Pretty Little Liars: Season 5 Report Card

by - 6/01/2015

Looking back on the 5th season of Pretty Little Liars... it doesn't feel like much happened. After Welcome to the Dollhouse aired, the radio silence around the show was a little deafening. There was so much buzz around 5x25, and we got a huge incredible reveAl and everything. But it wasn't really that huge. So, in keeping with tradition, I like to go back and see just how right (or incredibly wrong) I was in my predictions. This time around, I made predictions about Season 5 and predictions about Welcome to the Dollhouse. Let's find out how much of a master sleuth I really am. Also, please bare with me because this is long, Long, LOOOOONG! 

Season 5 Predictions

1. Who shot Ezra?
Supposedly A, whom we were led to believe was Shana. I’m not 100% sold on this revelAtion.
(+1… I’m being generous because I’ll probably need a little help.)

2. Who will die in 5x1: EscApe from New York?
Shana Fring.
(+1… but the pool of blood was a giveaway.)

3. Will Ezra survive?
(+1… Ezria!)

4. Does Ezra really know who A is?
He thought it was Mrs. D, then Shana, dude is grasping at straws. No. He has no clue, just a lot of research.

5. When did Shana switch sides?
When she fell for Jenna.
(+1… Seems to happen a lot on PLL.)

6. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis really dead?

7. Was Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting Jason?
This is a little complicated, but probably not. Given the recent turn of events, she was likely covering for Charles, and if he’s Jason’s identical twin, he’s not really Jason. But I think he might be a fraternal twin, or she was covering for someone else entirely.

8. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
Pretty sure that A killed Mrs D. Charles as A, anyway.
(+½ because who saw Charles coming?)

9. Who "killed" Alison?
We still don’t have an answer to this. I’m thinking Bethany, Sara, or Black Widow at this point. I’m not sure what’s going on between Sara, Bethany, or Alison. Then there’s also CeCe to consider. Could’ve been Charles, too. I don’t think we’ve seen the last flashback of that night, though.

10. What does Sara Harvey have to do with anything?
Was she the one running off with Charles? Did she end up in the grave that night? Was she a part of everything that happened, or a wrong place/wrong time?
(n/a… still no idea!)

11. Who's in the box?
Supposedly Bethany Young. But we know that A was at the Dentist with Hanna. So, the records could’ve been switched!
(0… I did not see a random coming!)

12. Who killed Jane Doe?
Well, Melissa certainly believes she was responsible.
(0… another twist I didn’t see coming)

13. Who dug up Ali's grave?
A… but Jenna was there, too.

14. Why did they give Alison's body back?
A got what he/she needed. Proof that Ali was alive, or the A-Team made the switch. But we don’t know for sure.

15. Why would Alison fake her own death?
She thought she had no other choice.
(0… I didn’t really answer that one originally!)

16. Why does someone want Alison dead so badly?
It probably would be easier to list the reasons why they’d want her alive. This still hasn’t really been answered. We think it’s because of NAT or the Jenna Thing, but Ali might really not be as complicit as we think! This theory of mine is still one of my faves…
“The best theory I can come up with is this... whoever killed Alison did it because she truly didn't appreciate the life that she had, and that life was something that "killer" or "A" was deprived of. This is where I think the twin theory really comes into play, whether its Alison or Jason with the twin, or even CeCe. Remember when CeCe dressed up as Alison and tried to check herself into Radley? Well, that happened to be the place that "killer" or "A" was staying. "Killer" or "Twin" doesn't appreciated the games that Alison and CeCe play, and may or may not have been confused as to which one was which. "Killer" or "A" breaks out of Radley, hits Alison with a rock either or purpose or accidentally, (thinking it was CeCe) and Mrs. D. covered for that person.”

17. Why are the Liars being sought out by A?
Maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe A really thinks that they know more than they are letting on. Alison once said that all of them combined knew what happened that night. But the problem is, whether or not any of that happened, we haven’t been clued in to that story. I’m hoping we’re not in for a retcon, but we really don’t know why A is targeting the girls.

