5 Things I Can't Live Without

by - 5/26/2015

While I know that this list isn't comprised totally of "things..." Rather, it's a list of my personal righthisminute must-haves. Because while there are definitely things that we consider important, it's mainly the people who make our lives something really special, sprinkled with a little bit of how we connect to them...

1. Peanut... For the fact that I was never an "I definitely want kids" kind of person, the effect she has had on me is ridiculously amazing. When people tell you that having a child changes everything, they're really not kidding. I fell in love with her the instant that I saw her, and that love just continues to grow. She's constantly melting my heart with her silly giggles and huge smile! I'm so, so, sooooo blessed to have such a sweetie for a daughter!

2. Mr. Sparkle... It's very cool to be married to your best friend. He definitely knows me better than anyone, and it's been hard having him gone for so long. He's always been so supportive of me, whether I want to write a novel, make jewelry, start a blog, or start a business from an idea I saw on Pinterest. I love that he can see and appreciate the dreamer side in me. He keeps me grounded, which is a good thing, because I can take off for the clouds at a moment's notice! And anyone that knows him will tell you that he's got a great sense of humor and a really quick wit. I can't even tell you how many times he has made me laugh to the point of tears and side stitches! Soooooo beyond ready to have him back home!!!

3. Family... I'm seriously lucky and blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family! Both on my side of the family and on Mr. Sparkle's side. I really don't think that I would've made it through this past year or so with Mr. Sparkle being gone if I didn't have family to lean on. Peanut and I are two lucky little duckies in that regard, I'll tell you what!

4. iPhone... I know I say it a lot, but it really does keep me connected in just about every way. I can't really see not having a smartphone. I mean, I'm sure technology will change and everything, but the premise of the thing will stay the same. I mean, if I attached a keyboard to it, I'd be able to blog from it too, but really, that's what Chromey is for!

5. Notebook and Pen... Thought I was going to say nail polish, didn't you? Honestly... if I had to choose between the ability to paint my nails and the ability to write? I'd pick writing every. single. time. It's that vital and important to me. I carry around a notebook with me wherever I go, because there's just something about touching a pen to paper that I will always have a soft spot for.


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