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20 Favorite Things

Here they are, in no particular order at all...

Otterboxed iPhone 6

1. iPhone 6... Not only does it keep me connected to social media, it keeps me organized, and allows me to Facetime Mr. Sparkle while he's away. If we didn't have that capability, I think this whole thing would've been harder on little Peanut, for sure.

2. Caffeine... Coffee, Coca-Cola, Iced Tea, Red Bull, Hot Tea... there are so many different versions I absolutely love that help me to keep up with my little Sparklegirl.

Polish Hauls

3. Nail Polish... I can't really say that I have one favorite bottle of polish above all others. That would be really hard to choose. I gravitate towards pink and glitter polishes, but I love black, blue, gray, purple, and green shades too.

4. Flip-Flops... Once I break them out, it's next to impossible to cram my feet back into shoes. Even Sesame Street teaches the importance of setting your piggies free!

5. Notebooks... I am obsessed with journals and notebooks. I have an idea book that travels with me wherever I go, just in case I need to jot something down.

Papermate Profile Pens

6. Papermate Profile Pens... I'm honestly obsessed with how smoothly these pens write. And the fact that they come in every color of the rainbow. Very important for organizing and making lists!

7. Spreadsheets... Quite possibly the nerd in me mixed with a little listology. I really enjoy making spreadsheets for just about everything. Packing, moving, the sparklestash, shopping lists, blog posts.

8. Minion Rush... I've spent quite a lot of time on this app, and I'm way too involved to quit. You run as a minion, avoiding other minions and obstacles in order to complete a goal and move on to the next level. It's a lot of fun and really addicting. No requesting things from other people required, thankfully! Why are all games moving towards that? It takes away all the fun!

9. Sleep... I am definitely one of those people that benefits with a little more sleep than the average. I'm working on not needing as much, but 7ish hours is around my happy zone. On the weekends, I normally nap while Peanut naps, but I haven't been able to do that lately. Weekends have been filled with painting and renovating, in addition to chasing Sparklegirl around. Busy, busy!

10. Popcorn... I am quite possibly really addicted to popcorn. It's my everyday worktime snack, whether it's plain butter, jalapeno, cheddar jalapeno, or sriracha. I also love it with a little chicken stock sprinkled on it, Mr. Sparkle's recipe! Peanut is just as addicted as her mama and I love treating her to it. When we go to Target, we always share a bag of popcorn and a jamba juice!

11. Baby Wipes... Honestly, how did I ever live without having a pack of these on me at all times? I can't really imagine not having them on hand in the future, even when Sparklegirl is fully potty trained. We use Shea Butter, so they don't dry out your skin!

12. Bloglovin'... Blogs are definitely something I can't get enough of, and without Bloglovin', I'd never be able to keep track of them.

13.Cuticle Balm... I go through a ridiculous amount of Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream and Rainbow Honey Cuticle Balm. But when you use Pure Acetone to take off your nail polish, you've got to give a little moisture back somehow!

14. Seche Vite... I would really be lost without my Seche Vite. I was never good at patiently waiting for polish to dry anyway, and this stuff means I don't have to be!

15. Kenra Professional Platinum Silkening Gloss... A bottle of this stuff lasts just about forever and does such a good job of keeping the frizz down. I even love the sweet strawberry scent! It's seriously awesome stuff.,en_US,sc.html
Space Girl, Big Blue, Avobath, Twilight, and Blackberry Bath Bombs by LUSH

16. LUSH Bath Bombs... My last long hot bath was on Saturday. Complete with a facial. It's funny how few and far between they've become lately! Life is busy, busy, and there is nothing better than slowing down and taking a good soak for an hour or so. Add in a bath bomb from LUSH and I can stay in even longer. I like to read while I'm in there marinating!

17. Glitter... No real explanation needed here. :)

18. Macarons... I really need to take a night and make a batch of these, because nowhere near me sells them. My sister got me some from The Sweet Lobby in D.C. and their Neapolitan? YUM. Seriously thee best. Must try more flavors soon!

Ampersand Sign

19. Ampersands... My mother's day present from Mr. Sparkle... a giant Ampersand from Hobby Lobby that I pinned a little while ago. I've also got an attachment to semi-colons. So much so, that I want a semi-colon tattoo. Grammar geek, what?!?

20. Hugs & Kisses from Peanut... last, but most certainly not least... actually my most favorite. She's just the best. Her smile and giggle can turn a whole rotten day right back around.



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