18. Has Mona known that Alison was alive all this time?

19. Why didn't Mona tell anyone that Alison was alive?
Remember when Grunwald said that each of them knew something about the other? Mona knew that Ali was really alive. Alison knew that she had made Mona 2.0.

20. Did Alison know about Mona's lair at the Lost Woods Resort?
No. Ali figured that out later.

21. So, can we trust Mona?
Right now? Yes. She’s trying to make up for what she did.

22. What side is Mona on?
Mona used to be just in it for Mona, but I think she’s learning to work with the other Liars, and the other Liars are learning to let her in.  

23. What's the deal with the buried field hockey stick?
I’m beginning to wonder if it was used to hit Alison or Bethany. Otherwise, why burn it?

24. Who killed Garrett?
Pretty sure it was A. Not addressed yet.

25. Why was Garrett killed?
I think he was either too close to figuring out Ali was alive, or he figured out who A was.

26. Who killed Wilden?
Rosewood PD claims that it’s CeCe, going so far as arresting her. But, it’s Rosewood PD, soooo…

27. Why was Wilden killed?
We still don’t know why, but I think it is because he was shady and a dirty cop.

28. Who killed Ian?
A did it. Ali claims that she saw Ian walk away from the Church.

29. Why was Ian killed?
NAT, knowledge of Charles, or both. Hey, maybe he’s the one with the twin! Have we theorized about that?!?

30. What's so important about the NAT Videos?
Still unknown, despite the fact that they were supposed to play such an important role in Season 5. Still going with my original idea that they reveal the identity of A or Charles. Maybe they caught the events leading up to the Jenna Thing? So many secrets!

31. What did Melissa Hastings whisper in her Dad's ear in 4x24?
That she buried Bethany, thinking that Spencer had killed her. But she wasn’t dead, and Melissa buried her alive.

32. If Melissa did admit to killing Jane Doe, will her father turn her in?
No. Not Papa Bear Hastings. He protects at all costs.

33. How did Melissa get involved with everything?
Still hasn’t been revealed, but likely through dating Ian.

34. Who smashed Connor's car?
Still going with E-Z-R-A… Unless it was Andrew. He seems to have a baseball bat on him at all times.

35. Where is Holbrook?
Suspended. And I don’t think there are plans to have him back.

36. Where has Lucas been?
Homeschooling, but back to Rosewood. Looked like Mona gave him a makeover and the two worked together against Alison.

37. Where has Noel been?
He’s been trying to get out from under Ali’s thumb, but I don’t really think he’s A. Currently, he’s off the Rosewood grid again.

38. In the beginning of 3B, why was Jason injured?
He’s really the only one that we’ve seen with a puncture wound to match what happened on the Halloween Train. But could it be that this was the beginning of Charles marauding as Jason?

39. Where has Jason been?
Remember when Dead told Spencer about that treatment center that was closed? For 2 years? If Spencer bought that story, what if Peter and Jessica did, too? Maybe that’s where Charles was staying when he escaped? And perhaps his escape is why the place was shut down? Peter Hastings likes to do that. It would give credence to the Charles is Jason’s twin theory.
(+½… we all knew it was something shady and to probably not believe what we were told.)

40. Was Jason lying about being in rehab to his parents, too?
It’s hard to believe that they would be able to be lied to. But I think there’s a lot between the two of them that we don’t know. I feel like Jessica used Peter as legal counsel for a lot.

41. Where has CeCe been?
Hiding from murder charges, Paris, Masquerade Balls… everywhere and nowhere.
(n/a… we got a little bit of an explanation of what she’s been up to. Busy enough, yet scarce enough to be suspicious. But we don’t know anything for sure.)

