What's in my Bag? *002*

by - 5/21/2015

These are always such fun posts to do, and even more fun to read! I didn't have too much cleaning out to do this time around. I've been going back and forth between this bag from olivia + joy and my Michael Kors bag. That's been helping me keep a little bit of a check on the receipts and trash. But as far as everything else? It's all stuff I really, really need. Swear.

Blog Every Day in May

What's in my Bag?

Blog Every Day in May

 Yep. That's a whoooooole lot of stuff. But that is kind of the point. I prefer to carry a large bag that I can just throw things into. For the most part, these are everyday necessities and a couple of things that are just a good idea to have on hand. Aaaaand here's the breakdown...

1. Erin Condren Planner... I use this to keep track of life and blog posts. I've been using it for 3 months so far, and I'm planning on posting a review of it. At this point, I'm not sure that I would order another one. I'm always running out of room to write. Deep down, I know that I need a full 8.5" x 11" planner, but they are such a pain to carry around. I do really like the portability of this one. So yeah... not sure if I'll be ordering a 2016, but I've got time.

2. iPhone 6... Obviously this comes with me wherever I go. Every bag I own has a "home" pocket that my phone lives in, and the one in my olivia + joy bag is a little shorter and wider than I would like for it to be. But, I think it's kept relatively safe by the rubber of the Otter Box.

3. Idea Book/Journal... I like to have a notebook on hand, just in case I ever need to jot something down. A lot of blog planning and PLL theorizing has gone on between these covers!

4. Passbook... Where I keep all my important information.

5. A Very Special Rock... Sent to me from Mr. Sparkle last summer. I always carry it with me. Always.

6. First Aid Kit... Band-aids and antibacterial ointment. The band-aids are Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtles. Oh, and the antibac is actually turtle serum that helps boo-boos heal faster. True story.

7. Pens and Markers... This is actually a makeup case turned into a pen case. Peanut picked it out for me!

8. Toys... So, we've got an animal from an alphabet letter book, one of only a few that didn't get shoved into her milk jug bank. Then there's a ball that I had to take away while we were shopping, because she kept trying to bounce it. Aaaaaand apparently, when life hands you lemons, you give them to your Mama.

9. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream... I have cuticle balm everywhere.

10. Earbuds... I have a set at work that I use, but I carry these on the go just in case.

11. iPhone Charger... I have one for my car, too. I will not run out of juice. Ever.

12. Lip Gloss... Philosophy Lip Shine in Vanilla Birthday Cake, Express Lip Gloss in Black Cherry Ice, Maybelline Baby Lips in Crystal Kiss and Mad for Magenta, Rainbow Honey Lip Balm in L'Orange Ganache, and Smashbox Lip Gloss in Aura.

13. Hair Menagerie... Comb, ponytail holders, and clips. It might look like these are in there just in case Peanut wants a ponytail, but it's the exact opposite. I end up throwing ponytail holders and clips in my bag after she pulls them out of her curly locks.

14. Nail Polish... Ten is kind of a lot, even for me. I'm usually more in the 4-6 range. This time around, we've got Zoya Ali, Rainbow Honey Laguna Grande, OPI Top Coat, China Glaze Treble Maker, OPI Pen & Pink, China Glaze Glow With The Flow, OPI The Berry Thought Of You, SinfulColors Endless Blue, L.A. Girl Extra Extra, and Morgan Taylor Watch Your Step, Sister!

15. Camera... Although my Cybershot was obviously taking the pic and not in the bag, I take it with me everywhere I go. And not just to take pictures of my nails. You really never know when you're going to come across something photoworthy!

16. Eyeglass Case... My glasses don't go in there much when I'm on the go. Mainly because I can't really see to drive without them. Getting Lasik would be AWESOME.

17. Ibuprofen... I get a little more headache-prone in Spring and Summer, so this is a must to have on me at all times!

18. Camera Battery Charger... It's not that I need this every single day. But when I do need it, I need it right away because my camera battery is dead. If it lives in my bag, I always know where to find it!

19. Snack... These usually start out being for Peanut, and end up getting eaten while I'm at work. Currently we've got Cheez-It Snack Mix, Pretzels, Annie's Graham Bunnies, Annie's Gummies, Dora Gummies, and an Annie's Granola Bar.

20. Gift Card for Olive Garden... I keep meaning to use this, and it just hasn't happened. Ideally, I'd like to take Peanut on a mommy/daughter lunch date. I'm really hoping it doesn't expire, because I have no idea when I got it, and that usually means not recently!

21. Wallet... Can't go anywhere without that! Well, I guess I could... I just wouldn't be able to pay for anything!


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