Friday, July 31, 2015

Fishbowl Friday *039*

Bonjour and Happy Friday! I've had a little bit of a crazy week and am definitely ready to just reeeelax! Anyone else feeling the same? I've been sick since Monday, and I'm fiiiiinally coming out on the other side. Yesterday, I pulled my prompt and got FLAKY. Here's a mani topped with a little something I very originally dubbed Franken Flaky... (I know!) 

Rainbow Flakies over Purple Nails

Rainbow Flakies over Purple Nails

Purple Flaky Layering

Rainbow Flakies over Purple Nails

Rainbow Flakies over Purple Nails

Rainbow Flakies over Purple Nails

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Mesmerize
2 Coats Franken Flaky
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

In December of last year, I mixed together a bunch of my flaky polishes to create Franken Flaky. I layered it over black back then, but I've gotta say, I like it over a deep purple much, much better! Not gonna lie, I was trying to emulate Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails by creating this.

I'm not sure if giving this a little time to settle made everything mesh together a little better, but I feel like the flakes are better spread out here. I also used one less coat, so maybe that had something to do with it too. Either way, I seriously looooove this mix of glitter and flakies. I wouldn't be against making a larger bottle of it, either. There are days that I wish I would've bought backups for every polish in the Special Effects Collection from Fingerpaints. I definitely had the foresight to get a backup bottle of Twisted, but I guess I just didn't think I'd need/want the others?

Note to Self, you will always, a-l-w-a-y-s need the others!

Before I painted, I thought about going a little bit lighter with my polish, but decided to go dark. Just
call me Ridley! Can't say I'm really sure what's with all the vampy colors lately... something a little bit different, I suppose? Don't expect me to start waxing philisophically about sweaters and boots yet, though. Salted caramel coffee I can do, but I'm not ready for cold weather anytime soon!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PLL: "FrAmed" (6x8)

I know I can't be the only one who's freaking out a little bit right now. Just two more episodes, and we'll know who Charles is. But not just that, we'll also know the identity of Red Coat and Black Widow. Last night definitely set us up to charge straight into next week's episode, so let's jump into Episode 8 of Season 6... FrAmed.

c/o ABC Family

As the episode began, the girls were watching TV, wondering if the police could do an age progression drawing of Charles from the home movies Ali and Jason turned in. Spencer told the girls that the state police had set up checkpoints at state borders. The girls turned off the news and Alison entered the room. She was having a hard time believing that Charles could be a monster, but Hanna didn't care. She tried to remind Alison and the other girls of all the pain Charles put them through. Hanna told them that she hoped the police caught him and stormed out.

Later, Hanna and Ashley were heading to see Kenneth DiLaurentis about the Carissimi Group check. The reporters out front scared them away. Ashley promised Hanna they would find another way to contact him.

At the Brew, Aria and Clark were talking over coffee. He asked about the girls going after Charles, but Aria cut him off, saying she didn't want to talk about it anymore. Clark agreed and gave her a flyer for the contest she had entered. On it was a photo Aria had taken. After telling Clark that she wasn't going that evening, Aria wished him good luck and he left. Ezra came over almost immediately to talk to her. He pointed out that clark had asked a lot of questions. Aria reminded him that there was no possible way Clark could be Charles, so there wasn't any reason to be suspicious. As they talked, Ezra lamented Aria missing her show. He was about to offer to take her when Aria realized that she could go to Tanner and ask for a police escort.

Over at Lorenzo's place, Alison was helping with chores and making him dinner. He listened as she talked about equating a monster with the little boy in the video. He told her he could make a call and see what Mr. DiLaurentis had been talking about.

Spencer and Hanna were still in full investigation mode, trying to figure out who was behind the Carissimi Group. They hatched a plan to close Hanna's college account and return the check in person.

c/o ABC Family

Meanwhile, Aria and Ella talked with Tanner as she looked over Aria's work. Tanner agreed to provide backup in order for Aria to attend the show.

At the gallery, preparations were in full screen. The picture pulled back, faded to black and white, and we realized that A was watching everything on a monitor. A buzzer sounded and he pressed a button, opening a door for someone. Red Coat entered and sat down beside him.

Back at Aria's house, Emily was helping her pick an outfit for that evening while they talked about prom. The girls talked about a memo that was circulating, voicing concern over the Liars attending prom. Aria asked Em to go with her as friends, but Em already had plans to ask Sara.

At the Carissimi Group office, Hanna and Spencer wait to talk to Rhys Matthews, the signature on Hanna's check. While waiting, the girls looked over the office and Hanna tried to keep any potential eavesdroppers from hearing their conversation. Rhys entered the room mid-conversation, surprising the girls.

c/o PLL Wiki User PLLGuy333

Across town, Lorenzo got off the phone with his friend with little to share. He told Alison that her father was cooperating and telling Tanner about Charles. He also told her that Tanner had called in a profiler. He told Alison that all the evidence was off limits to him, so he couldn't really help with specifics. He was about to take his pain killers and suggested that Alison should go, but offered up a spare key to his place. She told him that she would stick around to wash the dishes and help with his laundry before she went.

Back at the Montgomery household, Emily told Aria about Sara. Aria asked about a tracking chip, but Em confirms that she didn't feel one on her, so she didn't say anything. The two talked about prom some more, and decided they'd all go as a group. Aria was okay with going solo.

Hanna and Spencer talked further with Rhys Matthews, who wouldn't give up much information at all. He took the check back from Hanna. When she asked if she could offer her thanks in person, he claimed that the "private trust exists to provide him with discretion." Hanna pretended to ask for an e-mail address, snapping a picture of Rhys while waiting for him to respond. He told the girls he would mention their meeting during his weekly conference call and they would go from there. Spanna to that as their cue to leave. While leaving, they noticed the high security and talked about how Rhys looked like a DiLaurentis.

Later, at the art show, Hanna and Spencer try to hide their meeting with Rhys, but can't lie to Emily. They show her the picture and she immediately mistook it for a picture of Jason.