42. Why was CeCe so scared of Detective Wilden?
Was she? I mean, she was arrested for his murder, and I thought it was because he was getting close to figuring out that Ali was alive. But CeCe sold that secret out in an attempt for a plea bargain. So, I think she knows way more than she’s telling.

43. Is CeCe good or bad?
I’m thinking bad. Either that or thee red herring for everything suspicious on the show!

44. What's the deal with the ghost girl?
I feel like this story was probably true at some point, and was twisted around and told to Alison. But she has no idea that the details have been changed, or that the little girl who was hurt might’ve been her.

45. Does anyone on the show have a twin?
Possibly. We still don’t know for sure.

46. Who has the twin?
We really were led to believe that it was Jason DiLaurentis with the twin because of the Charles DiLaurentis anagram on Mona’s mirror. BUT… it could be Wren, Ezra, Ian, Garrett, any of those guys. When it comes to the girls, I’m still thinking CeCe, Jenna, or Spencer.

47. Are Alison and Spencer half-siblings, too?
Hasn’t really been addressed.

48. What is the understanding between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis?
Definitely protecting secrets about that night. Spencer’s culpability and the paternity of Jason. Who knows what else!

49. Why is Mr. Hastings so shady?
Definitely hiding something.

50. What really happened to Toby's Mom?
We still don’t know about this!

51. Why was Toby's Mom killed?
Her murder has got to be involved. But we haven’t heard anything more about it.

52. Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?
We still don’t know.

53. Who is the "Fragile Patient?"
(n/a… still not answered.)

54. Who is Black Veil?

55. Who is A?
Charles. But who in the world is Charles?!?
(0… because… Charles?!?)

56. Where is Tippi?
Presumably with A, but we don’t know.

57. Who is the Beach Hottie?
Still unknown.

58. Who started the fire at the Lodge?
(+¼ because she was on my list…)

59. Who knocked Toby out?
We still don’t know.

60. Who planted the lighter on Toby?
I originally thought Jenna, but I think it was probably Shana. Knowing what we know after Season 5. But it still hasn’t been confirmed.

61. Who saved the girls from the Lodge Fire?
We know that Alison pulled out Hanna. But we still don’t know who pulled the other girls out. Jenna had that burn on her wrist, but it seems unlikely that she would intentionally leave Hanna behind, when she saved her in Season 2. Shana wouldn’t have done it, Melissa said it wasn’t her. Only leaves Alison, Jenna, or Wilden…

62. Who is Red Coat?
CeCe and Alison, but there hasn’t been any confirmation of the potential 3rd Redcoat. Supposedly ABC Family didn’t like the direction of that storyline.

63. What is Melissa protecting Spencer from?
She confessed to protecting Spencer from what she thought she had done the night Ali disappeared. But then she learned that Spencer didn’t kill that girl.

64. When did Melissa, Shana, and Jenna agree to work together?
This still hasn’t been cleared up. Supposedly Wilden was blackmailing them.

65. Why did Jenna and Shana save Wilden?
We still don’t really know. I think they probably wanted the blackmailing to stop.

66. Were Jenna and Shana really dating?

67. What is Jenna's deal?
Either CeCe Drake is the red herring to Jenna’s A, or Jenna is the red herring to CeCe’s A. But we haven’t seen much of her since A tried to drown her.

68. Why did Alison want Jenna to think Garrett had killed her?
This has always seemed strange. Supposedly, Alison had already ruled her out. So, I don’t know why Ali would’ve needed to stage her death.

69. Who tried to drown Jenna?
Shana claimed it was CeCe Drake. But Shana was also supposedly acting as A at that point. I’m thinking that this was a warning from the A above Shana. There’s definitely a hierarchy. But we don’t know for sure.

70. Where are Toby and Jenna's parents?
We still haven’t met them.

71. Where are the Vanderwaals?
We met Mama Vanderwaal, and they presented her as a single mom. But in Radley, Mona mentioned her parents, not just her mom.

