PLL: "Last Dance" (6x9)

by - 8/05/2015

Prom, drunk moms, a kidnapping, and lots of mysterious red-hooded, masked figures! What more could you want in the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 6A? Answers, perhaps?!? Hahahahahaha...


No answers for you.

Seriously, though. Last night's episode probably disappointed more than a few people who thought we might actually find out more information about Charles or his motives.

There was neither.

The episode started with a nice momtage (see what I did there?) of all the girls being told that they weren't allowed to attend their prom or walk at commencement. Veronica Hastings offered the girls the chance to still dress up and hang out in the barn, just so those dresses wouldn't go to wasted.

The scene shifted to the girls discussing their plans for the evening at the Brew. Alison commented that they'd just be talking and hanging out with each other anyway, and the girls agreed. The Liars asked Aria if she had heard from Clark, but Aria hadn't heard anything since the gallery opening when the girls saw him meet with Rhys. Lorenzo walked in and Ali got up to go to the bathroom to avoid talking to him. On her way, she got a text from Charles.

Ella walked in while Aria and Ezra were talking to let Aria know that she won the gallery contest. An internship was waiting for her in LA. She was hesitant to be excited about it, but Ella reminded her to just take it one day at a time.

Later, Hanna watched as Caleb packed up his car for a trip to New York with his Dad. When she saw he had packed an "industrial strength" laptop, she became worried that he was going on a random mission looking for A.

Across town, Emily asked Sara to go to prom with her, but she told her that her old school's prom was the same night. Claire and her friends were all going together.

Outside of Rosewood PD, Spencer tried to talk to Toby before he went in for his meeting with Tanner. Spencer asked to talk to her and explain the misunderstanding, but Toby told her it wouldn't do any good. Just then, Lorenzo came out of the building and told Spoby that he had been suspended indefinitely, at least for the duration of the investigation and Charles' potential trial. Spencer asked again to talk to Tanner, but Toby told her that he was due inside and would call her later.

Back at the Marin house, Ashley showed Emily a necklace she was planning on giving to Hanna. It was given to her by her grandmother, and she wanted to pass it along to Hanna. Em gently told Ashley that Hanna was planning on wearing sweats to the prom in Spencer's Barn since Caleb wasn't coming. Hanna was busy calling Caleb's dad, since Caleb wasn't answering his phone. She found out that his dad wasn't in New York and he had lied. She was sure he was on a mission to find Charles.

Across town at the Brew, Spencer asked Lorenzo to meet her. She talked with him on behalf of Alison, trying to explain that Alison had changed. Spencer reminded him that he had seen past all of Ali's baggage before and asked if he could be able to do it again. He claimed that he couldn't at first, but then said that it was going to take time. Spencer invited him to the prom in her barn, but Lorenzo didn't say for sure if he would come.

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Inside the Hastings kitchen, the moms gathered to keep an eye on the girls during their prom. Veronica had a seafood tray, and all the moms brought something. She asked the others if they wanted a glass of wine and Ella, Ashley, and Pam all declined. When she cracked open the bottle and mentioned that she didn't have to drive anywhere, the others agreed to a glass.

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Over in the barn, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria took pictures in their prom dresses. Using an app on their phones, they were able to see photos of Prom in real time, and commented on Noel Kahn's date Bridget Woo. They noticed that Jenna and Lucas appeared to be there together, holding hands, but one of the girls claimed she was tipping him. As they looked at more pictures, Spencer noticed Alison in the background. She had gone to prom anyway, and Spence guessed that Charles had lured her there.

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The moms talked as they drank, and Veronica quickly became intoxicated. She told the other moms about Jason being Peter's son, in addition to telling the others how much she disliked the DiLaurentis family.

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The girls arrived at prom and Aria immediately saw Clark there taking pictures. She questioned why he hadn't returned her calls, and why he had met Rhys at the abandoned doll factory. He claimed that he was approached to cover the event by one of the school officials. Aria looked like she wasn't buying his story, but was interrupted by a teacher telling Clark to photograph anything else. She asked Aria to voluntarily leave the dance.