Ezra showed up for Aria's show, and the two talked. She was in the middle of asking him to prom when Nicole, Emily's Habitat for Humanity friend showed up. Embarrassed, Aria quickly went over to see what Clark was doing. While talking, Clark mentions that it's his first show too, but recovers when Aria mentioned his bio. She asked a few questions about his parents, wondering why they didn't come up for the show. Their conversation was interrupted when the finalists of the show were announced. When the spots came up on the finalists work, Aria's photos had been replaced with large photos of Her, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer on the morgue tables of the Dollhouse.

Meanwhile, Alison was on her way out of Lorenzo's place when she spotted his Rosewood PD passkey. She pocketed it, along with the extra set of keys he told her about.

As the police began their investigation, Ella flipped out on Tanner, questioning how it could've happened. Tanner remained calm, explaining that not only was Charles singling out the girls, he was now taunting the lead in the investigation with the caption on the switched artwork.

c/o PLL Wiki User PLLGuy333

Alison made her way into the police evidence room and looked over the investigation boards and boxes of evidence.

Later, Hanna was transfixed by the photos, while Emily and Spencer couldn't believe she could look at them. Spencer reminded Em that everyone handles trauma differently. About to head home, the liars spot Rhys Matthews getting into his car and decided to follow him.

Aria opened up a little more to Ezra. She told him about her time in Iceland, and how she wished she could go back to that time before A ever existed. She told him that despite her best efforts, she was having a hard time moving past what happened in the Dollhouse.

Back at Rosewood PD, Tanner busted Alison for being in the evidence room, telling her that crossed a line. Tanner talked to Alison about some of the things they found. She told her that the baby rattle was hers. Tanner told her they found it in the bunker. Alison was still having a hard time equating A the monster with Freddy/Charles, the sweet little boy from the videos. She thought that him holding on to it meant that he was trying to stay connected to his family. Tanner offered her a different insight into the criminal mind. She explained that personal items help murderers focus on their victims, commemorate what they've done. Tanner told Alison that to Charles, the baby rattle was a piece of Alison. Just like hair, teeth, or skin. She told Alison that Rosewood PD planned to bring Charles to justice, with lethal force, if necessary.

Spencer, Emily, and Hanna followed Rhys to the abandoned doll factory. They sat in their car, watching him, when another car pulled up and Clark stepped out. The Liars watched him enter the building, but left before either of them came out.

Alison returned to Lorenzo's apartment and was caught red-handed. Tanner had called him to fill him in on what happened. He was expected to appear before a disciplinary committee. He expressed his disbelief that Alison had used him. He told her that she could've just asked, but Alison told him that he would've said no, and she would've done it anyway.

Over at the Marin household, Ella arrived to talk to Ashley, obviously distressed about what had happened at the art gallery. The two began to talk, and as the camera pulled away, Red Coat was outside the window listening to every word.

c/o PLL Wiki User PLLGuy333

Back at Aria's house, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna showed up to warn Aria about Clark. Hanna told Aria about Rhys too, about how he looked just like Jason, and how there might be a chance that Rhys Matthews was actually Charles DiLaurentis. During her voiceover, Tanner looked at the surveillance footage and caught someone switching Aria's prints.

The episode ended as A seemingly got ready for prom. A tuxedo bag, tickets, and 6 vials of probably tranquilizer. A got in the back of a limousine and knocked on the divider. It rolled down to reveal Red Coat, who gave A the returned check from Hanna.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

Hanna is really coming into her own. Not just this Season, it's really been a journey for her. I love that she can stand up to Alison now, and she does it quite frequently. I'm also really enjoying that she and Spencer are teaming up to investigate clues.

This whole Carissimi Group check seems sloppy on A's part. I'm not sure if that's because of his minions, or underestimating the Liars, or what. I have a hard time believing that he wants to be caught. Maybe he's getting bigger and bolder because he knows the police are closing in?

Clark has been really strange this whole time, but I guess it all comes back to the fact that it was a way to get at Aria. I mean, Clark is the one who told her about the contest in the first place. I'm thinking his meeting with Rhys was all about getting paid and possibly taking that scholarship money. He even told Aria that the show was his first, when he's been all about photography and working for National Geographic since we met him. Someone's having a hard time remembering his lies...

Lorenzo and Alison were over before they started. I don't think it was Ali's intention to use Lorenzo. It just sort of happened. She's definitely an opportunist. Maybe their breakup will pave the way for Emison to be a thing? But then... what about Sara?

Sara was oddly absent this week, along with Caleb, Mona, and Toby. Boo.

Red Coat and Charles working together? This was called a while ago by many, many fans. We just haven't seen Red Coat for a long time. We're all thinking that she's the Black Hoodie from Aria's photo... unless that was Black Widow. The real question is... which one is in charge?

Rhys Matthews looks like Jason DiLaurentis and talks with a British accent like Wren. I guess that's supposed to keep us guessing about the two of them. I have a hard time believe that Rhys is Charles. Mainly because I don't think the writers would make the reveAl that anticlimactic.

But he does make a good red herring. I'm thinking that he's being set up to be the grown up face of Charles DiLaurentis without realizing it. And the fact that he looks so much like Jason... well, that gives Rosewood PD ample room to mistake Jason for Rhys and shoot him instead. With A, there's always a fall guy. And if it suits his needs, that person could very well be on his own team.

According to the Police Board, the murders being attributed to Charles include Bethany Young, Ian Thomas, Darren Wilden, Maya St. Germain, Garret Reynolds, and Jessica DiLaurentis. It's interesting that they're attributing Maya to Charles. So... Lyndon just transferred his obsession to Emily without actually doing anything to her?

Switching the artwork at the gallery opening that was an all-along plot by Charles was really sadistic. He's doing everything in his power to go after Aria right now. Seemingly more so than the other Liars, and I wonder if the intention was to frame Jason. Then, when that didn't work out, Rhys was Plan B to take the fall.

Judging by the end of the episode, I'm guessing that Ella and Ashley are talking about proactively hosting prom for their kiddos. I'm guessing that Red Coat will then inform A, and he'll change his plans accordingly. Because as of right now, they've got tickets to the official Rosewood High Prom.

