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by - 5/14/2015

Bloggers write... but we also read other blogs. I practically ingest them. I love finding a new blog, going back through past posts and reading content that I can really connect with. It's why we do what we do, and the really cool thing about the blogging community, is that for the most part, it's a really receptive, warm, welcoming kind of place. Especially in the nail and beauty blogging arena. Like in real life, being mean, fake, or bossy doesn't get you very far. But if you're nice and genuine, it is seriously an amazing sisterhood to be a part of.

I know I have the Kindreds page where you can find my favorite blogs, but that's just a list of links. I don't really go into why I enjoy those blogs. So, I thought I'd do that here, and give these ladies the proper accolades they deserve. Here they are in reverse alphabetical order...

Vampy Varnish - Blogging since 2008, Kelly posts about nail polish and other beauty products. She covers a really broad spectrum of brands and products. I always enjoy reading her posts, even if they're not about polish.

Swatch and Learn - I've been reading Mary's blog going back to the time of Polish and Prose. Fall 2011 to be precise. She's incredibly down-to-earth and writes the most detailed reviews I've ever seen. She's definitely a great source when it comes to the latest collections, and often has all the behind the scenes knowledge of OPI products.

Swatchaholic - Jeanette hasn't updated her blog in a while, but she's one of the first nail blogs I found and really connected with. She inspired my love for layering manicures with her gorgeous and swoon-worthy creations.

Pretty Girl Science - Nichole and Amanda post a little bit of everything on their blog. You'll find swatches of mainstream and indie brand polishes, plus all kinds of nail art. Thanks to Nichole, I became totally addicted to Seriotype manicures.

Nailasaurus - Sammy is the genius behind the waterfall manicure. She does a lot of really cute and clean nail art on shorter nails, which I love. I also love that she tries to feature more affordable brands.

Nouveau Cheap - G has all the inside info on affordable cosmetics. She's always got the latest on new collections. I can't even tell you how many lemmings have come from reading her blog. A lot. A whooooole lot.

Let Them Have Polish - I've been reading Cristina's blog for a really long time. She hasn't been blogging much lately, but she's been active on Twitter and Instagram. In a weird way, her Muffin Monday series was partially responsible for inspiring my Fishbowl Friday series.

Little Nails - Another blogger that hasn't posted in a while, but I'd really be remiss leaving her out. It took me a while to find more than a few blogs that featured short nails, what we all call "nubs." So I looked to her blog for sizing ratio and how to do fun designs on a smaller canvas.

Honestly... WTF - No, it doesn't stand for that. Honestly... What's the Forecast is a hodge-podge of a lot of things. Fashion, Beauty, DIY, Cool Hunting... I think I found the blog on Pinterest and I've been hooked ever since!

Hey Natalie Jean - One of the many bloggers to go through a name/brand change successfully. Previously, it was natthefatrat, but the story is essentially the same. It's Natalie's take on finding herself in NYC and raising her little boy to be quite the adventurer. Her posts vary from decorating her family's small apartment and sampling NYC cuisine to getting extremely raw and real about infertility.

Chalkboard Nails - Sarah's blog is another one that I've been reading for a while. She's probably one of the most talented nail art bloggers out there. Her blog features her creations and she swatches a good mix of new collections from mainstream and indie brands.

Camp Patton - I started reading Grace's blog when I was pregnant with Peanut, possibly looking for insight into what life was like with kids? She has 4 kiddos and is pregnant with her 5th. Her blog is a hilarious send up of her kids daily antics mixed with fashion and lifestyle posts, told through her fresh and unique voice.

The Budget Babe - If you've got the slightest interest in fashion but live on a budget, you need to read this blog. Dianna finds wallet-friendly styles similar to spendier pieces or outfits worn by celebrities. She also posts her picks from Target and TJ Maxx on a regular basis and has sent me off on many a shopping quest.

All Lacquered Up - I remember looking up nail polish on Michelle's blog long before that first search for a jelly glitter sandwich. She's got the scoop on all the new collections from Mainstream and High-End polish retailers. She's been blogging for a long time, so she's got probably the most extensive back-knowledge of nail polish.

Aaaaand of course, I'm always in the market for new blog recommendations! Any that you're following that you just love? Let me know in the comments!!! 


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