Fishbowl Friday *026*

by - 5/01/2015

Okay... it's really hard for me to believe that I've been doing this series for 26 weeks already. Six whole months! Thankfully, the prompt today matches with the celebratory mood and everything! Behold... nails that are bright, fun, and NEON to boot...

Neon Glitter Manicure

Point Me to the Party over Pacific Blue

China Glaze Point Me to the Party, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
3 Coats China Glaze Point Me to the Party
1 Coat Seche Vite

For a little while last night... I contemplated my base coat. I was seriously stuck between China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts, Orly Va Va Voom, Passion Fruit, Hot Tropics, and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Point Me to the Party looks amazing over all of them, but it really popped over Pacific Blue. So, that's what I used, and I'm soooo glad I did!

Pacific Blue is one of the best bright cobalt blue polishes out there. SinfulShine Most Sinful is close, but not quite as bright. I honestly thought I could use SinfulColors Endless Blue, until I realized that I never actually added it to my stash. I'll definitely be picking that up when I get a chance. For right now, though... I'm pretty good with my supply of Pacific Blue. I went out and picked up 4 or 5 bottles of that, Mellow Yellow, and Coral Reef right before the formula change of doom.

Point Me to the Party is a really fun neon glitter from China Glaze's Electric Nights Collection. I had to order mine from HB Beauty Bar, because my local Sally Beauty display was really picked through. Granted, I think they order 1 of every limited edition display, so it really is a game of chance. I was really happy to find that HB Beauty had this collection in stock, along with some other China Glaze polishes that I missed out on, thanks to the same problem.

But back to Point Me to the Party... Neon glitter, specifically pink, orange, green, blue, and purple neon small and large hex glitters swimming in a clear base. I also ordered Let the Beat Drop and Can I Get an Untz Untz at the same time, and if you missed out on Point Me to the Party but can find these two... Just layer them together for the exact. same. thing. Seriously...

 Let the Beat Drop + Can I Get an Untz Untz = Point Me to the Party

You're welcome! You will have twice as much glitter, yes, but we all love great glitter payoff, don't we? I hastily swatched it on a nail wheel and didn't think to take pics of it. Why didn't I take pics of it? Anyway... I'll swatch it a little better and post pics when I do.

I used three coats for this layering because I've obviously got issues with using anything less. Plus, I really wanted a swarm of bright colors on my nails, and that's totally what I got. So... yay for that! It's always awesome when a manicure turns out like you planned!

In other news... today is the first day of May, which this year, marks the start of Blog Every Day in May... #BEDM for short. I'll have the prompts and details up in a separate post a little later this evening. Last year marked the first year that I participated in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and that was a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to flexing my writing muscles with this one!

So... I think that's about all! Not too much planned for this weekend. Lots of painting going on at the soon-to-be Chez Sparkle. Lots of playing with a certain little curly headed tornado. Aaaand by my official count... 49 DAYS until Mr. Sparkle comes home! Happy Friday, y'all!!!

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