So... now that Red Coat is back, it has me wondering about Black Widow. Are they the same person? Are they two different girls? I mean, Red Coat was definitely burned in the Lodge Fire and lost her coat, so then the Black Widow disguise evolved from there. Could they be one and the same, or are they two different people? When we saw her, she was at Wilden's funeral, sitting behind Jenna. We haven't seen her since.

I've been trying to make sense of a lot of what's been going on in Rosewood with little bitty reveals here and there. I'm going to try my best to have a complete theory out in the next week, before the next episode airs. At that point, I'm guessing that we'll have enough information to correctly guess the who, but the why is going to be all over the place.

This Week's Suspects

I figured since Red Coat is obviously being brought back into relevancy, it would be fun to start speculating about her identity and the identity of Black Widow. You know, since we have a whole one episode left before we actually find out for ourselves!

1. Wren
2. Wilden
3. Charles portrayed by Drew Van Acker in different makeup/clothing

I'm really split on who I think Charles actually is. I would equally enjoy either Wren or Wilden being the masked villain. With the addition of Rhys as a Jason lookalike, I'm beginning to think they're not going to use Drew Van Acker in different makeup/clothing. But maybe I'm wrong. Wren still has perfect potential for being A. While other guys his age have been discounted, he's still hanging on as a potential suspect. Wilden was almost at the number one spot, because in the preview for next week, Alison sounded like she recognized her attacker. I can't recall that she has ever had any interaction with Wren. But she definitely knew Wilden from Cape May. However, I know that promos can be misleading. When it comes to the motives of Charles/A... I'm really not sure. That's one I have to really think through. I get the Alison hate. I don't get the obsession with the other Liars.

Red Coat
1. CeCe
2. Jenna

It's been a while since Red Coat was actually relevant. First it was Alison, then CeCe, then the network didn't like the storyline, but now she's back. CeCe is the number one contender because there's a lot of conflicting information around her. Talk to Alison and they're best friends. Talk to her old roommate and the Liars and Alison were little she-devils. CeCe Drake could be carrying out her revenge from being kicked out of UPenn, or maybe it goes a little bit deeper than that. Maybe CeCe Drake isn't really who she says she is. Maybe, she's actually Bethany Young hiding in plain sight. And if that's the case, Bethany and CeCe are total twinnies. The only problem with CeCe as Red Coat, is again... she's including the Liars in something that Alison did all on her own.

Jenna on the other hand, has a more solid reason to go after all of the girls. I could really see her being Red Coat to get back at the girls for blinding her and taking Toby and Shana away from her. As a group, they've caused her a lot of pain. Jenna was definitely in on the plan to send Alison to prison, so being Red Coat doesn't seem like that big of a stretch further.

Black Widow (if she and Red Coat aren't the same person) 
1. CeCe
2. Bethany
3. Melissa

So, here's the thing... in addition to Red Coat cropping up, so is Black Widow. For a while, we all thought Red Coat and Black Widow were the same person, but what if they're not? Black Widow was at Wilden's funeral and definitely had everything from Mona's Lair. But other than that one sighting, Black Widow hasn't really done much. In fact, a lot of people theorize that she's someone running game against Charles and Red Coat while trying to stay hidden from the Liars. I'm not really sure. I kind of think that if someone was helping the Liars, it would be a little more obvious.

CeCe paying her respects to Wilden would be a little odd, considering that she's wanted for his murder. Unless she really didn't murder him. But if she's working with A, she might've been there to listen in. Maybe she helped plant the phone in Wilden's casket.

Bethany... whether it's really Bethany, or Bethany pretending to be CeCe, obviously you would keep yourself hidden if you were considered to have gone missing.

Melissa is always a possibility, but I don't want her to be bad. At all. I feel like that would be a little bit much for Spencer to handle. So... yeah.

In all honesty, I could see them making us think that there are 3 members of the A-Team... Black Widow, Red Coat, and Charles. I think they're going to bait and switch a lot with this reveal. I could see us thinking we're getting Charles and then getting either Red Coat or Black Widow. Instead, they reveal Black Widow or Red Coat. Then, the writers could make us think that Charles/A is the next reveal, but instead, we find out that Black Widow and Red Coat are the same person. Then, finally, we get to see Charles. Whether he lives after that moment or not, I'm not sure. I just can see them playing around with us a little bit while revealing some answers.

Do I think we're going to get all of the answers? Hahahahaha... No. No I do not. The thing is, there are so many unanswered questions. So many. There have been rumors that "Game Over Charles" will be 90 minutes rather than the typical 60, but still. 120-150 minutes to flesh out every single question? It's just not gonna happen. I'm hoping that we're going to be able to piece it all together from what we learned when we go back and rewatch.

All in all, we're getting to that super frustrating time of the Season where everyone wants to try to spoil the show for fans. There are also a lot of theorists who are just ready to sit back and enjoy the ride. Like I said, I'll try to post an all-inclusive theory in the next week, hopefully before seeing "Last Dance," the penultimate episode of Season 6A. Gosh, it's kind of hard to believe we're here already. I'm so much more used to 12/13 episode seasons. Can we make that a thing going forward? Please and Thank You!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SinfulColors Fig

Fig by SinfulColors

SinfulColors Fig

SinfulColors Fig

Fig by SinfulColors

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Fig
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

I don't remember where I first saw SinfulColors Fig... but the moment I saw it blogged, it was added to my wishlist. So, when PR contacted me about choosing shades from the new collection? I was thrilled to see that Fig was being brought back for the All Nighter Collection!

Out of all the shades that I requested, Fig is by far the most Fall of the bunch. Not gonna lie, it was a little weird to paint such a deep, vampy shade on my nails when it's not even August! But the more I wear it, the more I don't really want to take it off. I'm by no means ready for cooler weather anytime soon. But Fall colors? I think I might be transitioning!

So... why is Fig so special? It's a really warm and bright purple berry. There's a super fine pink shimmer that runs through it that gives it a warm, shiny glow. Application was great, too. Three easy coats for me, but for some, I could see this being a two-coater!

