Fishbowl Friday *031*

by - 6/05/2015

Last night, I drew one of the many brand prompts from Le Fishbowl. So, for the 31st installment of Fishbowl Friday, I give you CHINA GLAZE...

China Glaze DJ Blue By You & Pure Ice Iris

China Glaze DJ Blue By You over Pure Ice Iris

China Glaze DJ Blue By You & Pure Ice Iris

China Glaze DJ Blue By You Layering

China Glaze DJ Blue By You Layering Mani

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
2 Coats Pure Ice Iris
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Recently, I made a trip up to my local Ulta so I could pick up another bottle of Kenra Silkening Gloss. It's my fuzzy hair's best friend. Frizz, I've got under control. Fuzz is another story. So, I managed to grab the last bottle of that, then made my way over to the nail polish. I'd been hoping to pick up this color and Red-y to Rave, and low and behold... just one bottle of each on the Electric Nights Display. I quickly grabbed them, but sadly, that was the last of my luck. The seaweed facial mask that was out of stock online was also out of stock in the store. Bummer. But 3 out of 4 really isn't bad!

DJ Blue My Mind is the neon blue polish of the Electric Nights Display. I passed on it a couple of times, which I immediately regretted after seeing swatches. That happens more often than I'd like to admit. Application was fabulous, and this polish is insanely pigmented. I'm pretty sure I could've stopped at 2 coats, but I just feel more comfortable using 3. Especially since I wear my manis for at least a full day!

After three coats of polish, I was definitely neon fabulous and ready to go, but I couldn't just stop there. Not when I had the Pure Ice Shimmer Wing polishes right in front of my nose. Seriously, I have all the Shimmer Wings, possible old counterparts, and other Pure Ice polishes from my recent haul lined up on the front of my nail desk. Mainly because I really thought that the Shimmer Wings were repromotes, but so far, I've only found one dupe. But anyway... back to the layering at hand... (Ba-num-chhh... I'm here alllll week!)

I just had to add a little sparkle to DJ Blue My Mind. I picked out Iris because it has a blue base with superfine blue and purple shimmer. The blue turned out to be completely sheer, so all you see is the added sparkle without dulling the neon blue at all. I'm seriously loving this layering right now! And I'm also questioning why in the world this is the first neon blue in my stash? But either way... I'm loving my bright blue nails, aaaand it's fiiiiinally Friday! Cue the weekend dance...


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