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by - 5/15/2015

Alliteration... I don't actually remember what grade I was in when I first learned about alliterations. It was love at first sight, though. I remember illustrating a book of alliterations in which Peter Piper picked a polka practicing pickle. Alliterations are the first place I turn to when it comes to naming a new blog series. I'm a big fan of literary allusions.

Blue Ribbon Bunny... Peanut's favorite episode of Sofia the First right now. The song totally gets stuck in my head after watching, but seeing Sparklegirl jump all around and dance to it? I love it... and honestly, I'm usually right there dancing with her!

Cucumbers... One of my favorite snacks, and actually how I managed to fend off all those food cravings when I quit smoking cold turkey almost 4 years ago. And I ate like 2-3 every day for a good solid 2 weeks and it really helped. I didn't end up replacing the cigarettes with sugar or food in the end. This just sort of helped me during that first really rough transition period. I like mine peeled, cut lengthwise, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum! Aaaand now I'm hungry for cucumbers. O.o

Daisies... My favorite flowers. Ever. Always.

Ellipses... are my friends. They've asked, on more than one occasion, to be used a little more sparingly. I just can't quit them, though!

Flash Tattoos... I love the idea behind the tattoos from the Uglies Series. Although I'd probably opt for one on my wrist because I'd want to be able to see it spinning and twirling.

Gap... Way back in the days of high school when I thought name brands were everything, I shopped almost exclusively at Gap. I mean, there was an annual Christmas JCrew order there for a little while, but I was obsessed. I even wore the Grass and Heaven perfumes, and LOVED Blue No. 655. Not only did it come in the coolest square bottle, it smelled amazing. It's one among a growing list of perfumes I wish would make a comeback!

Hover Board... I only watched Back to the Future after reading the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, so I equate them more with his rendition. Either way, hover boards really need to become a thing, like, yesterday. I'm the biggest sucker for incredibly cool tech gear in books and movies.

Indiana... Mama Sparkle is from the state of Indiana, so that's where we went for our summer vacations. To visit "Grandma over the Mountain," which is what little Peanut calls her Grandma the Great! We would visit with my grandparents and my mom's brothers and sisters, and usually attend a family reunion or two. The trips out to see my mom's family were the best, and I always looked forward to them!

Jayne... my middle name, after Jayne Mansfield.

KB Shimmer... One indie brand that I drool over, but haven't pulled the plug on ordering yet. This needs to be remedied.

Lemur... Way back when we started dating, Mr. Sparkle and I have a conversation about what animal we each looked like. He said I looked like a lemur, and I had never even heard of one. I googled it immediately aaaaand... let's just say I wish they made good housepets. They're adorable and I want one.

Music... In addition to writing, music has always been another escape. I haven't performed in a very long time, and part of me really misses that life sometimes. I listen to music a lot, especially while I write. That music is usually instrumental, often from the Focus channel on Spotify. In my car, when Peanut isn't riding along of course, I turn the music up and rock out while I drive. I can't say that I really have a specific genre. I think I'm pretty balanced between Electronic, Rock, and Hip-Hop, and love mashups of unexpected genres.

Nail Polish... In the past, I wore it here and there, and I always had a couple bottles. It was until Fall 2011 that I really got hooked on painting my nails. I took a brief pause while I was pregnant and a little after Peanut was born, but then started back up full force in January 2013. That's when Seize the Sparkle was born!

Old Navy... Until I started reading fashion blogs, I sort of forgot about Old Navy. Now, it's become one of my favorite stores to shop, especially clothing for Peanut!

Pink and Purple... my favorite colors.

Quixotic... my 2nd favorite Q word. It's also sometimes a good word to describe me. I will admit openly that I'm a dreamer and prefer to live with my head in the cotton-candy colored clouds. It's a much happier place to be.

Red Panda... and have you seen how adorable these creatures are? I mean, they're like little walking teddy bears. Sad part is, they're one step away from being endangered! 

Sparklegirl... my little girl amazes me every day. She's got such a sweetness to her. Really caring, sensitive, and empathetic. I hope that never changes.

T.A.R.D.I.S.... Forever on my wishlist. It would be a seriously cool bit of technology to own.

Uglies... Pretties, Specials, Extras. My favorite series by my favorite author. I'm constantly re-reading this series, and it never gets old.

Vanilla... For a while, Chocolate was my fave when it came to sweets, but lately? I'm really liking vanilla. Caramel too. So much love for salted caramel!

Wet n Wild... One of the oldest brands of nail polish and makeup I remember wearing back in the day. I had a couple of their eye shadow quads and some of their nail polishes. They were one of the first companies to put out shades other than the typical reds and pinks of the time! I got rid of most of my meager stash before my wedding and I really regret it!

Xiphias... or swordfish. I don't like it baked, especially the skin. I LOVE it grilled, especially the skin! This will hopefully be the first meal Mr. Sparkle fires up on the grill when he gets home. With grilled veggies and rosemary potatoes if I'm allowed to make requests! :)

Yellow... Because of painting my nails on a daily basis, and using pure acetone to remove said polish... my nails have a really gross yellow tinge to them. It comes off at the salon easily enough, but I literally can't go without polish. It's not just because I don't want to.

Zenon... Girl of the 21st Century. I know there are a lot of old Disney Channel Original Movies on Netflix. I keep waiting for this one and its sequels, among some of the other older DCOMs.

I apologize for the lateness in posting this. It was definitely due to be posted on Sunday, and I was having major connection issues with my Chromebook. The only down side to Chromey, is that if there is no Wireless... there is no Chromey. (sad, slightly panicked face) Aaaaand it's kind of funny, I remember looking at the list of Blog Every Day in May prompts, thinking this one would be really easy. HAHAHAHA! This one has taken longer to write than any other #BEDM post so far!!!


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