72. What did Maya know?
Another one that I didn’t answer. I think it’s possible that Maya knew Ali was alive. Or at least suspected it.

73. Did Nate really kill Maya?
According to what we’ve learned on the show, yes.

74. Is Maya still alive?
No way of knowing this for sure until the end of the show. But I don’t think so. Although, there’s a rumor that someone else might be in the dollhouse a la Mona. But I think if it’s anyone, it’s Sara or Bethany.

75. Was it really Alison that Spencer saw in the window  of the DiLaurentis house during the Pilot Episode?
Probably, but not answered.

76. Could Maya have known that Alison was alive?
I’m thinking that she might have known or suspected it. But we really don’t know for sure.

77. Who was staying in the crawl space of the DiLaurentis House?
Well, it could be Alison, or it could be whoever was staying when Jason had the entire place boarded up. But we don’t know.

78. Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis seem so unconcerned about the crawl space tenant?
She was either turning a blind eye, or had an idea of who it was. I’m not sure that we’ll ever know!

79. Why did Jason keep the DiLaurentis house covered up while he was staying there?
Probably hiding something. Maybe that when the Charles/Jason switch really happened? Because he seemed genuinely surprised that Ali was alive.

80. Who or what was Jason DiLaurentis hiding?
Maybe he was hiding Ian, maybe he was hiding Charles, maybe Ian is Charles? We don’t know for sure.

81. Who received Jason's reward money?
Either Ezra or A.

82. Was Ezra just writing a book?
Yes. But the beauty of this, is that we can retcon that whole book deal away, making him the nefarious A.
(+1… I need points!)

83. Why did Ali pretend to be other people?
We still have no real idea, but she was being targeted, and it was likely a way to escape from that, and try to figure out who was behind all of it!

84. Why didn't Ali trust the girls sooner?
She claimed that she didn’t want to get them any more involved than she needed to.

85. Will the girls ever forgive Alison?
Yes. We’ve seen that they’re working on it.

86. Will Alison stay alive?
I really hope so. But there’s no way to know for sure until the end of the series!

87. What memento did Spencer put in Alison's casket?
I don’t think she put anything in. But we still don’t know.

88. Whose bones did A sew into Spencer's dress?
Well, they could be from Jane Doe, but they were awfully large. I’m thinking either Eddie Lamb, or possibly the real Jason DiLaurentis. You know, if he and Charles switched places.

89. Who attacked Spencer in Ravenswood?
Supposedly there was a 2nd gas mask. But we don’t know for sure that it wasn’t Ezra.

90. What did Toby's letter from London say?
We still don’t know exactly.

91. Did Toby come back from London with Melissa?
Around the same time, but we don’t know when for sure.

92. Is Wren still in London, or did he come back to Rosewood with Melissa?
Supposedly in London, living with Melissa. But we haven’t seen him.

93. Are Wren and Melissa back together?
From the looks of it, yes.

94. Why is Wren so sketchy?
Perhaps because he’s really Charles? There are a lot of great Charles is Wren theories that I’ve been reading. But we really don’t know!

95. Who was Wren drawing?
We still don’t know.

96. What's the deal with Eddie Lamb?
I think that he might be in the barrel. Sadly. But we don’t know as of right now, and I don’t know that we’ll ever know. Supposedly they weren’t able to tell if it was human DNA or something else. Soooo…

97. Where did Meredith go for help?
She definitely had issues, and it would be interesting to bring her back in, but she would be such a random. I’m guessing not Radley.

98. Who drove the car into Emily's house?
A was definitely responsible, but I’m not sure if that means Shana or Charles?

99. How in the world could Mrs. DiLaurentis bury her own daughter?
Tough call. I think she really believed that she was dead, was being held at gunpoint while doing it, or she knew that Ali could hold her breath and knew she’d be okay. Not sure that we’ll ever know!

