Matching Mondays *001*

by - 5/11/2015

Seize the Sparkle's Matching Mondays 001

If only I had glanced at the prompt for today before leaving the house. Or perhaps last night before planning my outfit. Then, I wouldn't be posting almost the exact same outfit as I did last time! But if I had looked at it, I might not have gotten the idea to post a different take on today's Outfit of the Day (OOTD) prompt for Blog Every Day in May.

I've gotta admit, I do tend to buy Sparklegirl clothes that mirror my style. Don't get me wrong... if she likes something and wants it, I'll get it for her. She does thwart some of my outfit attempts. And she's left the house in some crazy combinations that she picked out. That's why, when it comes down to it, perfectly matching outfits aren't actually that realistic. But that doesn't mean you can't dress similarly. It's so much easier to carry over one piece, and a loose concept of your own outfit. For example...

Since purchasing these incredibly vivid blue pants, I've been on the lookout for an identical pair for Sparklegirl. But this striped top? There's something about the color black that doesn't translate well to toddler clothing. So instead, I opted for this graphic tank featuring a striped arrow print. Pair it with an adorable pair of mint flops and she's good to go! 

Or... we could take inspiration from my striped top, and put her in this adorable striped floral top. Instead of bright blue leggings, I paired it with gray bermuda shorts, which have come to be my preferred legwear for the summer. I just love the way they look on her! Pair the outfit with coral/orange flops that pull from the tee shirt, and you've got a look that's similar to Mommy's but not exactly the same.

Also... my flops were a birthday gift from Gigi Sparkle, but you can still find them here.

I had so much fun styling outfits for Peanut based on my OOTD, that I'm thinking this should be a regular series! I would definitely try my best to keep it affordable and accessible. I know anyone with a little is definitely on a budget! What would you like to see in a series like this?


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