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I know... I know... I'm extremely late to the party on this one. I just needed to put a little time and space between myself and the Season 5 Finale before I jumped in with thoughts, theories, and all that good stuff. There was only a week between the airing of I'm a Good Girl, I Am and Welcome to the Dollhouse, but it was a long and crazy week! Now, it's been a little over a month since the Finale aired. It's also the day to post about a TV show I'm addicted to for Blog Every Day in May... I can't really imagine posting about any other show than Pretty Little Liars!

But back to Rosewood for a minute...

Our favorite Liars were on their way to the clink when... A completely sabotaged their truck, gassed them, and transferred them to a really creepy dollhouse complete with replicas of their own bedrooms.


But it kept on getting weirder...

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In a scene that gave me seriously chills... Mona was alive. She too had been captured by A,  held there since her "murder," forced to dye her hair blonde and wear an Alison mask.

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Spencer worked out the name Charles from the blocks in A's lair. A is Charles... remember that message hidden behind the mirror in Mona's room? Each sentence anagrammed down to Charles DiLaurentis... 

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Charles made the girls put on a fake prom. With Mona and Spencer's brains working together, they hatched a plan to escape. The girls successfully pulled off their plan and escaped from A... long enough for Spencer to find a room filled with toys, a popcorn machine, and home movies.

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On the home movie... we watched Mrs. D. holding a baby girl wrapped in a yellow blanket. She asked a young boy if he wanted to kiss his sister good night, then another young boy came into view. When the boy kissed the baby, she said good boy, then corrected herself and said good boys. Spencer wondered if one of the boys in the video was Charles. When he came into the room, he stared at Spencer but didn't take off his mask to reveal himself, or challenge her in any way. When Mona popped into the room, he disappeared just as quickly as he entered.

The girls continued with what they thought was an escape plan, only to get outside an realize they were fenced by extremely tall fencing. The Liars were about to climb out when Spencer rushed outside to stop them. The fence was a high-voltage electric fence. They were still trapped.

While all of that was going on... Alison finally came clean to Veronica and Peter Hastings about A. Toby, Ezra, and Caleb had started working together on trying to find the girls, but a warrant for Caleb's arrest interrupted their work. The Hastings parents went over to Toby's apartment to help find the girls, and Caleb left to turn himself in. All while Andrew bluebugged from downstairs in The Brew. Hmmmm... 

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

I don't think I was alone in my reaction to the Season 5 Finale. It was kind of like WTF? In all honesty, we really didn't get much, but the dramatic tension sure was set for the new season!

We didn't really find out who A was... we got a name. A is Charles, sure. But that really doesn't help us too much. This is pretty typical of what Pretty Little Liars likes to do with their reveAls. Sometimes it feels like they guage the fanbase reaction before plowing into the new season too much, giving them time to retcon plot lines that the fans don't like. I really hope that isn't the case with this. I hope they're continuing the story that they've planned and not detouring from it like they did with Ezra.

Mona being alive and back is the. Best. Thing. Ever. I loved the reunion between Hanna and Mona. Can they please just be best friends again, already?

I had a huge rambling that I posted right after the episode aired. I've copied it here with additional thoughts in red.

Charles & Jason = TWINS (PLL Rambling *049*)

So… I know that we aren’t really ever supposed to go with what we are given on PLL, but if that baby was really Bethany… The boys would be even older that the Jason/Melissa/Ian/Garrett crowd. I feel like that’s really the limit for age on Charles, to be honest. I'm not so sure about the math on this anymore. I was under the impression that the Jason/Melissa/Ian/Garrett crowd was closer in age to Alison and the Liars. It's entirely possible for the baby to be Bethany.

As far as theories that say Charles is really Bethany… there are a lot of problems with that. Bethany was 17 when she escaped, and she was identified as the body in Ali’s grave. The boys in the video are very close in age. If they’re not fraternal twins, Irish twins, perhaps. If we are to believe that the baby was Alison, and the boys were Jason and his twin, at most, Charles would be a year or a year and a half younger than Jason, but still well more than 2 years older than Ali and the other girls. The producers have already pretty much confirmed that this plotline would be a stretch.