100. Who will be the next character to die?
Totally wrong. Definitely Mona. I mean, she wasn’t really dead, but still.

When it comes down to it, I got a 21.75/34… 64% so far… The following are extra credit in an attempt to redeem myself! It’s really not fair when they don’t answer so many questions… Over 60 questions with no answers!

Season 5 Finale Predictions

1. Do you think A is  a guy or girl?
Guy. At least, this A is.

2. Do you think Mona is alive?
Yes! I was very happy with this revelAtion!

3. If you think Mona is dead, who do you think killed her?
Charles definitely kidnapped her and took her to the dollhouse!

4. Who do you think is A?
Supposedly Charles… who is possibly someone’s twin, possibly not.

5. Who do you think is/was Varjak?
Andrew, Black Veil, or a 3rd party to the Charles and Black Veil triangle. But we don’t know for sure.

6. What kind of evidence do you think Tanner found about the PLL’s?
We still have no idea.

7. Who do you think is Black Veil/Black Widow?
We obviously still don’t know, but I’m still leaning toward Bethany Young, Sara Harvey, or Jenna Marshall.

8. What do you think Ali will tell Veronica about A?
Ali spilled about A, putting Mama and Papa Hastings into the search party. Love seeing the parents finally find out about what’s been going on.

9. Why do you think A wants the liars in the dollhouse?
If he wanted to kill them, he could’ve done that already. I’m wondering if he’s mistaken about what happened the night that Ali disappeared. Like he thinks that they did something but they didn’t, or they don’t remember. I don’t want the latter, because that feels retconned.

10. Do you think by the end of the episode, the liars/Ali will no longer be ‘wanted’ for murder?
I think Rosewood PD has a lot on their hands right now. I don’t think they’re going to clear anyone other than Alison.

11. Do you think the boyfriends (Ezra, Caleb, Toby) will find the liars?
This kind of isn’t fair, but I’m thinking Alison might find them. Hopefully with the help of the boys.

12. What do you think Andrew will be up to in the finale?
He was definitely up to no good, and according to the promos, he is missing. Episode summaries suggest that he’s up to something, but we could already tell that. I’m thinking that he’s Varjak, and A will probably frame him.  

13. Do you think we’ll see any surprising characters in the episode?
Mona appearing alive in the Alison mask gave me legit shivers.

14. Do you think we’ll meet a twin? If so who would you like to see with a twin?
All signs are pointing to Jason. But that could be a ruse. They’ve certainly done this before.

15. Do you think the episode will be as ‘shocking’ as it’s being hyped up to be?
Honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t get too hyped for a reveAl. I kind of had a feeling that we weren’t going to get any real answers. I guess I just expected a little more. But it was a compelling episode!

16. If one of the liars are A, which one do you believe it would be?
Still in the none-of-the-liars-please boat!

17. Who would be the most ‘shocking’ A, in your opinion?
One of the girls. Like, really one of the girls, because their friendship is really all they have left.

18. What do you think is A’s motive?
I still want to say revenge, but I feel like that’s not all there is to it. Melissa claims it’s all about love. I feel like it’s truth. A wants the truth. But we still don’t know for sure.

19. Do you think we’ll get ‘other’ answers? Such as who killed Jessica D? Or who  attacked Mike?
No. No answers for you, PLL fandom. But they are calling Summer 2015 the #summerofAnswers. I almost believe them!

20. Do you think anyone will die or get hurt  in the finale?
Not this time!

Okay… so let’s just add 6 bonus points to my score, and…

27.75/34 = 82%

Definitely not the greatest score in the world, but it’s a B and I’ll take it! I’m not sure if I’ll be making predictions about Season 6, though. We’ve really gotten to a point that there are just sooooo many unanswered questions. I’m definitely with Caleb on this one…

Pretty Little Liars comes back with Season 6 tomorrow… Tuesday, June 2nd on ABC Family at 8PM EST. Here’s to hoping Peanut will cooperate and let me watch at 8PM and not 10PM!


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