Fig is part of SinfulColors Class Act All Nighter Collection. You can find it on display at Walgreens and other mass retailers for $1.99 a bottle. The full All Nighter Collection also contains Blue Sensation, Casablanca, Daredevil, Glass Pink, Ice Dream, Late Night Haute, Night Owl, Purple Diamond, and Sinful Sunrise. Follow SinfulColors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

*provided by PR for review. All thoughts, views, and opinions are my own. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fishbowl Friday *038*

Hooray! It's Friday, and that means it's time for another installment of Fishbowl Friday here at Studio Sparkle... We're keeping it really simple this week. BLUE nails...

Sky Me Mine Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Sky Me Mine California Dreaming

Sky Me Mine Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Sky Me Mine California Dreaming

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats Wet n Wild Sky Me Mine
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

After a very long time searching for the California Dreaming collection from Wet n Wild, I finally found this shade, Re: Incarnation, and Bee-U-tiful at Walgreens the other week. Sadly, there were no more bottles of Sun Settle Down or Green Tease. While I could probably live without Sun Settle Down, (it's orange) I am still looking for Green Tease. But I haven't seen this collection anywhere other than at Walgreens. Boo.

Formula-wise, I've always like the mega-last line. This particular polish is a little thicker than the average. I'm not sure if that's because it's pastel? It self-leveled out well enough, but the problem wasn't streakiness. It was incredibly visible brush marks. As someone who paints right before bed, I often have to wait until morning to see if my polish leveled off. This seemed to meld a little bit when I added a coat of clear, so I crossed my fingers and went to bed.

And smudged my thumb.

But I didn't realize that until this morning. Such is life.

I really like the color of this polish, I just wish the formula were a little less thick. But if that's what it takes to avoid chalkiness and streaks, I'll manage. I haven't cracked open the other two yet, so I don't know if this is a thing with just Sky Me Mine, or if the entire collection has a thicker formula. Re: Incarnation is definitely calling my name, but before that? I feel like I need a little green. It's been a while since I wore green!

Weekend-wise, it looks like it's going to be a decently relaxing one, and I really can't ever complain about that! Happy Friday to you... hope you have a nice, chill weekend too!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gilded Galaxies Seriotype

I almost hesitate to call this a "galaxy" manicure. Sure, it's got the navy blue, and I do get a celestial, outer-space vibe when I look at it... But that wasn't exactly what I was going for. However, I do really love the way my nails turned out, and could probably wear this for a while...

Gilded Galaxy Nails

Gilded Galaxies Seriotype

Gilded Galaxy Manicure

Gilded Galaxy Nails

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
2 Coats OPI Indigo Motif
China Glaze Mingle with Kringle
Morgan Taylor Watch Your Step, Sister!
Rainbow Honey Costa Dorada
SinfulColors Energetic Red
SinfulColors Jolt
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

While I'd love to claim that these were a deliberate attempt to create deep-space galaxies on my nails, they were actually inspired from something completely different. It was inspired by the colors in a really cool abstract painting I pinned a couple of days ago...

c/o Tulonski via SF Girl By Bay & Pinterest

It was a re-pin from my feed that I tracked back to the blog SF Girl By Bay and then to Tumblr user Tulonski. I looooove the color choices in this piece. There's something about random splashes of color joining together haphazardly on a canvas that I just adore. So, I did my best to use the colors from the painting in a seriotype on my nails...

Gilded Galaxy Manicure

Yep. Still loving it! I know I didn't get any of the negative white space in there, but I was going more to capture the collection of colors. And of course, I had to add some glitter!

So far, I've talked about all but two of the polishes I used in this seriotype. SinfulColors Jolt is a recent acquisition. It's a bright blue that's a shade or two less green than Savage. Costa Dorada is a gold glitter topper from my July Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. Rather than hex glitter, it's got square glitter, but it does have a decent yellow tinge to the base. I had to go back over it with Indigo Motif to prevent the blue in the layering from turning green.

As much as I love this layering and would love to keep it on for another day or two, Fishbowl Friday is tomorrow! I'll be drawing the prompt tonight and posting on Instagram as usual. Until then...


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PLL: "O Brother, Where Art Thou" (6x7)

Seven episodes down... just three more to go and we'll know the identity of Charles. Three. more. episodes. Right now, we're at an interesting place in the season. Sometimes, the action and reveAls really slow down right around now. I wouldn't say that we're racing full steam ahead, but we're definitely chugging along at a nice clip. All train analogies aside... this episode featured a lot of scenes that we've been waiting patiently for! So let's just jump on in, shall we?

c/o ABC Family

The episode began with Spencer and Hanna doing some research on microchips. Specifically, removing them. Spencer told Hanna that they should use the trackers to their advantage, since Charles didn't know that the Liars had discovered them yet. While they talked, Mona called to confirm a meeting with Lesli to talk to the girls about Charles.

After receiving the creepy birthday card from Charles, Mr. DiLaurentis was determined to get Alison out of Rosewood and keep her safe. While her father was driving, Alison found the card and read it, realizing that Charles was indeed alive.

Hanna received a tuition check from The Carissimi Group. Apparently, her mother had applied for every scholarship that she could find.

At the brew, Emily was trying to reach Alison, but kept getting her voicemail. Claire, Sara's old friend from Courtland came to see her. Given their last interaction, Emily wasn't keen on having her meet with Sara, but eventually told Claire the truth.

Spencer was just about to leave her house to meet Aria when Toby got back. He asked her to change her plans, but Spencer was insistent on meeting Aria, Hanna, and Mona to talk to Lesli. She lied to Toby, and he guessed that she might be lying to him. He reminded her that nothing good happened when they lied to each other, but she ignored what he said and left to meet the Liars.

c/o ABC Family

Over at Mona's house, Lesli backed out of the meeting, thinking the confrontation would upset the progress she had made with her stability. The Liars didn't want to hear that and asked Mona to take them to her house. She explained that Lesli was fragile at the moment, and she couldn't risk a complete breakdown. The girls went over what Mona and Alison had told them about that night, and asked Mona if she saw anyone, possibly Charles. She claimed that she didn't, but she wished she had. Again, she told the girls she was on so many drugs that she had no idea what all happened while she was there.

Back at Emily's house, she talked with Sara about meeting Claire for coffee and dessert. Sara didn't really warm up to the idea until Emily offered to come along. The two talked awkwardly about their hookup and found out that they were both ready to see where it might go.

