China Glaze Violet-Vibes

by - 6/25/2015

Violet-Vibes by China Glaze

China Glaze Violet-Vibes

Violet-Vibes by China Glaze

Violet-Vibes by China Glaze

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats China Glaze Violet-Vibes
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Blindingly bright purple is thee best way I can think of to describe Violet-Vibes! It's one of 2 neon purples in the Electric Nights collection. So pretty!

Application was great with Violet-Vibes... three easy coats and done. Oddly, I see a little patchiness in the photos that isn't really there in real life. So... maybe four coats next time? Neon polishes do tend to be more on the sheer side. Aaaaand it probably doesn't help that I'm not painting in my normal Sparkle Studio.

Did I mention we moved? And that Mr. Sparkle came home? So... the Sparkle Studio has moved once again, and is a little bit of a disaster at the moment. That 2nd Helmer? Mr. Sparkle definitely put it together for me. Procrastination Station... what?!?

So, for the time being, I'm painting while sitting on the floor, in not the best but not awful lighting, using my train case as a desk. Tonight's task definitely consists of organizing my sparklestash into 2 Helmers. I'll go into this a little bit more in a separate post, though. For now... back to Violet-Vibes!

This was purchased alongside DJ Blew My Mind and Red-Y to Rave. In all honesty, Peanut totally picked it out to paint her toenails with. But like most of her other polish choices, I ended up using it first. She'll get there one day, but it is really hard for her to sit still for a pedicure right now!

In a perfect world, I'd like to use this as a base for whatever prompt Fishbowl Friday throws me. So we'll have to see. I'm definitely ready to flex some creative muscles, though!


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