PLL: "Songs of Innocence" (6x2)

by - 6/16/2015

They might've made it out of the Dollhouse, but the girls are far from recovered. Songs of Innocence might've been a little bit of filler, but it was a lot of character. Each Liar dealt with the repercussions of their kidnapping in different ways.

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Hanna... Practically ripped her room apart in an attempt to separate the reality of right now from her faux room in the Dollhouse. In the end, she wanted a few pieces back, but she needed a big change. Not surprising, considering the black lowlights in Season 5, and the fact that she is more visual than the other girls. Very into fashion and design.

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Spencer... Unable to sleep. Wanted medication. Understandable that her mother didn't want to give it to her, but I think that whole situation could've been handled much better. When Spencer uttered the line about really being back, it was like, yep. The struggle at home goes on, Spence.

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Emily... Took her frustration to the gun range, where she eventually realized that anger wasn't the way to deal with the situation. Reminded me a lot of Aria's self-defense classes. Em just wanted to feel like she had a little bit of control back, and going to the range was one way to get it. Then there was that whole weird thing with Sara Harvey. I'll get to that in a minute...

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Aria... Doing what she typically does, shutting down, blocking it out, not acknowledging that there is anything there to address. I understood her not wanting to write about it. I like that she was getting back into photography as a way to channel her feelings visually.

Sara... Supposedly left the hospital with her mother, then ran away again. I'm glad they brought up the running away, because I feel like that was something the show glossed over and people missed. When we first learned about her, the story was that she ran away to meet a boy. I'm not sure whether that's true or not, but it would be interesting if that boy were Charles.

Mona... No sightings yet. Can't wait to see her again, and to see a Mike/Mona reunion. It needs to happen.

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Alison... Trying to figure out who she is. She doesn't want to be the mean girl and is trying to live down her reputation in front of a lot of naysayers. Wouldn't wish that on anyone!

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Andrew... Lastly, he was caught and arrested by Toby and Lorenzo. He tried to tell Toby something, but he wasn't having anything of it. Sara didn't seem sure that he was their captor, along with pretty much all of the rest of the PLL fandom.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

Poor Sara is just so haunted. There's definitely a lot more to her story. I can't say that I think that she's Bethany, mainly because she supposedly went home to her mother and I think that would be a little much. But I do think that there were times that we saw her acting on Charles' behalf. Remember that random blond in the Norristown Zoo? Totally her.

Asking about Charles DiLaurentis seemed to lead nowhere. The previews for next week have Jason recalling a Charlie... So that has the potential to be pretty interesting. I can't say that I wouldn't mind Andrew being the muscle and CeCe Drake being the mastermind behind it all. Just as long as it makes sense, and it's satisfying.

But part of me can really jump on board with the Wren as Charles or Ezra as Charles theories. They're definitely way shady. So, I could see it.

Jenna... I hope she's coming back soon. She adds a nice dynamic to the show, and I think a lot of fans want to see her back.

This Week's ChArles

1. Jason's twin... (played by Drew van Acker, Ian Harding, or Julian Morris)

2. Wren... so much shadiness surrounding him. I think he's got more clues pointing toward him than a lot of people. But he's been so absent, I know a lot of fans would be disappointed if it were him.

3. Ezra... also a whole bunch of shadiness. I think this could be a really cool reveal, just because he's been such an insider since that whole book reveal. He plays shady really well. I'd love to see them pursue the idea of him as A, even as just a red herring!

Next up... Songs of Experience, in which we find out that Jason seems to know something about a Charles DiLaurentis, and thanks to spoilers from the synopsis of Don't Look Now, we know that as Spencer told Ali, Kenneth is a Liar. Seriously, does anyone on this show tell the truth? I think that's the biggest thing behind the mystery. Figuring out who's lying and who is telling the truth. Either way... I'm liking the season so far, I just hope we speed it up in this next episode!


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