What I'm Looking Forward To

by - 5/30/2015

It's kind of hard to believe that I'm almost done with Blog Every Day in May. It seems like I was just finalizing my list of prompts a day or two ago! Spring is almost over, but that doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot of things coming up that I'm looking forward to!

1. The return of Mr. Sparkle... Quite easily thee thing I'm looking forward to most. He's been gone since January, so it's been a long time coming! Very excited to have him home to enjoy all the warm summer weather that he loves so much.

2. Le Nouveau Chez Sparkle... The return of Mr. Sparkle also means the end of the gypsy lifestyle Peanut and I have been living for over a year now. I'm soooooo ready to have all my things in one place. I'll be able to unpack my stash, my makeup bag, and have access to every. single. article. of clothing I own. No more packing a bag! Woohoo!

3. Peanut and her Big Girl Bed... I'm excited to see how this transition goes. The nighttime routine and stalling methods are constantly changing. I can't wait to see how the new bed figures into the mix!

4. Grilling... Mr. Sparkle and I like to grill a lot. Specifically, I'm really looking forward to swordfish on the grill. Pizza Rolls are good too! And cookies. I think we've thrown just about everything possible on the grill at some point in time!

5. SinfulColors Street Fusion Collection... I'm hoping that I'll find these displays soon. There are a couple of polishes that I need to add to my stash. Baila Baila, Sky Teal, Cherry Blossom, and Hazard are just a few.

6. Wet n Wild California Dreaming Collection... I feel like I've been looking for this collection forever, but I think it was the same way with last year's All Access Beauty Collection. So there's still hope that I'll be able to add this to the sparklestash!

7. Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Collection... I got the original 5 shades, but there are a couple more in the collection that I'd love to have! There's a pretty coral shade and a hot pink that are calling my name!

8. Pretty Little Liars Season 6A... Lastly, it's hard to believe that Pretty Little Liars comes back in less than a week! I know they've said that this is the Summer of Answers, but I'm really not buying that 100%. I think we might get some answers, but they're not going to answer all of our questions. I just don't think there's time, and there's still 6B and all of Season 7 to go!


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