Over at the DiLaurentis Estate, Lorenzo stopped by to talk to Alison and was met by Jason on the porch. He brushed Lorenzo off, clearly giving the older, protective brother vibe. When Lorenzo left, Jason noticed a red balloon on his porch attached to a birthday invitation. It was an invitation to Charles' birthday party, advising Jason to come alone or not at all.

At the Montgomery household, Aria was going through all of her dolls. After being spooked by the double ended doll at the junkyard, she was ready to get rid of them and move on. Mike came in while she was cleaning everything out. He told her that Mona wouldn't return any of his calls or texts, and asked if it was because of Aria. She told him that she hadn't said anything, but sympathized with Mike. He asked her what he should do.

Meanwhile, Emily and Sara met with Claire. It was a little awkward at first, but Sara and Claire talked about a lot of the people that she used to know. Claire showed Sara a few pictures of what she had missed out on while she was down in the bunker.

Spencer and Hanna met back up again at the Brew to research the Carissimi Group and found that they were a benefactor of Radley. Hanna then remembered that she had seen their logo stamped on the walls of Radley while they were searching for clues. Spencer told Hanna that Carissimi meant beloved in Latin, which reminded the girls of Charles' headstone. When Spencer received a phone call from Alison, she walked away from her bag to get better reception. Sabrina put a bag of gummy bears in her bag with a note signed "-S" for Sabrina.

On the phone, Alison told Spencer that she had been trying to find a phone to call Spencer and tell her and the others that Charles was alive. She told her about the birthday card, and that Charles was coming home for his birthday, and that day was his birthday. She told Spencer that she was worried about Jason, and claimed that she thought Charles was after her, Jason, and Kenneth. She asked Spencer to check on Jason for her and make sure he was safe. Mr. DiLaurentis interrupted the conversation when he realized his phone was missing. When Alison asked him to talk to Jason again or go to the police, Kenneth asked for time to figure out what was going on and what to do.

Over at Emily's, Sara told Emily that Claire's dad was coming to pick her up. She told Em that she had put out her and her mom for long enough, and that she should stay with Claire for a while. Emily was about to tell Sara what Claire had said about her when Sara told her that Claire had actually brought it up. Sara told Emily that back then, she really didn't like herself that much either. Sara also told her that since they weren't living under the same roof, they could actually go out on a real date.

Aria, Spencer, and Hanna when to the DiLaurentis house to talk to Jason, but he wouldn't answer the door. The policeman in front of the house asked if he could help them, but Spencer said no. She noticed the red balloon in the window and a worried look came over her.

At Casa de Vanderwaal, Mona walked into her bedroom to find Mike with a basket of Aria's old dolls. She told him to leave, but he wouldn't. She apologized for the plan and how everything she did was for nothing. Mike told her that none of that mattered, all that mattered to him was that Mona was alive. When she looked through the dolls, Mona asked what Aria was doing with them. She had been photographing the dolls being tortured like she and the others were in the bunker. Noticing that Mona was getting upset, Mike told her that she would have to forgive herself eventually. He asked if she wanted him to go. She said no, and the two kissed.

Back at Spencer's house, the Liars met to discuss everything that happened with Emily. Hanna told the girls she put one of Caleb's trackers on Jason's car, so they'd know where he went if he left the house. Hanna and Spencer told the girls about their plan to remove the trackers and try to bait Charles. Spencer told them that she'd tell Toby, and he would protect them. Hanna pulled out the medical equipment, saying that she and Spencer had watched a ton of videos on how to do it. At first, the girls argued about what they should do, but in the end, they decided to remove the microchips.

Meanwhile, Spencer called Toby over to tell him about Charles and fill him in on their plan. Toby decided that he would go after Jason alone, that it was too dangerous for the girls. When Spencer was distracted by Hanna needing surgical tape, Toby noticed the bag of gummies in Spencer's bag. Thinking they were a gift for him, and not realizing they were "pot" gummies, he took them along.

c/o ABC Family

At the precinct, Toby snacked on the gummy bears while trying to convince Lorenzo to check out Wallaby Avenue, the location where Jason was headed to meet Charles. He claimed he had heard there had been some break-ins, and the force over there could use their help. When Toby told Lorenzo that they weren't telling command where they were going, Lorenzo balked, but Toby told him he'd explain while they were on the way.

After a few minutes of no activity and no call from Toby, Spencer decided that the girls needed to head over and make sure that he and Jason were both okay. Aria was about to call 911 when Emily came back and assured her that everything would be okay.

In the hotel room where Alison and her father were staying, Alison pretended to get ready for bed. She switched the regular coffee with decaf and put a sleeping pill in her dad's drink. Alison left the room and got in a car, driven by Mona. She thanked her for coming to get her, telling her that no one else answered her call. Mona told Alison that she was glad she could help. She also told her that she knew she owed her more than just a car ride.

Jason went to meet Charlie.

Alison kept trying Jason's phone while she and Mona were driving, but Jason didn't pick up. Despite Mona warning otherwise, Ali called 911 and told the police that Charles DiLaurentis was A, and her brother and her friends were all in danger.

Back in Rosewood, a police team cleared the DiLaurentis house, but found the invitation Charles had sent to Jason. They sent backup to the address on Wallaby Avenue.

Over on Wallaby, Charles was about to reveal himself to Jason when Toby and Lorenzo stormed on the scene. Charlie fled, using a pitching machine to launch baseballs at the police. Jason begged Charlie to stop, but it just got worse as the Liars showed up. Forced to protect the girls from the baseballs, Charlie was able to drop metal bars onto Lorenzo and Toby, despite the fact that Toby should've had a clear shot. Spencer ran over to Toby and asked him what happened when backup from Rosewood PD arrived.

Back at the Marin household, Ashley told Hanna that it was not her job to catch Charles. She needed to focus on college and getting away from all the drama in Rosewood. Hanna told her mom that the money from Carissimi might be dirty, but Ashley told her that she deposited it anyway. She told her daughter that even if it did come from the DiLaurentis family, they put Hanna through enough and she deserved every cent of it.

c/o ABC Family

At the Montgomery home, Mike walked in to find Aria on the floor beside her bed. He tried to make her feel better by telling her that he and Mona were trying to work things out. He told her that she was really brave, but she countered by wondering why she was so scared all the time.

