PLL: "No Stone Unturned" (6x6)

by - 7/21/2015

After a two week break, we got back into Season 6 with the 6th episode... hard to believe there are only 4 more episodes left and then we will know the real identity of Charles!

During the last episode, the Liars found out that Lesli Stone was once a patient at Radley. So naturally, they put two and two together and figured that Lesli must've known Charles. In addition, the revelation of Black Hoodie as a girl made them think that Lesli Stone had to be A.

The theory? Lesli Stone thought that the girls killed Bethany, so she was exacting revenge in Bethany's honor.

Hanna did the legwork this time around, figuring out that Lesli worked as a teacher and in a research lab. She came up with a plan to search Lesli's SUV while she was at a faculty meeting. She and Spencer found cages, a box of fake glasses, and other incriminating items in the vehicle. When the girls found a passkey for Lesli's lab, they had Caleb copy it for them in order to get access to Lesli's work.

While working at Caleb's, he and Sara had an interesting conversation. Sara asked about Alison DiLaurentis, but Caleb claimed he didn't know much because he was an outsider. When he made a cultural reference, Sara didn't catch it, as she was held in the bunker for 2 years. Even more awkward than that, Spencer struggled to make nice conversation with Sara when she went to have the passkey copied.

Later, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria broke into the research lab. They quickly figured out that they were microchipped by A while down in the bunker. Hanna tried to release the animals, which led to the girls making a lot of noise. The lights went out and when they came back up, Mona was in the room with them looking incredulous. At first, the Liars accused her of working with Lesli, who they thought was pretending to be Charles. Mona explained that Lesli wasn't pretending to be Charles, she was pretending to be stable. She told the girls that Lesli hated Bethany Young. Mona told the girls that Lesli only ever heard the name Charles DiLaurentis on the night that Bethany snuck out, because he snuck out too.

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Mona also pointed out what a lot of us fans were thinking... there's no way that his organs would've been donated with all the junk in his system. Charles is definitely nawt dead.

Relationship-wise, Caleb finally sort of stood up to Hanna and they made up. Clark wanted to get bagels with Aria, but she turned him down. After seeing Ezra with Nicole at the end of the episode, she might reconsider. Dean told Spencer that he couldn't see her anymore because he was falling for her and that was wrong.

After receiving a creeptastic birthday card from Charles, Mr. DiLaurentis went to dig up his son's grave. We didn't see what he found, but I'm guessing it was either an empty casket or just nothing.

Meanwhile, Emily had a visitor from her mission trip. She wanted Em to go on another trip that would leave soon after vacation. Reluctant to go at first, she agreed when she realized Sara could just go with her. But after Sara had a supposed run-in with Lesli's SUV, Emily backed out of the trip. Later, while checking out Sara's neck for a microchip, the two ended up making out in Em's bed.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

It appears that Lesli Stone is just a red herring. But it is interesting that Mona mentioned that Lesli hated Bethany. Kind of makes you wonder why... Maybe because they were sisters/twins? I feel like I always have to throw that out there. I mean, we still don't know what Bethany looked like, and I'm sure there's a reason for that.

I'm beginning to wonder where we are going with this whole Charles thing. Is he really A? Is there another higher A above him that we aren't going to find out about until the show is over?

For the fact that we're touting Season 6 as the #summerofAnswers I'm just not seeing it. I feel like the pacing has been really slowing down an we just haven't learned much yet. It makes me a little worried for the next couple of episodes. Will everything just fall together once we get a couple of answers... or are there just going to be a lot of questions that never get answered?

The sneak peeks for this week kind of spoiled the fact that Mr. DiLaurentis is freaking out over whatever he found in Charles' grave. He seemed to be taking Ali away somewhere. In the preview, she asked her father if Charles was coming for them.


Back to Sara Harvey... a lot of people think that she's really Bethany Young, and that she's been helping Charles this whole time. There's definitely a lot to be suspicious about, but if she comes back from the dead she'll be the 4th person on the show to do that. Alison, Mona, Charles, and Bethany? At what point does a show jump the shark with all the fake deaths? But I will admit, she's definitely shady. She's got good reason to be weird and awkward, considering what she's gone through. Part of me wonders if she might be helping A in exchange for something, just like the rest of Rosewood. Not all that far fetched.

This Week's ChArles

When Mona told the girls that Charles and Bethany escaped together, that narrowed down the field of suspects a little bit more. Think about all the people that we saw on that night. Virtually everyone from the NAT club was ruled out by that fact. Ian, Garret, and Jason were all known to each other and their friends at Rosewood High. Moreover, they attended school and were in the yearbook. Also, remember when Aria went to her dad's office at Hollis and ran right into Ezra? In addition to his overbearing Mother and bratty little brother, I think we can rule him out as Charles.

It does, however, place Toby and his tattoo in a whole new light. 9-01 Free at Last, huh? Isn't it interesting that Sara celebrated her freedom from the bunker with a tattoo? Kind of reminds me of Toby's tattoo...

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And then there's Wren. He's still a really big contender for Charles. We know very little about his past and he's got the necessary medical experience. I feel like everything is really pointing towards him.

But part of me also remembers that whole seeing double/twin thing. So, I'm thinking they could have Drew Van Acker play Charles with a slightly different look and different mannerisms.

1. Wren

2. Toby

3. Charles... played by Drew Van Acker

So... there you have it. My take on Episode 6 of Season 6... No Stone Unturned. Next up, it's 6x7... "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?" As always, I'm excited for the new episode, and definitely ready for more answers!


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