Just because the reveal was made simple doesn’t mean that the story behind it is. I think Charles is Jason’s twin, and he has a whole backstory that we know nothing about. That’s what the next 10 episodes will be about.
Also… think about the end scene. Spencer is honestly heartbroken and affected, because she knows that Jason is her brother. She suspects that Charles might be too, but even if he’s not, there is a level of caring there for him. She’s got it with Alison too. It would have been easy enough to simply reveal Charles and say he’s A, but there’s a reason Spencer was there to see the video and have a calm moment with Charles. Not only did it give her a clue that she needed, it gave us a huge clue by watching her reaction to it. I still think that the other boy could be Jason's twin, or a brother who is very close in age... 10-18 months older/younger. I know a lot of people are saying that we don't know for sure if one of the boys is Charles, but I disagree. I don't think they'd show the film if one of the boys wasn't Charles. We're just unsure about his relationship to the rest of the DiLaurentis family that we know.

Remember when Garrett said that someone close to Spencer had her completely fooled? Well… if Charles and Jason are identical… what if we’ve been seeing Charles and thinking it’s Jason? Yep. It would explain his change in behavior towards the girls.

Remember when Jason complained to Ali about her 3 baby books compared to his one? Well… if you’re hiding a sibling, you’d get rid of a lot of pictures, probably wittling what could’ve been tons of twin photos down to one album of baby Jason.

So… if Charles has been impersonating Jason, when did that happen? Honestly, he’s back and forth so much, it’s hard to say, but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Jason is in the barrel? If so, then I’m guessing it goes way back to the elevator incident or the train incident. Charles might’ve been using Jason’s bones for all of his arts/crafts. Remember how large we thought the corset bones were? Ewwww… I remember wondering if there was a back and forth between Jason and Charles pretending to be Jason, but I don't think that would work. We've seen too much followup from conversations to plotlines between characters that I think the switch would have to be done and no going back. And still Ewwww on that thought.

I think the NAT club is the TV show parallel to the polaroids from the book. They show evidence of there being twin boys.

In the books, the polaroids were planted on Billy Ford to make way for Alison's return. If anything... I think that Cyrus was probably a fall guy of sorts in all of this. I can't see Charles being the Billy Ford equivalent for the series, but if it is that way... total frame job by an even further up the ladder A. 

Hanna being chosen as the one to put in jail could likely be Charles’ way of getting back at Ashley Marin for rebuffing his advances… you know, if he has been impersonating Jason.

Remember all those conversations Jason and Alison have had lately? I’m pretty sure that Alison has no idea that Charles exists. Still thinking this is the case. She's not as guilty as Charles or A thinks she is.

Then there’s that Christmas episode where Alison found two identical gifts? I’m thinking that she probably was dreaming about something that happened, but happened differently and her mother changed the story. She could just as easily have found two identical pieces of clothing or two identical toys for a boy.

Now I know there’s a lot of theories out there about Wren… I would say that he could be capable of some of those things if he were around, but I just don’t feel like he’s been in the show enough in the last season for that. I mean, have we even seen him in the entirety of Season 5? Plus… if that were to be true, it would mean that not only was there an incestual story with Melissa kissing Jason, but Melissa and Spencer both had relations with Wren, and I think that would be taking it a bridge too far, even for ABC family.

My best guess is that Jason and Charles are twins, and possibly the story that Ali told the girls actually happened. But between boys, and who knows what they were fighting over. Dolls, action figures, dinosaurs, it really doesn’t matter. The story doesn’t even need to have happened. At some point, something happened, and then Charles was placed into Radley. I feel like it all leads back there. Now, I’m not sure if Charles and Jason switched places one time, multiple times, or willingly, mainly because I haven’t had the time to think this out very far. We’ve questioned a lot of Jason’s actions over the course of the series, and this could be one of the reasons why. Definite shadesville.

