PLL: "She's No Angel" (6x5)

by - 7/06/2015

So, after thoroughly creeping everyone out with the creepiest dance number ever performed on prime time... the 5th episode of Season 6 began. And really quickly... I'd like to apologize for the length of the last recap. I'm really not trying to do such a recappy recap anymore. More like a brief synopsis... It's just I tend to get verbose, especially unsupervised at the helm of a keyboard. See?

Moving on. Maaaaybe I'll tackle it one Liar at a time?

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Mona... finally came back to Rosewood, and she's got a lot on her plate. She's got to answer to the police, but Lesli Stone is also mad at her, and Hanna is really trying to repair their friendship. Later, she showed up at Radley, with Lesli Stone's file in hand.

Hanna... trying to help Mona figure things out with Lesli, while simultaneously not really digging Lesli's tone. I'm not either, Han. Later, she and Spencer went on a Radley search. They found Charles' autopsy, which noted that his organs were donated.

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Aria... while taking pictures at the dump, she randomly caught Black Hoodie on film. Avec boobs. So, now they're thinking that A must be a girl. And that guy from the photo lab? Of course he asked her out, but I'm seriously proud that she said no.

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Emily... worked really hard with Caleb to get Sara emancipated. After filling out all the official paperwork, they celebrated by getting tattoos. Sara got an open birdcage on her back. Em got the Chinese symbol for courage close to the "good china."

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Spencer... after having a really strange dream a la Sabrina's brownies, she was on a mission to figure out where that room was. She thought it was in the Dollhouse, but it turned out that it was in Radley. So, she and Hanna went to investigate, conveniently finding an autopsy report for Charles DiLaurentis. The report made Spencer postulate that someone was acting on Charles' behalf. But who?

Alison... still trying to deal with being a shut-in and Rosewood's preconceived notions. Lorenzo tried to get her involved with coaching soccer, but ended up falling for her and kissing her instead. This caused some friction between her and her father.

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

So, the creepy dancing scene... I find it really odd that it was set in the room where Spencer just happened to find Charles' autopsy report. She definitely told a few people about her dream, and it makes me think that the report was planted there for her to find.

As far as interpreting the dance, I read a lot of different interpretations. Most everyone can agree that it is a dramatic retelling of the drowning attempt, but it's hard to say if it played out exactly as Mr. DiLaurentis told Jason and Alison.

Interestingly enough, in the books, Alison tried to drown Courtney in a swimming pool and played the victim when her parents came running. Jessica and Ken believed Alison, so Courtney was sent away to Radley. Maybe the same thing is at play here, that Charles didn't really do it... but Jason did?

Mona, Mona, Mona... I seriously wish that she could be in every episode. I would love to see her upgraded to series regular for the time jump. She's got such depth to her, and she was definitely acting super shady. In the beginning of the episode, she was really scared of going to the police. But by the end, she seemed like she was gradually getting her confidence back. And I'm wondering if it is because Mona Vanderwaal has a plan.

I wouldn't go so far as saying that Mona planned on getting kidnapped. I think that might have thrown a kink in her plan. But if her freedom/amnesty relies on finding A... she might be right back to plotting in secret, fighting with Lesli in the open in order to throw off suspicion from A.

The first fight between Mona and Lesli happened in front of Hanna. This could've been to gain Hanna's sympathy and trust. It could also have been to openly show A that Lesli and Mona have nothing to do with each other. Or maybe it was for the benefit of any potential police. See, Lesli wasn't mad about just anything, she was mad about committing perjury. But Lesli couldn't get in trouble for telling what she thought to be the truth. She would only get in trouble if someone realized that she was knowingly lying.

So... here's what I think...

Lesli was part of Mona's plan to frame Alison for Bethany's murder. A lot of evidence was planted in order to get Alison arrested. I'm pretty sure Lesli helped Mona with all of it. It's even possible that Lesli voiced Bethany's voice on the tapes the Liars found. Why else would Lesli want the book? She was protecting herself!

I know that a lot of people are saying that Lesli Stone could in actuality be Bethany Young. But the file that Mona found at the end of the episode definitely said Lesli Stone. So, that makes me think that it can't be her. I mean, Mona's mom knew her and she was a witness for the prosecution. She was definitely vetted.

But then there's that second argument... the one at the end with Lesli in her car. Mona told her what happened in a very calm manner. Much more calm than in the beginning of the episode. Lesli freaked out even more than before, telling Mona that she messed everything up, that she always messed everything up. If I had to guess, I'd say that this argument was for A's benefit. Or maybe it was Mona testing Lesli, wondering if she could be A. I say this, because Mona was being particularly careful at Radley. She was making so much noise, and we know she can be stealthy. It makes me think she let herself be caught. Either it was a way to share information with the Liars without looking like she was helping them, or it was bait for A. So, I think it suggests that Mona isn't as scared as she seemed earlier. I think that's for show. She's definitely trying to figure out what's going on too.

Charles' autopsy report was awfully convenient. As soon as Spencer read that his organs were donated, she started thinking that someone was acting in his memory/honor. When the other Liars chastised her for leading them down the wrong path, she countered by saying that Charles was the key to the whole thing. Couple that with Aria's photo, and the girls are now pretty convinced that A is female, not male.

I feel like we're all over the place lately with clues, but we are getting some really good ones. It's just attaching them here and there to the proper parts of the mystery that really gets confusing. Also, depending on what the next episode reveAls, I might be adding a "this week's black hoodie/red coat/uber A/big A" section in addition to ChArles. I'm still not sure that I'm buying the story about his suicide. Really fishy.

This Week's ChArles

1. Wren

2. Wilden

3. Ezra

Sadly, Pretty Little Liars is not new this week. Boo! They're skipping a week and coming back with "No Stone Unturned" next week, when the Liars will likely investigate Lesli, now that they seem to believe that Lesli could be the girl in the hoodie. I'm skeptical. Very, veeeerrry skeptical...


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