Fishbowl Friday *037*

by - 7/17/2015

Friday, Friday, Fri-DAY! Anyone else as excited as I am that this week is fiiiinally over? If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the prompt for this week's Fishbowl Friday was 6 COLORS...

Seriotype Manicure

Purple Seriotype Nails

Purple Seriotype Nails

Purple Galaxy Nails

Purple Seriotype Layering

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
China Glaze Violet Vibes
Pure Ice Iris
Pure Ice Lucky Charming
Pure Ice Rose
Pure Ice Selfie
Sally Girl Trapeze Artist
SinfulColors A-Crush
SinfulColors Chalk It Up
SinfulColors Navy I Do
SinfulColors RAD-iant
SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

Did I mention the fact that the prompts for Fishbowl Friday are totally subjective and open to interpretation? The prompt may have read 6 COLORS, but that really meant 11 polishes for a lovely seriotype with green, light blue, neon purple, navy blue, pink, lavender, gold, and glitter in at least 4 colors, right? I thought so too!

I started out this layering with a base of SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare and everything just snowballed from there. A little bit of this, dab with saran wrap. Some of that, another dab of saran wrap. I wasn't really sure that I would use all of polishes I originally picked out, but I think there were only 2 that didn't make the cut. I definitely made an effort to use as many of my Pure Ice shimmers as possible. I've been waiting soooooo patiently to play with them!

All in all, I really love the way this turned out. It's a ah-mazingly gorgeous purple seriotype. It's like a galaxy of grapey goodness. I can't say that I was planning on it turning out with quite so much purple. That sort of happened by accident. A very gorgeous, glittery, happy kind of accident!

Coming up, it's going to be a busy, busy weekend! We're going out to celebrate Mr. Sparkle's birthday with his parents tonight, so, I don't see any nail-painting time in the forecast for this evening. But I'm okay with that! I'm loving this seriotype so much right now that it needs to stay for at least another day. Speaking of tomorrow, that's another busy day, too. My sister and her husband are coming up for the weekend, so that means more fun family festivities tomorrow! Say it with me now... Happy, Happy Week-END! Happy, Happy Week-END!


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