PLL: "Songs of Experience" (6x3)

by - 6/24/2015

Slowly, the Liars are returning to normal, everyday life, like going to school. Well, Hanna went to school, while Aria, Emily, and Spencer were all preoccupied in other ways. Maybe that's why Hanna got into all those schools?


Hanna & Dr. Sullivan PLL Songs of Experience
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While Hanna was waiting for all her friends to show, she ran into Dr. Sullivan, who now consults with the guidance counselors of Rosewood High. Hanna talked to her a little bit, and decided that it might be good to talk. But not just her alone, she wanted to talk in a group so that she and her friends could sort through some of the issues from the Dollhouse together.

Sara and Emily PLL Songs of Experience
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Emily was going to go to school, just as Sara Harvey emerged from the shower. Sara seemed a little jumpy at the idea of being alone, so Em offered to stay at home with her, rather than go to school.

Aria stopped at The Brew on her way to school to pick up coffee, but wasn't leaving. Ezra asked if she was really ready to go back and suggested that Aria stay and hang around. She could work in the back, she could write, take pictures, she would be safe. But Aria made it clear that she didn't want to write about any of it. Later, as she was going through her pictures, she paused on a candid photo of Andrew. Ezra saw her looking at the picture and when she tried to hide it, she eventually told Ezra that the girls didn't really know anything about him. So, Ezra offered to try and track down some information by pretending to be a Doctor. The two didn't get much information, but they did find out that Andrew was adopted.

Alison & Spencer PLL Songs of Experience
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Spencer stopped by Ali's house to talk, and tell her not so gently that her father was a Liar. Alison was taken aback by the confrontation and asked Spencer to leave. But she looked like she wasn't in total disagreement with what Spencer said. Before leaving, Spencer mentioned talking to Jason and Ali asked to leave him out of it. She then claimed to be the root of all the problems in Rosewood. Spencer disagreed, but Alison wasn't convinced.

Alison ran into Lorenzo again, as he was working as a coach to a youth soccer team. He mentioned that the girls team needed a coach and asked if Ali would be interested. Despite seeming flattered and interested, Ali told Lorenzo that no mother in Rosewood would want her coaching their daughter. Lorenzo didn't seem phased by Ali's reputation, and Toby watched the exchange between the two.

Pam, Emily, Sara PLL Songs of Experience
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Back at Casa de Fields, Emily, Sara, and Pam were talking in Emily's bedroom. When pressed about the details of her family, Sara explained that she ran away because she couldn't pretend her family life was okay, or pretend that her father was going to come back anymore.

After watching Lorenzo and Alison, Toby went to Spencer's house and told her about the possibility of a relationship between the two. Spencer reminded Toby that Alison had helped to save the girls, but Toby pointed out Ali's history of using people. Spencer told Toby that if she trusted Alison this time around, he should do the same.

Hanna went over to Emily's house to tell her about the group session and Aria showed up at the time same time. She told the girls what she and Ezra learned about Andrew being adopted.

Jason & Spencer PLL 6x3
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True to her word, Spencer stopped to speak with Jason, who told her that Charles DiLaurentis didn't exist. Charlie was Jason's imaginary friend when he was a kid.

Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer PLL 6x3
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At Dr. Sullivan's office, the Liars gathered for their session and were waiting for Spencer to arrive. When she got there, she explained what Jason told her, just as the session was about to start. Emily received a call from Sara's burner phone, only to find that it's a video of Sara sleeping, and A was standing over her with a knife. A instructed them to leave the office within 30 seconds, or A would kill Sara. The girls obey and leave the room, rushing back to Emily's house to check on Sara.

Back at Chez Fields, Emily's mom was glad to see all the girls. She informed them of Andrew's impending release and told them that they all need to go home and inform their families. Rosewood PD couldn't build a case against him as he had alibis for both Sara and Mona's kidnappings. The girls realized that if Andrew was still in police custody, he couldn't have been responsible for the video call.