Back at the precinct, Spencer was talking to Toby, trying to explain about the gummies. He told her to go wait for her mom in the Lobby, that he couldn't have someone find him while they were looking for her.

At Chez Fields, Emily smashed her microchip into pieces with a whack of a book.

Alison arrived back home, just in time to stop Jason from drinking a glass of scotch. He told Alison that he couldn't deal with the fact of what his parents had done regarding Charlie. He told Alison that he was going to tell Charlie to turn himself in. He just wanted one moment alone with his brother.

Just then, Ali and Jason were interrupted by the sound of a little boy calling Jason, asking him to come play with him. Jason and Alison watched a home movie of a day that they remembered being taken out of school by their mother for a 2nd cousin's birthday. Jessica asked them not to tell their father. In the video, Freddy came over to the camera and asked his mother if he had to go back soon. She told him that he didn't have to go back for a while. Alison and Jason sang Happy Birthday to Freddy, not realizing that it was really their brother Charles. He complimented their singing and they all seemed to enjoy the day.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

The last scene sent serious chills down my spine. I guess because of the fact that I realize the innocence in a child's voice, and it's just so seriously disturbing, finding out what Jessica DiLaurentis did. While I was liveblogging this episode on Tumblr, I called it f***king sick, and I stand by that. It's just really sad. I'm not sure that makes up for what Charles has done. But it gives a little more context to his motives.

One thing I'm beginning to realize about this particular season and the way that they're doing the reveal... Process of Elimination. We eliminated quite a few possibilities last night.

Claire came to town to visit Sara and their interaction was so fluid. It was nice to see her not being so awkward. Pretty sure it's safe to say that Sara Harvey is Sara Harvey. I don't think there's any way that Bethany Young could pretend to be her and pull the wool over Claire so easily. Also, I feel like if Sara really was Bethany, she wouldn't want to go to stay with Claire. She would have a greater chance of being caught in her lie staying with Claire than with Emily.

While Charles was causing all sorts of mischief on Wallaby Avenue, Jason, Toby, and Lorenzo were all on the scene. While it doesn't rule out Drew Van Acker playing Charles in slightly different makeup/hair, it does rule out Toby and Jason as Charles.

I really like the fact that the girls took out their microchips. But I'm not sure that Emily should've smashed hers. That probably wasn't the best idea. I mean, I guess Charles would've known that the jig was up based on the fact that the girls showed up on Wallaby Avenue when their chips claimed they were at Spencer's house...

I've said it before, but I absolutely love the relationship between Ashley and Hanna. There's so much love there and you can totally tell that Hanna is everything to her.

I'm still wondering if Mona's plan is playing out. I mean, she had this grandious plan that would end up with her being the hero. We all think that went horribly wrong, but what if all of this has been part of the plan? If she somehow convinced Charles to make the dollhouse and kidnap the girls, it could make him look like he was the one who supposedly kidnapped Alison. Because I think that's what Rosewood PD still believes to be true.

Now, all of that being said... there's a reason that we haven't seen Charles' face, and I suppose it's because he is someone we know to be someone else, or we know his character. Basically, he's either being portrayed by Drew Van Acker in different hair/makeup so he looks like a DiLaurentis, or he's the character we've previously known as Wren or Wilden.

Also, we've yet to see Bethany Young's face. That could also be because of the same reasons as Charles. She's either being portrayed by an actor already on the show in slightly different hair/makeup or she's actually a character that we know as someone else.

Remember how we learned that Sara isn't really Bethany? That means that Bethany is either dead and has been correctly identified OR she's alive. And again, if she's alive, who was in that grave? I'm pretty sure that CeCe Drake is all over the answer to this. I think there's a very good possibility that CeCe Drake and Bethany Young were twins. If it's not really Bethany Young in the grave, it's her twin, CeCe Drake. And if CeCe Drake is in the grave, I'm pretty sure that Bethany Young took over her identity.

This Week's ChArles

1. Drew Van Acker in different makeup/hair... Not gonna lie, most of this is based on the official pictures released by ABC Family to promote 6x9. It just looks a lot like him. But I suppose that Jason could get injured in the next episode, and put on the mask to try and protect Alison in secret.

2. Wren... He's been missing for a good chunk of episodes. Also, we know nothing about his backstory. Others have postulated that we've never seen Wren with any of the DiLaurentis family members, and they've got a point.

3. Wilden... While I know that he is supposed to be dead, that counts for little in the world of Rosewood. However, unlike Ian and Garrett, we don't know much about his backstory. What we do know places him in Cape May. Definitely shady. Little bit of long shot, but remember all those videos in his apartment? What if they were actually his precious childhood movies hidden in plain sight?

4. Ezra... Mainly going on the fact that he was nowhere to be found in the last episode. He was pictured in the official photos for 6x9, but until we see him in a scene with Charles, we can't really rule him out.

Next week's episode is "FrAmed," and based on the few official photos released by ABC Family, it's hard to say what we're going to see. Tanner appears to be interested in the photos Aria has been taking. And it looks like the Liars will have a scene with Alison. Episode titles don't always correlate with what's going on, but it does make me wonder if there's going to be another person set up by Charles before his big reveAl. Only time will tell...


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Layering: Feel the Treble 24/7

Pink/Orange/Teal Manicure

Layering with Pink, Orange, and Teal

Layering Mani with Pink, Orange, and Teal

Pink, Orange, and Teal Seriotype Nails

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
China Glaze Treble Maker
SinfulColors 24/7
SinfulColors Feel The Vibe
SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

So, I can't exactly say that this manicure turned out the same as it looked in my head. But that doesn't mean I don't like it. The look was inspired from a graphic at Church on Sunday. It was one of those moving on-screen graphics with a really pretty mix of glowing coral, pink, and aqua.

I started out with Feel The Vibe as my base. Two easy coats and I was ready for random smatterings followed by saran wrap. Am i addicted to this type of manicure? Yes. I feel like it's safe to admit that here. I really can't get enough of how the colors mesh and meld together.

