SinfulColors Casablanca

by - 8/17/2015

Casblanca by SinfulColors

SinfulColors Casablanca

Casablanca by SinfulColors

Casablanca by SinfulColors

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Casablanca*
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship..." Rick said that to Louie just before the end of the iconic movie with which this polish shares the name. Casablanca. And yes, that's the correct quote. The version most people are familiar with is actually misquoted!

Since receiving this polish for review, I've used it three times before letting it enjoy the spotlight solo. Casablanca is described by PR as a "Shining Chrome Silver," and while it doesn't have that mirrorlike finish of a chrome, it is a perfect fence paint silver. It's insanely pigmented. I had full coverage on just one coat, but went back to wrap my tips on the second and even out some lines on the third. Most of the visible lines leveled out anyway as Casablanca dried.

Way back in the day, this is the color my toenails used to be all. year. round. Why? Silver went with everything! Thankfully, I've moved past that train of thought, but I still enjoy a great metallic silver like Casablanca. Not only can you wear it on its own, it works well as a base for layering and makes a gorgeous gradient! I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine it would work really well as a stamping polish and in Seriotype or Galaxy manis!

Casablanca is part of SinfulColors Class Act All Nighter Collection. You can find it on display at Walgreen and other mass retailers for $1.99 a bottle. The full All Nighter Collection also contains Blue Sensation, Daredevil, Fig, Glass Pink, Ice Dream, Late Night Haute, Night Owl, Purple Diamond, and Sinful Sunrise. Follow SinfulColors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

*provided by PR for review. All thoughts, views, and opinions are my own. 

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