Jessica, Alison, Jason, Charles DiLaurentis PLL Songs of Experience
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Armed with the news about Andrew, the girls head over to Casa DiLaurentis to share the news with Alison. They also tell her about Jason's imaginary friend. She suggested they search the house for proof in her parent's hiding places while her father was away. Hidden in a jar of buttons, Aria found a photo of Jason and Charles, proof that Kenneth DiLaurentis was lying. Alison told the girls she would confront her Dad with the picture as soon as he got home.

While walking home, the girls happen by the police station at the exact time that Andrew was released. Aria called out to him, and Andrew responded. He claimed that he had been looking for Aria, trying to figure out what had happened to all of them, trying to protect them, and look what had happened. He claimed that other towns had nice toxic dump, but Rosewood had the Pretty Little Liars. Toby offered Andrew a ride home, but Andrew declined and went on his way, leaving the Liars feeling guilty and surprised.

Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, PLL Songs of Experience
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The girls stand and talk about Andrew, and eventually Hanna tells the others that Charles made her play a game in the Dollhouse. She told the others about the switches, and the girls learn that all of them played the game. However, despite what Charles led them to believe, none of the girls were ever shocked. Spencer claimed that it was all about control, and what Charles could make them do.

Back at Camp Fields, Emily arrives to find that Pam helped Sara cut her hair. She tells her that she likes it, and seems to understand why Sara did it.

Mama Hastings PLL Songs of Experience
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At Chez Hastings, Veronica Hastings is typical Veronica Hastings. Spencer tells her that all she looked forward to while in the Dollhouse was making it out. But now that she's out, she doesn't see a happy ending coming for any of them anytime soon.

Across town at the Marin House, Hanna looks through paint chips, trying to decide what color to paint her room.

In Montgomeryville, Aria snapped pictures of her room, focusing on one of her old dolls.

Charles watches Kenneth tell Jason and Alison his story PLL Songs of Experience
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Kenneth DiLaurentis returned home to Alison and Jason, who teamed up to get some answers. As Kenneth explained the story to his two children, a hooded figure stood outside the window.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

I'm not sure why it surprised me, but A sending that video of Sara sleeping, telling the girls not to talk to Dr. Sullivan? Wasn't expecting that.

Andrew being innocent on the other hand, that I think we all pretty much figured out.

Almost immediately after 6x1 aired, theorists on Tumblr called out the Dollhouse Milgram Experiment. It was nice to see the girls finally talk about what had happened.

Surprise, surprise, there is a Charles DiLaurentis in this family. Huh.

Sara Harvey takes a lot of showers. She acts really weird. Not sure if it's because of her experience, or if she's up to something? She constantly leaves the room at just the right time...

Alison thinking that everything is her fault. So far, I'm really liking how she's dealing with coming back to Rosewood. I want to see a lot more character development!

There's been a lot of focus on the Doll in Aria's room. Is there a clue in the Doll? Or is it just a little creepy given the Dollhouse?

So... this was the 3rd episode of the Summer Season. 7 more to go, and we haven't been given very many answers yet. But... I will say that this episode was very solid and entertaining. They moved along at a good pace, which is saying a loooot, lately. I'm liking what I've seen so far!

This Week's ChArles

Still sticking with my main three, but I'm switching up the order a little bit...

1. Wren... general shadiness, we don't know much about him...

2. Ezra... what is with him trying to convince Aria to write about everything lately? I'm beginning to wonder about that book of his, and I know that I'm not the only one. He could be writing it for himself, maybe he's doing it because A is blackmailing him? Outside of book potential, he's still acting really odd.

3. Jason's Twin... I can't shake the idea of this, given what we know about Jason. I have a lot of guesses about the Charles potential, but nothing really solid at this point.

Up next... Don't Look Now... wherein we hopefully get to find out what Kenneth DiLaurentis whispered to his kids, and why the people of Rosewood never turn around to look at their windows and see A staring them in. the. face.


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