Back at the Hastings Estate, Veronica told the other moms about Jessica trying to steal her husband. Then she proceeded to blame them for framing the entire family. When Veronica blamed Charles for killing his own mother, Pam suggested that it might not have been him all by himself. She wondered if someone else buried Jessica in the backyard. As the moms talked, they wondered if Kenneth killed Jessica as revenge for her affair and possibly buried her on the Hastings property so Peter would find her. This gave Veronica the brilliant idea to go over and ask Kenneth in person.

But first, WINE!
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At the dance, Spencer confronted Ali about coming to the dance. Sara showed up at prom after trying the Barn and finding it empty.

Over at the DiLaurentis House, the moms found the door open and walked in. Veronica called for Kenneth, but he didn't answer. They found the picture of Charles, Jason, and Jessica. When they looked up, Rhys was staring in front of them.

As Spencer and Alison talked, Ali begged Spencer to just let her try and talk to her brother. She claimed that Spencer didn't understand, and that she had never even liked her. She tried to explain that she just wanted to know why he hated her so much.

Caleb arrived back from New York. He asked for one dance with Hanna, and then promised that he would tell her everything.

Back at Chez DiLaurentis, Rhys asked if any of the moms were part of the DiLaurentis family, but they said no. When Veronica questioned why he was there, he told the women that he was from the Carissimi Group and he had questions for Kenneth DiLaurentis regarding Jessica's donations. He told the moms he would come back at a better time. When he left, Ashley told the other moms that Hanna thought Charles had something to do with the Carissimi Group. Ella muttered that she thought they might've just met him.

Alison continued to look for Charles at the prom while the girls danced with their dates. Ezra and Aria talked about their futures and the shadiness of Clark. Spencer told Toby she had written her commencement speech about him. Caleb told Hanna that he had gotten a real job in New York. It would pay enough for the two of them to live in an apartment while Hanna went to school.

Over at Camp DiLaurentis, the moms were getting a little freaked out. They started rummaging through drawers when they heard a noise coming from the basement. Wondering if Kenneth was hiding down there, Veronica charged downstairs with the other moms following suit. As soon as they were about halfway down the stairs, the door slammed behind them, locking them in the basement.

Back at Prom, the Liars realized that Alison had disappeared. Clark noticed too, and cocked a concealed gun underneath his suit coat. The Liars and their dates stopped him from going after her, until he explained that he was an undercover cop. He asked them to let him continue doing his job, if it wasn't already too late.

Alison walked through a lit-up forest, following the person in the red hood that she thought to be Charles. She followed the red hood into a clearing with mirrors, where a red hood was hanging. A mirror smashed, and Charles used the distraction to apprehend Alison, taking her with him.

Back inside the dance, Lorenzo showed up and found out that Alison was missing. The guys went to check the exits and bathrooms, while the girls waited. Growing impatient, they went over into the lit-up forest area to check for Alison themselves. They found her phone next to the broken mirror.

A/Black Hoodie
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The episode ended with Charles taking Alison somewhere by force. She tried to talk with him and reason with him, eventually persuading him enough to stop. He took off his mask, and she saw his face, and uttered, "Oh My God."

Thoughts, Theories, and Random Facts

As much as I will say that we didn't learn anything new in this episode, it doesn't mean that it wasn't entertaining. It was a compelling episode. Lots of suspense, pretty dresses, and I love, love, LOVED the scene with the moms. But it was definitely drawn out. A lot of what happened could've been condensed into 15-20 minutes or so, but you wouldn't have the same amount of suspense going into the Finale.

That being said, I tried my best to liveblog during this, but Tumblr was really slow in loading last night. Not sure if I was the only one experiencing that? And for the first time, Liveblogging just felt distracting! That's never really happened before. I was definitely trying to pay closer attention, just in case there were some big clues or hints dropped, but they really didn't give us anything.

