PLL: "Don't Look Now" (6x4)

by - 6/30/2015

Previously on Pretty Little Liars... The girls were starting to really deal with what happened in the Dollhouse. Each Liar handled it a little differently, as each girl experienced something very different during their time in captivity.

Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna PLL Don't Look Now
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Alison explained to the other girls what her father told her and Jason about Charles/Charlie. Charles was born 15 months before Jason. He was described as "troubled" by Kenneth. When Alison was a year old, Jessica and Kenneth decided that Alison wasn't safe around Charles. So they had him institutionalized. In Radley. Wondering why no one in Rosewood knew him, Mr. DiLaurentis claimed that they moved to the area after Charles was admitted. Jessica wanted to be close to him, so that prompted the move back to Rosewood. (Spencer was five when Ali moved to Rosewood, so we can probably assume that Ali was five years old, too.)

Jason and Alison were furious with their father for concealing the truth. Kenneth claimed that he and Jessica both thought that Charlie would get better. But he only got worse. When Alison claimed that he could be the mastermind behind everything, Kenneth told Jason and Alison that he killed himself when he was 16. He never left Radley. His death happened when Kenneth was out of the country, so Jessica had his body cremated. Then, when the time came to spread the ashes, Jessica did so on her own.

The Liars were mostly sympathetic, but Hanna didn't believe the story. "No body, no grave, no proof." As she and the other girls talk, they decide that the best way to find out the truth is to find evidence of Charles' death. Again... Radley. The girls quickly remember that Radley was closed, and soon learn that all of Radley's files are about to be shredded.

Sara Harvey Pretty Little Liars 6x4
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Meanwhile... with the help of Pam Fields, Sara cut her hair short. Emily was telling her how much she liked it when Mama Fields came in to remind Sara and Emily about a session with Dr. Sullivan. Sara ran off to take a shower, while Emily reminded her mom that Sara might not be ready to talk. Pam reminded Emily of the shooting range and told her she was going whether she liked it or not.

At Casa de Montgomery, Aria's dad seemed happy that she was taking up photography again. He asked if Aria wanted to talk about what had happened in the Dollhouse, but she brushed him off. When she claimed she was going to the photography lab at Hollis, he wanted to give her a ride there himself, but settled for a text message when she arrived so he would know she was safe.

On the other side of town, Hanna was finding Caleb's constant presence to be a little annoying.

Haleb Pretty Little Liars Don't Look Now
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At the Brew, Spencer called the operator to try and track down the Radley files and found the location where they were being stored before shredding. Ezra came over and asked how she was doing, and she told him that they were right back where they started now that Andrew wasn't A. While the two talked, he told Spencer about his new baker, a girl who made fabulous pastries, but was a little clumsy thanks to medical marijuana for her migraines. When Sabrina spilled a cup of coffee, Spencer flashed back to the Dollhouse. There was what looked like blood on the floor and blood all over her. Ezra noticed her acting weird and got her to come back, but she didn't tell him what she had remembered.

Later, Spencer told the girls about the location of the Radley files. The girls decided to go and ask for Spencer's file, just to see if anything had been shredded yet. From there, they'd wing it. Hanna wanted to tell Caleb, but the other girls talked her out of it. Spencer asked if Aria's sleeping pills were helping, but she claimed she threw them away because they gave her headaches.

Alison learned that her father hadn't helped spread Charles' ashes on the lake. Her parents decided not to have a funeral for him. Ali asked her father point blank if he was sad when Charles died, and he claimed it was a relief.

At the Data Center, Spencer was told that she had to go through her Doctor to get her file. The girls figured that meant the files hadn't been shredded yet. They were about to leave and formulate a plan when the back door of the Center opened. Hanna noticed it first and walked toward it as soon as the employees had their backs turned.

Inside, the girls managed to find a Radley file for Charles DiLaurentis from the age of 13-16. They see that his doctor requested an increase in his medication for severe depression, and that two people were on his visitor's log. His mother, Jessica DiLaurentis and Carol Ward, Jason and Alison's Great Aunt. Before the girls could look for anything else, the employees came back and they had to make a run for it. Outside, Caleb was waiting. He had put a tracker on Hanna's car and followed it.

When Aria got home, her father was worried that she hadn't texted him. He told her that he would drive her to the lab the next day. He told her that she needed to understand that was the new normal after the Dollhouse.

Emily got home to find that Sara had been missing for a certain amount of time and Pam found her on the roof, staring at the sky, watching the sunset. Pam wasn't sure that they should let Sara stay with them, that they weren't really equipped to handle everything that she had been through. Pam reminded Emily that she would be responsible for anything that might happen to Sara while under her roof. Emily reassured her mom that if anyone could help Sara, someone who went through the exact same thing could. Later, Emily couldn't find Sara again. When she did, she found out that Sara had tried to go home again. She thought things might have calmed down, but they didn't. She didn't want to be a burden on Emily, she knew she was screwed up, but she also didn't want to sit in a room and be analyzed. She just wanted to live and enjoy a couple of simple things.

Spencer stopped at the Brew to find Sabrina. She asked her if she had any dealer connections, but Sabrina claimed that she couldn't let her pay. She would just put together a little "gift basket" for Spencer.

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At the DiLaurentis Estate, Jason was looking at a picture of himself and Alison. The two expressed their disbelief at the whole Charles thing. Alison gave Jason the Radley file the girls had gotten for her. She mentioned that Aunt Carol had visited him multiple times. Jason remembered trying to stay at Aunt Carol's house after the Elevator thing, and his mother wouldn't let him, claiming there was a plumbing issue and the water had been turned off. He said he didn't mind, but Jessica was insistent on him going home. Jason didn't think anything of it at the time, but found it strange with the new information about Charles.

