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Fishbowl Friday *029*

When I picked the prompt for the 29th edition of Fishbowl Friday... I was a little smug. TRIANGLE nails? Easy, right? Wroooooong. What you're seeing below is actually my 4th attempt at making this prompt work. They might be a bit... abstract... but here they are. TRIANGLE nails... 

Fishbowl Friday Triangle Mani

Triangle Seriotype Manicure

Fishbowl Friday Triangle Nails

Triangle Seriotype Manicure

Polishes Used: 

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
OPI Indigo Motif
OPI Pen & Pink
OPI Purple Perspective
OPI Turquoise Aesthetic
2 Coats SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Some nights, you just can't get a design to translate from your brain onto your nails. Last night was one of those nights, three times over. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for hanging in there until something worked! 

Attempt #1... I taped off my nails to create triangles at the bottom, and did a little seriotype. Pulled the tape off, then went on to what were going to be my accent nails. I was planning on stamping them, and that just didn't work. I went back to erase my work and took off a little Endless Blue. I wasn't really happy with my triangles, so I scrapped everything and started over. 

Attempt #2... Nude nails stamped with hot pink triangle designs. Only, I didn't think about the fact that my nails had been freshly painted. I stamped and the polish slid and smeared. I took the polish off that nail and reached for the bottle to repaint. Dinged a nail. Scrapped everything again and started over. 

Attempt #3... Some sort of Color Paints jelly glitter sandwich with Rainbow Honey Best Friend sandwiched in the middle. It has triangle glitter, so it would've fulfilled the prompt. Only... it was really thick. Thicker than I remember it being. So, it went on gloppy, but I tried my best to make it work. It wasn't until after I went over it with more of the Color Paints and tried to put on clear that it smeared. And smeared. Aaaaaand smeared. Boo. Feeling super defeated, I scrapped everything for a third time and started over. 

Attempt #4... I started out with a triangle of Indigo Motif on each nail. My ring fingers got inverted triangles. Then, I played around with Pen & Pink, Purple Perspective, and Turquoise Aesthetic until I was happy with what I got. Kind of the opposite of what I was going for in my first attempt. With waaaaay more abstract triangles. 

I'm liking this a whole lot more today than I was last night. I was really at the point where I just wanted to get something on my nails and call it a night. I'm still a little sick, and I was definitely tired. I'm not quite sure what got into Sparklegirl last night, but from post-bath to her being asleep... she was a curly headed little monster. Thankfully, we both slept well and woke up in better moods this morning! 

And while I'm thinking about this mani... I managed to acheive a pretty cool galaxy-esque mani, which was totally not what I was going for. I never really thought of using the Color Paints collection that way, but I think they would work really well! The way they blend and meld together is perfect for galaxification! That's probably something I'll try when it gets a little closer to Fall. 

As much as I would like to take this off and try something else tonight... I'll probably leave this on. Tomorrow is another renovating/painting day, and that is never kind to my nails. My pointer and middle finger nails on my right hand need a whooooole lot of TLC. STAT! 

Other than that, not really too much on the books for the Holiday weekend. Possible picnicking on Sunday, then probably grilling on Monday. Very low-key! Whatever your plans, hope you have a great weekend!!! 



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