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by - 5/18/2015

I'm pretty sure that when this prompt was created, the idea was to pick the pin, create/duplicate, photograph, and post about it. Well, I'm running a little behind on #BEDM, I'm a little tired, and feeling a little sick. So... please enjoy a little convo with myself about the contenders for an upcoming manicure.
c/o Gabby Nail Art via Pinterest

1. I've been meaning to do one of these chevron and glitter nail art combos for a while... This one by Gabbys Nail Art is freehanded and amazing! I'll have to cheat and use stickers because I'm nawt that talented!
c/o @naildecor via Pinterest

2. Oooooh, and then there's this one with hearts. Even if I wouldn't go with this design, I love the colors Nail Decor chose for this! There's something so crisp about aqua, black, and white mixed together.
c/o @naildecor via Pinterest

3. I do have dotting tools that I've been neglecting. And I've never tried a dotticure like this one, also by Nail Decor. She really does have amazingly clean designs!
c/o Paula's Passions via Pinterest

4. Then there's also this dotticure... I love the colors and the placement of dots in this one by Paulina's Passions. I think I tend to forget about dotting manicures. They are a bit time consuming, but all in all, they're pretty simple.
c/o Chelsea King via Pinterest

5. Or I could go the blobbicure route. I love the combo of nude, gold, and black. Not surprising. I do love black and gold together. This look from Chelsea King is bold yet fun and whimsical at the same time.
c/o My Nail Polish Online via Pinterest

6. But there is always this fan brush manicure that I've been wanting to try. This one is from one of my favorite nail blogs, My Nail Polish Online. I love her designs and color choices! The mint in this is a little unexpected, but seriously pretty!
c/o @PolishCandies via Pinterest

7. Then there's also this mix of dots, glitter, nude, and neon, which I really, really love. I wish I knew what was on the thumb, though! There's just something about nudes and neons that works really well together. This photo is from her old Instagram, you can find her at Polish Candies now.
c/o Let Them Have Polish via Pinterest

8. Or I could go with a fun twist on the glitter gradient. I've been drooling over this layering from Let Them Have Polish for a really, really long time. And I finally have the Fantasy Fire to try it!

So yeah... clearly I've decided that I'll be doing some sort of mix between neon, dots, nude, brights, chevrons, stripes, glitter, blobs, or dry brush. At the moment, I'm liking numero seven the most... just probably with a different mix of colors. So... Nude, Neon, Glitter, Dots, Chevron. You know, unless I change my mind.

In other news... this was actually really fun! I haven't been able to look around Pinterest much lately, so this was a great opportunity to find some more blogs to follow! Gotta love that!!!

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