Aria went to the Darkroom at Hollis to develop some pictures and found a note from A, complete with the hair dye that Charles made her use while she was in the Dollhouse. She flashed back and remembered that she resisted at first, and Charles cut her hair while she slept. The second time around, he threatened to cut it all off if she didn't dye it, so she complied. Aria came back and tried to leave the Darkroom, but couldn't get out. She pounded on the door and eventually someone came to help her.

Later, Spencer, Alison, Jason, and Hanna took a car trip up to Aunt Carol's house. As they were searching, Spencer started into a flashback but was pulled out by Hanna. Spence asked her if she remember everything Charles made them do, and told her about being covered in blood. Hanna told her that she probably didn't do anything, it was just another mind game. Spencer wondered if she had hurt someone in the Dollhouse, but Hanna wondered who else it could've been.

Meanwhile, Emily took Sara for a very sweet moonlight swim. While swimming, she claimed that no one had ever looked out for her before. She thanked Emily for sharing something so simple, peaceful, and nice with her.

And back in the Darkroom, Aria and the boy who rescued her showed each other their prints and exchanged pleasantries. Aria admired one of his prints and he gave it to her as a parting gift when her Dad came to pick her up.

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Back at Aunt Carol's, Jason found a grave and assumed that it was the reason Jessica didn't want him staying at the house. Hanna claimed that the headstone was a fake, planted by A, but the others weren't sure. Hanna started to dig up the grave, while Alison pleaded with her not too, that was her brother's grave. When Jason noticed that there were roots wrapped around the headstone, Spencer confirmed that the headstone had been there for a while.

After leaving Aunt Carol's and regrouping back in Rosewood, the girls wonder what Charles DiLaurentis meant to the mystery of A. They were frustrated with Spencer, thinking that she lead them down the wrong path when she claimed that someone must be taking his identity and acting in his name. She sited the home movie, and told the others that A had to be someone who didn't just know about Charles, but someone who knew Charles.

At the Montgomery household, Aria and Byron were talking again, and Aria started telling him about the room in the Dollhouse. How it was exactly like her real room. But there was no way out. She broke down, and Byron awkwardly hugged her.

Hanna got home to Caleb practically moving in to her house, and she told him he was suffocating her. She claimed that she understood that he went through a lot while she was gone, but she needed a break.

Spencer went to the Brew to pick up some brownies, and Ezra tried to help her reconsider. She broke down, telling him that she just needed to turn off her mind for one night and quiet the noise, before leaving.

Back at Casa DiLaurentis, Alison arrived home to her father drinking. He asked where she had been and she told him that they went to Aunt Carol's. He started to say something, then told Alison that she should know why they decided to send Charles to Radley in the first place. He told her this... (according to the transcript from ForeverDreaming)

"When you were 11 months old, your mother was out in the garden with Jason. I put you in your crib to take a nap and then went outside to turn on the grill. When I came back I heard you screaming. I ran upstairs and found you in the tub. The water was on, it was scalding hot and rising fast and... Charles was just there watching you slip under..."

Alison interrupted, telling her father to "Stop it. I don't want to hear anymore. Let him rest in peace."

We see A in front of his monitors, watching trackers that are on Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna, showing them all at home.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

I really enjoyed the answers that we got in this episode. Finally we're addressing where Jason went after the Elevator thing. Sort of. I mean, it explains a little bit of where he was.

Spencer, Jason, and Alison need to do more sibling outings/investigations. I really like having Jason onboard. I'm beginning to doubt the possibility of Jason really being Charles, too. I mean, I think it's still a possibility, but it's getting to be more of a longshot.

One thing I'm wondering about... is Peter Hastings the father of Jason, or Charles? I'm wondering if he was Charles' father considering the agreement that Jessica and Peter had. Or maybe Jessica trusted Peter with the information about Charles' existence?

Is Charles really dead? This question was raised so many times over the course of the episode that it really makes me think he's alive. Because if he's not, and someone is doing this in his memory... what's the point? And even more so, what's with the obsession with the Liars?

I loved Alison's reaction to find out about Charles. She was truly shocked, saddened, and asked her father to stop speaking badly about him. It's very bittersweet sisterly love.

Back to Bethany Young for a moment... She drew a picture of a boy being taken away. Could that boy be Charles? I mean... Charles would be 25 if alive, Bethany would be 19 considering that in Rosewood it's 2012. Marion Cavanaugh died in 2007, and Bethany seems to have been in Radley when that happened. She would've been 14, and Charles would've been 21. But supposedly he died at age 16, making Bethany only 9 years old when that happened. I think we can rule out romance between the two...

Hanna telling Caleb that she needed space was definitely refreshing. I love them as a couple, but I was waiting for one of the girls to start feeling a little claustrophobic and overprotected.

I understand Kenneth's story about Charles and why he and Jessica would've taken such action. But what about Alison's broken arm? Is that also an injury from Charles? Ali also seemed to have a lot of other "incidents" in which she was mysteriously hurt. Hmmm...

This Week's ChArles

1. Wren... But at the same point, I feel like he's everyone's choice for Charles right now. We don't know an awful lot about him. It could be easy enough to make him into Charles DiLaurentis.

2. Ezra... Mainly because he's right around that same age that we think Charles is. But he's showing a lot of concern for the girls, so I'm thinking they're positioning him for a red herring plot. Or a frame up, considering 6x8 is titled "frAmed."

3. Wilden... I know, I know, he's supposed to be dead. But, he's the one guy out of all the dead boys that would make a little bit of sense. He was definitely more involved with Alison, CeCe, and that whole crew than he let on. And who knows what happened in Cape May...

That's really all I've got for right now... I'm super excited for the next installment, because Mona Vanderwaal will finally be back in Rosewood. Seriously can't wait! So, until next time...


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