China Glaze Treble Maker

by - 5/12/2015

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats China Glaze Treble Maker
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you're just done? Sometimes, it's really, really hard to stay positive. Especially with so much static coming at you from every. single. direction. It's days like these that I thank GOD that I have a little girl who loves me so unconditionally and gives the best hugs and kisses. I'm also super thankful that I've got 10 mini-canvases to paint exactly as I choose. Cue catharsis in ten... nine... eight...

Treble Maker is a seriously gorgeous bright green polish that would probably look ah-mazing on my toes at some point this summer. I'm still rocking Glow with the Flow since the pedicure was a no-go this past weekend, but I think this bright green would be a nice change and a smidge of a nod to the Big Lebowski. Definitely not the same shade of green, but I can't ever think about green polish on toenails without agreeing that the rug really did tie the room together.

Application was really good, too. Three easy coats and my nails were opaque, bright, and happy! I thought about doing some nail art with them last night, but once I actually had the time to sit down and paint, I just wanted to go to bed. Thankfully, I got a really good night of sleep last night, so we'll see what I come up with tonight.


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