While I do in general like how this manicure turned out, I'm not completely loving it. I think Feel The Vibe was a little too orange. I originally wanted to go with a coral and then started feeling adventurous. Treble Maker falls in the same category. A little too green of a green.

Thankfully, it's #PLLDay today, so that means I'll get a decent amount of time to do my nails this evening. Especially if I can't make it out of Peanut's room in time for the 8PM airing. That's definitely been a problem lately! So, in addition to more clues about the identity of A/Charles/Black Widow/Red Coat... stay tuned for another mani tomorrow!


SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts

Pink Happy Thoughts SinfulColors

SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts

Pink Happy Thoughts by SinfulColors

SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Say hello to my newest favorite neon pink... Pink Happy Thoughts! I recently picked this up, 98% sure that it was from Big Lots, but there's a 2% chance it might have been from KMart. I'm thinking it's probably Big Lots, given that I haven't bought much polish elsewhere since we've been in the new house.

While we're on the subject of the new house, the nail studio is definitely coming around. Just put away my pinks and reds last night. I shouldn't have been so surprised by the fact that my pink polishes no longer fit in one Helmer drawer... but I was! I'm going to have to go back and split them up, probably pales/nudes in one, brights/neons in the other.

But back to Pink Happy Thoughts... it's my new favorite neon pink. I've actually worn it twice in the past week! Like most neon polishes, the formula is sheer, but builds to what you see in the photos. Even at that point, there's still a little bit of VNL. The finish dries matte, but I shined it up with a coat of clear, followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

Sadly, this isn't on my nails right now, but it just might end up on my toes next. I've been wearing Treble Maker on my toes for a while now, and I'm thinking it's time for a change...


PLL: "No Stone Unturned" (6x6)

After a two week break, we got back into Season 6 with the 6th episode... hard to believe there are only 4 more episodes left and then we will know the real identity of Charles!

During the last episode, the Liars found out that Lesli Stone was once a patient at Radley. So naturally, they put two and two together and figured that Lesli must've known Charles. In addition, the revelation of Black Hoodie as a girl made them think that Lesli Stone had to be A.

The theory? Lesli Stone thought that the girls killed Bethany, so she was exacting revenge in Bethany's honor.

Hanna did the legwork this time around, figuring out that Lesli worked as a teacher and in a research lab. She came up with a plan to search Lesli's SUV while she was at a faculty meeting. She and Spencer found cages, a box of fake glasses, and other incriminating items in the vehicle. When the girls found a passkey for Lesli's lab, they had Caleb copy it for them in order to get access to Lesli's work.

While working at Caleb's, he and Sara had an interesting conversation. Sara asked about Alison DiLaurentis, but Caleb claimed he didn't know much because he was an outsider. When he made a cultural reference, Sara didn't catch it, as she was held in the bunker for 2 years. Even more awkward than that, Spencer struggled to make nice conversation with Sara when she went to have the passkey copied.

Later, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria broke into the research lab. They quickly figured out that they were microchipped by A while down in the bunker. Hanna tried to release the animals, which led to the girls making a lot of noise. The lights went out and when they came back up, Mona was in the room with them looking incredulous. At first, the Liars accused her of working with Lesli, who they thought was pretending to be Charles. Mona explained that Lesli wasn't pretending to be Charles, she was pretending to be stable. She told the girls that Lesli hated Bethany Young. Mona told the girls that Lesli only ever heard the name Charles DiLaurentis on the night that Bethany snuck out, because he snuck out too.

c/o ABC Family

Mona also pointed out what a lot of us fans were thinking... there's no way that his organs would've been donated with all the junk in his system. Charles is definitely nawt dead.

Relationship-wise, Caleb finally sort of stood up to Hanna and they made up. Clark wanted to get bagels with Aria, but she turned him down. After seeing Ezra with Nicole at the end of the episode, she might reconsider. Dean told Spencer that he couldn't see her anymore because he was falling for her and that was wrong.

After receiving a creeptastic birthday card from Charles, Mr. DiLaurentis went to dig up his son's grave. We didn't see what he found, but I'm guessing it was either an empty casket or just nothing.

Meanwhile, Emily had a visitor from her mission trip. She wanted Em to go on another trip that would leave soon after vacation. Reluctant to go at first, she agreed when she realized Sara could just go with her. But after Sara had a supposed run-in with Lesli's SUV, Emily backed out of the trip. Later, while checking out Sara's neck for a microchip, the two ended up making out in Em's bed.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

It appears that Lesli Stone is just a red herring. But it is interesting that Mona mentioned that Lesli hated Bethany. Kind of makes you wonder why... Maybe because they were sisters/twins? I feel like I always have to throw that out there. I mean, we still don't know what Bethany looked like, and I'm sure there's a reason for that.

I'm beginning to wonder where we are going with this whole Charles thing. Is he really A? Is there another higher A above him that we aren't going to find out about until the show is over?

For the fact that we're touting Season 6 as the #summerofAnswers I'm just not seeing it. I feel like the pacing has been really slowing down an we just haven't learned much yet. It makes me a little worried for the next couple of episodes. Will everything just fall together once we get a couple of answers... or are there just going to be a lot of questions that never get answered?

The sneak peeks for this week kind of spoiled the fact that Mr. DiLaurentis is freaking out over whatever he found in Charles' grave. He seemed to be taking Ali away somewhere. In the preview, she asked her father if Charles was coming for them.


Back to Sara Harvey... a lot of people think that she's really Bethany Young, and that she's been helping Charles this whole time. There's definitely a lot to be suspicious about, but if she comes back from the dead she'll be the 4th person on the show to do that. Alison, Mona, Charles, and Bethany? At what point does a show jump the shark with all the fake deaths? But I will admit, she's definitely shady. She's got good reason to be weird and awkward, considering what she's gone through. Part of me wonders if she might be helping A in exchange for something, just like the rest of Rosewood. Not all that far fetched.

