Fishbowl Friday *033*

by - 6/19/2015

Ohhhh what a week it has been. There's so much going on, between moving into Le Nouveau Chez Sparkle, getting Peanut adjusted to said new Maison, new Bedroom, aaaaand her big girl bed, plus Mr. Sparkle coming home? Craaaaaziness!

When I sit down to think about it, through all the change of the past 2 or so years, this blog has been such a constant. I've really needed that. And for the past 32 weeks, so has this series! So, despite all the packing, unpacking, scavenging, to-do lists, and organizing of all the things... it's nice to be able to pick a prompt out of the Fishbowl, just like every other Friday. I give you... TURQUOISE nails! 

Fishbowl Friday Turquoise Nails

Bright Pool by GAP

GAP Bright Pool

Bright Pool by GAP

Polishes Used: 

1 Coat Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
3 Coats GAP Bright Pool 
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

To start off, let me apologize for the fact that these really only look like they're turquoise in the photos. In reality, Bright Pool is much more of a dusty teal. In fact, the last time I wore this in a layering, I used my iPhone rather than my Sony Cybershot. This time around, I stuck with the Cybershot. So... there's actually a little more of a green tinge to this than what you're seeing here. 

Bright Pool is a really pretty dusty teal with a faint purple shimmer running through it. It's a pretty shade that I've been meaning to wear again for a while now, so this prompt gave me the perfect chance! It's an older shade, and I remember being a little surprised that GAP had a polish like this in the first place. It's a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily, a polish that cost 3 times the amount of this one! I haven't bought any polishes from GAP since this one, and I'm wondering if they still do polishes like this? I think I have a trio of minis somewhere that I still haven't tried. O.o 

And speaking of untried... I didn't fully realize just how many untried polishes were in my stash until I packed them up for Le Grande Move. I mean... seriously? It's a little embarassing. But, I'll probably just embrace it and turn it into a blog series! But don't get me started on indexing polishes for the stash... 

As much as I would love to sit down and paint my nails as usual this evening, it happens to be thee evening I've been waiting for, precipitating the weekend I've been looking forward to, and the time in general that Mr. Sparkle, Peanut, and I have all been counting down to. Mr. Sparkle coming home. For good this time. So... Happy Friday... hope you have a GREAT Weekend. I know that I'm definitely going to! It's time for a sparklepack reunion... aaaand it feeeeels so goooooood!!! 


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  1. I just swatched ALL my polishes to swatching sticks, and I was stunned over how many untried I had in my stash. Counting 450 and I think I might have used about half. Shocking really.

  2. I think I'm probably right around that same number. But if I don't really think about it... :) I need to do swatching sticks at some point. I really love how tidy and organized they make a stash!