July 2015 Haul

by - 8/15/2015

Originally, I was planning on including this with my State of the Sparkle Monthly Faves, but I thought it would be better to keep the two separate. I've been brainstorming quite a few new ideas for the Blog and this is something I've wanted to do for quite a while, now!

Remember how I mentioned that Mr. Sparkle and I are in our own place, now?

That new place means a stricter budget that I've got to stick to! I'm hoping this will let me see what I spend my extra money on in a month and hold me a little more accountable. Lately, I've been doing pretty good, but we all know that a new collection and a little bit of glitter is all it takes! Also, my polish stash list is in dire need of updating. That's like 3-4 birds with one stone!

And with that stricter budget, there are probably times I'll spot items I love and have to pass. It's likely that I'll post those here, too. Commiserate with me, please? Thanks in advance!  

Without further ado...

Saving/Shopping For...

1. Black Suede Wedge Booties
2. Cognac Riding Boots
3. Cognac Hand Bag

This Month's Purchases...

Clairol Natural Instincts Toasted Almond x2 (KMart) - $13.98 ($6.99 each)
I am planning to do a review on this when I use the second box. I'm really impressed with how well this color has held up, considering it's Demi-Permanent! I used it to tone down my highlights... O.o

Johnny Cash Sleeveless Tee (Kohl's - no longer in stock) - $12.99

IZ Byer California Pintuck Dress in Navy (Kohl's) - $29.99
I love the cut of this dress and wish it came in more colors! I didn't wear the belt that came with it, instead I added a pink belt for a little pop of color. It was a hot day and this breezy material kept me super cool!

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag (Online) - $12.95
Love the mini-spritzer of Pomelo. It's one of my fave scents from Rainbow Honey. I used Costa Dorada in my Gilded Galaxies Seriotype last month. Square gold glitter? What's not to love?!?

Rock & Republic Kashmiere Jean Leggings (Kohl's) - $59.99
Where do I even begin with these? The color? The zippers? How insanely soft they are? There was one pair of these on the table, and I had no idea if it would fit or not. I lucked out and they fit perfectly, so I had to pick them up. Definitely more than I usually care to spend, but they're definitely worth it. I've wanted a pair of olive pants for a really long time and these are insanely versatile!

SinfulColors A-Crush (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Bright B4 Your Eyes (Walgreens) - $1.99

SinfulColors Bright Lucite (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Bright To The Point (Walgreens) - $1.99

SinfulColors Chalk It Up (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Forget Now (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Navy I Do (Walgreens) - $1.99

SinfulColors Neon and On (Walgreens) - $1.99

SinfulColors Pink Happy Thoughts - $1.99

SinfulColors Pink of Me (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors RADiant (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Sky Tree (Walgreens) - $1.99

SinfulColors Summer S-Cool (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors V.I.Peach (Big Lots) - $1.99

SinfulColors You Goji (Big Lots) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Bee-U-tiful (Walgreens) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Re: Incarnation (Walgreens) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Sky Me Mine (Walgreens) - $1.99

Total - $167.71

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