It's a good thing that the prom scenes were so back and forth with the drama with the mom squad. I got a little annoyed with all the looking around at prom. Were there clues there? I don't honestly know. There was a lot going on. The prom dresses were neat, and I like the fact that the show adds in formal wear and fun dances, but the fact that they always end up ruining their formal wear during altercations with A is getting a little stale. Especially come finale time. But that might just be me...

I loved watching Ella, Ashley, Veronica, and Pam hang out and kick back a little. Granted, it was legit the worst time to do that, but it did add a lot of comedy. It was nice seeing the moms break out from being moms a little bit, and Veronica seriously slayed it.

YAY for Aria winning that gallery contest and internship! Nice to see something good for once!

Clark was an undercover cop? I guess it makes sense that he met with Rhys Matthews then. Tres interessant. I'm glad he turned out to be good, because that rarely happens on PLL!

Lucas and Jenna went to prom together? Really?!? I'm a little more inclined to believe she was tipping him for driving her there. BUT... Lucas did get a makeover, and they'd have shAdy stuff to bond over, so who knows? While I don't really mind if Jenna's A... I really don't want Lucas to be Charles.

"She's 85% tequila and her dress is on backwards." Hahahahahahaha.

Caleb getting a serious job that can pay for Hanna's tuition? I love how he looks out for her. Definitely want them together in the time jump!

This Week's Suspects

1. Wren Kingston
2. Drew Van Acker in different hair/makeup
3. Noel Kahn

Red Coat
1. CeCe Drake
2. Jenna Marshall
3. Bethany Young (Her twin was in Alison's Grave... Either CeCe or Jenna)

Black Widow (If she and Red Coat aren't the same person) 
1. CeCe Drake
2. Bethany Young
3. Melissa Hastings

So, I think after the last episode, we can rule Ashley Marin out as Black Widow. If she were truly working to help the girls, she wouldn't have been getting shnockered with the other mamas.

I've been having a lot of trouble coming up with an all-inclusive theory for Charles and Red Coat's identities and motives. We might've seen a picture of Charlie when he was little, but we've never seen Bethany Young. I'm pretty sure that Charles DiLaurentis is going to be someone that we've known as someone else. Doesn't have to be super close to the Liars, but it's someone that we've seen before and known by another name. As far as Bethany Young goes, I feel like we haven't seen a picture of her because she's the twin of someone we do know. She could be a sibling, but I feel like they've saved the twin thing for her. Otherwise, why not show her face?

So, identities are one thing, but motives? Ugh... I get super lost on this one too. Does Charles blame Alison for the way his life turned out? I mean, it wasn't really her fault that he was sent to Radley. She was one! There's got to be more to this story. Maybe something that Jessica DiLaurentis told Charles, or something that Kenenth DiLaurentis told Charles that was a lie? I do still really like the idea that Jessica told Charles that the entire family died, just like she told her husband Charles died and practically erased the memory of him from Ali and Jason's memory.

If Red Coat really is Jenna, it would explain targeting the Liars. She's definitely got the biggest axe to grind, but she's also a bit venomous when it comes to Alison as well. Maybe Red Coat and Charles planned to torture the enemies of the other so they wouldn't be caught a la Strangers On a Train? But if that's the case... there should be a stronger motive for just the Liars and just Alison. Jenna would have a vendetta against all the girls, and really, so would CeCe Drake. So...

There is the off chance that something happened on the night of Alison's disappearance that we don't know about. Some theorists suggest that the Liars were responsible for killing Bethany that night. Because they were drugged, they don't remember. But the thing is, and I've said it before, that would be the biggest retcon of them all, and I think it would turn a lot of people off from the show.

I know I said that I was going to try and have that huge theory posted by now, but I'm still working on it. I keep getting to a certain part and realizing, no that doesn't work. Then I work around that, only to find myself stuck somewhere else. It's definitely getting frustrating, but I want to have something written down before "Game Over, Charles" airs next week!


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