All the UnAnswered Questions on Pretty Little Liars

by - 6/02/2015

According to I. Marlene King, we're just hours away from embarking on the #summerofanswers. The premiere of Season 6 is tonight, so I thought I'd round up a list of all the unAnswered questions that we have at this very moment. There's a whooooole lot...

Are Alison and Spencer half-sisters?
Can we trust Mona?
Could Maya have known that Alison was alive?
Did Alison know about Mona's lair at the Lost Woods Resort?
Did Nate really kill Maya?
Does anyone on the show have a twin?
Has Mona known that Alison was alive all this time?
How could Mrs. DiLaurentis bury her own daughter?
How did Alison get the scar on her thigh?
How did Charles build the dollhouse?
How did Melissa get involved in everything?
In the beginning of 3B, Jason was injured. How did it happen?
Is CeCe good or bad?
Is Holbrook the Beach Hottie?
Is Maya still alive?
Is Mrs. DiLaurentis really dead?
Is Wren still in London, or did he come back to Rosewood with Melissa?
Was Ezra just writing a book?
Was it really Alison that Spencer saw in the window of the DiLaurentis house during the Pilot?
Was Jason lying about being in rehab to his parents, too?
Was Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting Jason?
What did Maya know?
What did Toby's letter from London say?
What does Sara Harvey have to do with anything?
What evidence did Tanner find against the Liars?
What is A's motive?
What is Andrew Campbell up to?
What is the deal with the buried field hockey stick?
What is the deal with Eddie Lamb?
What is the deal with the ghost girl?
What is Jenna's deal?
What is the point of the Dollhouse?
What is so important about those NAT videos?
What is the understanding between Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis?
What memento did Spencer put in Alison's casket?
What really happened to Toby's mom?
What side is Mona on?
When did Melissa, Jenna, and Shana start working together?
Where are Toby and Jenna's parents?
Where are the Vanderwaals?
Where did Meredith go for help?
Where has CeCe been?
Where has Holbrook been?
Where has Holden been?
Where has Jason been?
Where has Lucas been?
Where has Noel been?
Where is Tippi?
Who attacked Spencer in Ravenswood?
Who did Aria stab on the Halloween Train?
Who drove the car into Emily's house?
Who dug up Ali's grave?
Who has the twin?
Who is A?
Who is the Beach Hottie? (Is it another name for Board Shorts?)
Who is Bethany Young?
Who is Black Veil?
Who is Charles?
Who is the "Fragile Patient" from Radley?
Who/What is in the Barrel?
Who is Varjak?
Who "killed" Alison DiLaurentis?
Who killed Garrett Reynolds?
Who killed (shot) Ian Thomas?
Who killed (and buried) Jessica DiLaurentis?
Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?
Who knocked Toby out?
Who planted the lighter on Toby?
Who received Jason's reward money?
Who save the girls from the fire at Thornhill Lodge?
Who shot Ezra?
Who smashed Connor's car?
Who started the fire at Thornhill Lodge?
Who tried to drown Jenna?
Who tried to trap Jenna in the burning house?
Who was staying in the crawl space of the DiLaurentis House?
Who/What was Jason DiLaurentis hiding in the DiLaurentis House?
Who was Wren coloring/drawing?
Who will be the next character to come back to life?
Who will be the next character to die?
Whose bones did A sew into Spencer's dress?
Why are the Liars being sought out by A?
Why does someone want Alison dead so badly?
Why did Alison pretend to be other people?
Why did Alison want Jenna to think that Garrett had killed her?
Why did Jason DiLaurentis keep the family house covered up while he stayed there?
Why did Jenna and Shana save Wilden?
Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis seem unconcerned about the crawl space tenant?
Why didn't Alison trust the Liars sooner?
Why didn't Mona tell anyone Alison was alive?
Why is Aria's wallpaper so "telling" according to Mona?
Why is Peter Hastings so shady?
Why is Wren Kingston so sketchy?
Why was Alison's body returned?
Why was CeCe so scared of Detective Darren Wilden?
Why was Darren Wilden killed?
Why was Garrett Reynolds killed?
Why was Ian Thomas killed?
Why was Jason DiLaurentis injured in the beginning of Season 3B?
Why was Jessica DiLaurentis killed?
Why was Marion Cavanaugh killed?
Will Alison stay alive?
Will the girls ever forgive Alison?

Did I leave anything out, or forget to cross something off? Let me know in the comments! I'm thinking it might be fun to use this post as a running tally of just how many answers we get this summer! I'll also be posting this over on my Tumblr, too! I don't know about you, but I'm sooooo stoked for the premiere!


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