Blog Every Day in May 2015: What I've Learned

by - 6/01/2015

Well, I successfully made it out onto the other side of BEDM! I apologize that this is only coming to you on the 1st of June, but we had some storms last night and that was definitely affecting internet capabilities!

Blog Every Day in May was a really fun and challenging Blog Exercise to do. I really did push myself to keep up with the posting schedule. It obviously didn't go perfectly, but I got a lot of posting done, still kept up with nail posts, and managed to work on Chez Sparkle renovations.

So... what did I learn?

I thrive a little better when I'm busy. I guess I've kind of always done that. Not to the point of over-scheduling or anything. Just busy enough to warrant a little more active time management. Nothing wrong with that!

I kind of missed writing about Pretty Little Liars. I definitely fell off the radar with it after Welcome to the Dollhouse aired, but I'm so ready to jump back into the mystery with Season 6!

Creativity begets creativity. I took that away from the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, too.

Sometimes, it's a struggle to write. Sometimes, you don't want to do it. But you just sit down and do it, and sometimes, those sessions produce the best work. Can't wait to apply this to novel writing!

Taking breaks is important too. It's okay to say, "I'm not writing a thing tonight. I'm soaking in the tub with a bath bomb and then crashing out for the night." It's also okay if that time frame happens before 10PM. On a Friday.

Going outside of your comfort zone can be a good thing. After completing this challenge, it makes me want to try more. Like, maybe a photo-a-day kind of challenge...

I had a lot of fun with Blog Every Day in May, and I could definitely see myself doing it again next year. One thing I will try to do next time around is to mix up the prompts a little bit more. I feel like some of the ones I chose got a little repetitive. Also, I think I'd like to try a linkup. That would make it a little easier to participate!

When it comes down to it, BEDM definitely reaffirmed not just why I like to blog, but also why I blog the way I blog. It's so easy to get caught up in what other blogs are doing, and what other feeds look like. It's okay if I do it a little bit differently than other bloggers. In the end, it's what works for me. And the fact that after doing this for over 2 years, I still really love doing it!


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