I feel like the more we go back and watch, and piece things together, the more it will really begin to make sense. Honestly, I can’t wait to find out a lot of the smaller little details and how everything fits together. I’ve got some thoughts on Bethany’s involvement too, but those will come later. (end of Rambling) 

I haven't gone back to watch any of Season 5... mainly because it hasn't been added to Netflix. I think last year, they added Season 4 right before the premiere of Season 5. I would love to go back and look at some of the key episodes that Marlene King mentioned we should go back and look at for clues.

I gotta say, I was a little disappointed in the episode, for the fact that we didn't really find out anything new. I mean, we did, but we didn't. I hit a little bit of a wall with theory making and posting about the show. While I know that the plot and storyline of Season 5 were planned waaaaay before Season 4 even ended, I can't help but think that this was a season of fluff. Padded out episodes to get us to 7 seasons. I don't want to think that way... but I feel like we really haven't learned much lately.

Also on the note of Wren = Charles = Jason's twin... What if Mrs. DiLaurentis got pregnant with twins, but each of them were from a different man? Maybe Jason's dad was really Peter Hastings, Charles/Wren's dad was really Kenneth DiLaurentis. Maybe Jessica gave one of the twins up for adoption, but it was the wrong one. Like, she meant to give Jason up for adoption, but accidentally gave up Charles instead. Or, she thought she was giving away the child of Peter Hastings and never realized that she gave away the twin parented by both her and Kenneth DiLaurentis. Seriously confusing stuff... but that would make a smidge of sense. 

Bethany Young likely plays a large part in all of this, as does our faceless "Charles DiLaurentis," but are the two stories really that connected? Are we setting up the Bethany Young thing while closing out the "Charles DiLaurentis" chapter and maybe the two are completely unrelated? When I brainstorm new theories, that's usually the problem I run into. Everything checks out but I forgot Bethany, or everything works except Charles. Hence... very little on the theory front right now! Just a looooot of confusion.

This Week's A

I'm not entirely sure that Charles as A is the end-all-be-all A. He might be reporting to someone else. A has always felt like a girl, so it's been weird to me that the reveal was Charles. He could still be working for Black Widow... making him Big A and her Uber A.

In the event that Charles is actually A by themselves... 

1. Twin/Brother to Jason DiLaurentis... could be played by Drew Van Acker, Julian Morris, or Ian Harding if Charles is a twin. They really seem like the only ones who are eligible to be a potential Charles.

2. Wren Kingston... we don't know his middle name and he's missing most of the time.

3. Ezra Fitz... we don't know his middle name, either, and he's already proven the creepo factor with that whole book plot. Maybe it was just an elaborate cover up?

4. Someone we haven't met yet... I'm dreading the possibility of this.

5. Someone else... I know a lot of theories look at Byron and Pastor Ted. I think it's a little out there, but I do think that if the story is compelling enough, I could be okay with it. I'd rather have it be a character I know than an unknown. That would feel retconned.

In the event that Charles is not A by themselves, and is taking orders from an Uber A... (which to me, would mean that said Uber A is a girl.)

1. CeCe Drake... there's so much shadiness going on about her, and random things that have never been explained. We know that she likely got kicked out of UPenn because of something the girls did. Her roommate did refer to the girls as she-devils.

2. Jenna Marshall... she's really the only one who would want to go after the girls so vindictively. But there are so many times she seems like she's ready to pull out a white flag that I feel like she's thee red herring A of the show. She's been suspected a lot.

3. Bethany Young... in the event that she's alive and Sara Harvey is in the grave. Which would make the events of that night just about implausible!

4. Alison DiLaurentis... they could pull the hugest twist ever and make it that this has been her game all along. But it would really have to make sense, because I don't think we've seen enough clues towards it. I think we've seen a lot of evidence pointing towards anything else.

That's all I've got for now... I really do think that finale fever and the little bit of new information we got really just set me over the edge a little bit. I've got some rewatching to do, and I'm going to try my best to come out with an all-inclusive theory, a season 5 report card, and predictions for the sixth season! Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, June 2nd for a 10 episode run. Game On, Charles kicks off the 6th season at 8PM EST.

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