This Week's ChArles

When Mona told the girls that Charles and Bethany escaped together, that narrowed down the field of suspects a little bit more. Think about all the people that we saw on that night. Virtually everyone from the NAT club was ruled out by that fact. Ian, Garret, and Jason were all known to each other and their friends at Rosewood High. Moreover, they attended school and were in the yearbook. Also, remember when Aria went to her dad's office at Hollis and ran right into Ezra? In addition to his overbearing Mother and bratty little brother, I think we can rule him out as Charles.

It does, however, place Toby and his tattoo in a whole new light. 9-01 Free at Last, huh? Isn't it interesting that Sara celebrated her freedom from the bunker with a tattoo? Kind of reminds me of Toby's tattoo...

c/o PLL Wiki

And then there's Wren. He's still a really big contender for Charles. We know very little about his past and he's got the necessary medical experience. I feel like everything is really pointing towards him.

But part of me also remembers that whole seeing double/twin thing. So, I'm thinking they could have Drew Van Acker play Charles with a slightly different look and different mannerisms.

1. Wren

2. Toby

3. Charles... played by Drew Van Acker

So... there you have it. My take on Episode 6 of Season 6... No Stone Unturned. Next up, it's 6x7... "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?" As always, I'm excited for the new episode, and definitely ready for more answers!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Fishbowl Friday *037*

Friday, Friday, Fri-DAY! Anyone else as excited as I am that this week is fiiiinally over? If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the prompt for this week's Fishbowl Friday was 6 COLORS...

Seriotype Manicure

Purple Seriotype Nails

Purple Seriotype Nails

Purple Galaxy Nails

Purple Seriotype Layering

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
China Glaze Violet Vibes
Pure Ice Iris
Pure Ice Lucky Charming
Pure Ice Rose
Pure Ice Selfie
Sally Girl Trapeze Artist
SinfulColors A-Crush
SinfulColors Chalk It Up
SinfulColors Navy I Do
SinfulColors RAD-iant
SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Did I mention the fact that the prompts for Fishbowl Friday are totally subjective and open to interpretation? The prompt may have read 6 COLORS, but that really meant 11 polishes for a lovely seriotype with green, light blue, neon purple, navy blue, pink, lavender, gold, and glitter in at least 4 colors, right? I thought so too!

I started out this layering with a base of SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare and everything just snowballed from there. A little bit of this, dab with saran wrap. Some of that, another dab of saran wrap. I wasn't really sure that I would use all of polishes I originally picked out, but I think there were only 2 that didn't make the cut. I definitely made an effort to use as many of my Pure Ice shimmers as possible. I've been waiting soooooo patiently to play with them!

All in all, I really love the way this turned out. It's a ah-mazingly gorgeous purple seriotype. It's like a galaxy of grapey goodness. I can't say that I was planning on it turning out with quite so much purple. That sort of happened by accident. A very gorgeous, glittery, happy kind of accident!

Coming up, it's going to be a busy, busy weekend! We're going out to celebrate Mr. Sparkle's birthday with his parents tonight, so, I don't see any nail-painting time in the forecast for this evening. But I'm okay with that! I'm loving this seriotype so much right now that it needs to stay for at least another day. Speaking of tomorrow, that's another busy day, too. My sister and her husband are coming up for the weekend, so that means more fun family festivities tomorrow! Say it with me now... Happy, Happy Week-END! Happy, Happy Week-END!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

SinfulColors A-Crush Accent Mani

SinfulColors A-Crush, Summer S-Cool, Queen of Beauty

SinfulColors Chalk Board Diaries A-Crush

SinfulColors A-Crush, Summer S-Cool, Queen of Beauty

SinfulColors A-Crush Accent Mani

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors A-Crush
3 Coats SinfulColors Summer S-Cool
5 Coats SinfulColors Queen of Beauty
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

It's not often that I stumble upon a nail polish display that I've heard nothing about. But while shopping with Peanut last week at Big Lots, that's exactly what happened. We were on our way to the checkout and found this huuuuuuge display of SinfulColors polishes in one of the aisles...

SinfulColors Chalk Board Diaries Big Lots

At first, I figured it was just a collection of re-promotions. Shades from this collection or that collection for back-to-school shoppers. But then I noticed all those little stickers on the lids, usually reserved for Limited Editions. I looked up the collection name and some polish names, but I didn't come up with anything while in the store. Once I got home, I did see that G from Nouveau Cheap had posted about a few new SinfulColors collections. Turns out, in addition to holding the polishes from the Chalk Board Diaries collection, this display also had shades from the Play It Cool Collection. I didn't see any polishes from the All Nighter Collection in this display, though.

I would love to say that I was good and didn't get that many polishes, but this is me we're talking about, right? Those bottles with Limited Edition stickers are actually a new Demi-Matte finish. A-Crush, the light blue in my accent mani, is one of them. I picked up most of the shades in that particular collection. Not really because of the finish, more for the color. But I digress...

When I removed my polish last night, I wanted to keep the glitter accent nails, because... glitter! At first, I thought about just painting the rest of my nails one color. Pretty quickly, I decided that would look a little weird, and I needed another accent nail. Summer S-Cool was sitting nearby and looked like it would work well with A-Crush. In reality, the two are more complimentary to each other than matching, but I like how they turned out. Something different, and I tend to like different!

The formula on A-Crush was really nice. With a pastel collection, I kind of understand going with a demi-matte finish. Creme pastels can end up really chalky and streaky, and I think the matte formula on A-Crush kept that from happening. It was a little streaky at one coat with almost full coverage at two coats. I painted on a third coat just to make sure everything evened out nicely.

Because Queen of Beauty and Summer S-Cool were both super shiny, I thought that A-Crush would look a little weird in its original demi-matte state. So, I added clear coat for a shiny finish to match my other nails. If Summer S-Cool had been the demi-matte, I probably would've kept that matte. I think just the one matte nail would've worked. All about the balance!

I know I keep saying that I really need to get better about posting my hauls, and it's true. I really need to. I'll try and take a few snaps of my recent hauls tonight while I'm prepping for Fishbowl Friday. In all honesty, I need to put a good 2-3 hours of organization time into my new nail room, but that just hasn't happened lately. It's amazing how much time it takes to put things away and get organized when you move into a new space!