The 31 Day Challenge 2015

by - 8/27/2015

September is just around the corner, and that means that it's time again for the 31 Day Challenge! The prompts are broken down into three groups. One prompt each day for 31 Days. The final manicure culminates the entire challenge on October 1st.

Last year was the first year I participated, and I'll admit, it's a challenging Challenge! I finished a couple days past the deadline, but I'm still really proud that I made it through and finished every prompt. Especially that dreaded watermarble.

I'm not sure when the challenge originated, but Sarah from Chalkboard Nails sort of coordinates the whole thing and puts out graphics to use if you're participating. Check out her blog for the 31 Day FAQ if you've got more questions, or to download this year's graphics! Here's what the schedule looks like...

This year, I've got stamping plates to play with, so that's definitely going to help me out a LOT. I grabbed a small set last year to help with my pattern manicure, but it only came with 2 plates. (The stamper was and still is ah-mazingly squishy and wonderful!) I ordered a bunch of plates after that, so I think I'm set for some of the more challenging prompts this time around!

Last year, my goal was simple. I just wanted to complete each prompt, no matter how long it took. This year, I'm going to challenge myself further and try to finish on time. But I'm not really going to stress over that. I'm the mama of an almost threenager. Anything can happen!

In addition to completing the prompts on time, I'm trying to up my nail game a little bit. Like last year, (with the exception of one day) I'll try to use at least two polishes in each manicure. I'm also going to use untried polishes as much as possible. I made a really big dent in the number of my untried polishes last year. It's amazing how quickly that number grows again, though!

Fishbowl Fridays are still going ahead as scheduled. I'll be pulling a prompt and combining that with the #31DC2015 prompt for the day. It's definitely going to make Fridays a little more of a challenge during the month of September! But that's part of the point, you know?

Why should you participate? It's a lot of fun! One of my favorite things about participating last year was searching through #31DC2014 and finding so many new blogs, grammers, and even tumblrs to follow! If you're just starting out with a nail blog, it's a great time to reach out to the nail community and introduce yourself! It's also a ton of fun working on this challenge alongside so many other talented bloggers... especially come Day 20... O.o

Will you be taking the #31DC2015?

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