're okay in an egg roll or a spring roll, but that's honestly as far as it goes. And if there's a restaurant out there that would like to prepare a fried roll without them? You'd have my business for-ev-er. Blech. I mean, they're even orange, too. Just... no. Not on my plate, thankyouverymuch!

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