My Favorite Recipe(s)

by - 5/09/2015

When it comes to cooking, Chez Sparkle is a little non-traditional. Mr. Sparkle does the majority of the cooking and I handle the cleaning. That doesn't mean that I can't cook, thought, it's just not something I do frequently. But when I do... I definitely have some favorites recipes... 

First and foremost, I'm kind of known for my Spinach & Artichoke Dip. I posted about it last Fall when I made a batch to take to work for a party. I could easily eat forego the chips and eat this with a spoon, it's that good. I've been wondering what it would be like if I added a smidge of arugula. I think the peppery green would really make a nice addition! 

My Chocolate Chips amidst other Christmas Cookies

I'm also known for my Chocolate Chip Cookies. I use this recipe, the one you find on the back of the Toll House Cookie Morsels Bag. I've made it with butter and butter flavored shortening, and I kind of prefer the shortening! I omit the walnuts because I don't like nuts in my desserts. Just not my thing! I roll my dough into balls instead of just spooning blobs onto the pan, and I take them out after the shortest recommended time. They don't always look done, but they end up better, trust me! 

Mashed Cauliflower was on my To Try list for a very long time, and I finally got the chance the other week. I used this recipe, and it turned out fabulously. It's one of those foods that's a little bit of a mind f*ck. Because you see what looks like mashed potatoes, but instead has the delightful earthy taste of cauliflower. So yummy! 

Back to the cookies for a second... I have a thing for Macarons. French macarons, not those weird coconutty things. I'm pretty confident in my baking skills, so I tackled them with spectacularly delicious results. This is one of those recipes that you can't read as you go along. You need to know exactly what you've got to do ahead of time. So, I really recommend reading this incredibly helpful guide first, then using Martha Stewart's recipe as a jumping off point. I made traditional almond macarons and filled them with blackberry and raspberry jam. Next time around, I'll definitely be going ganache. 

There are definitely more recipes I'd love to share, but I need to locate my written-down chili recipe. And then there's my recipe for lasagna that I've yet to write down, and Mr. Sparkle's baked mac and cheese... Now that I think about it, this would probably make a fun new series to share here!


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