#31DC2015 014 // Flowers

by - 9/15/2015

The manicure you are about to see didn't start off with an attempt for most layers of polish possible. It started out innocently enough, as my attempt at a pond manicure. FLOWERS can totally (and naturally!) be found in ponds... right? 

Pond Manicure

Flower Manicure

Pond Manicure

Pond Manicure

Floral Pond Manicure

Polishes Used: 

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
2 Coats OPI Turquoise Aesthetic
OPI Indigo Motif
Pure Ice Oh, Baby!
Qgirl Stamping Plate 013
Qgirl Stamping Plate 016
SinfulColors Snow Me White
Zoya Frida

First things first, let me explain what a pond manicure is. Because until a little while ago, I had no idea it was a thing. Dina from Secretary's Nail Art posted about one in the Hobby Polish Blogger group I belong to on Facebook. I did a little research, and pond manis have been around for a while. Circa 2013, at least! Not sure how I missed that one... O.o


A pond manicure is a hybrid of a stamping manicure and a jelly sandwich. You paint on jelly polish, stamp, paint on more jelly polish, stamp, more jelly polish, stamp, jelly polish, etc. When it's all said and done, you get an almost 3D look. The first stamping you do gets the most jelly polish, making it darker than subsequent layers. That's your background. The stamping you do last gets the least amount of jelly polish, so it's lighter. That's your foreground. It all comes together to look like an underwater scene. Vague, dark outlines of shapes in the background with more vibrant noticeable objects in the foreground. 

But ohhhhh the layers! 

I started out with Turquoise Aesthetic as my base. I added a coat of Seche Vite and waited for it to dry. I stamped on the flowers and vines from plate 016. I went over my stamping with Seche Vite. Then, I added a coat of Zoya Friday. It was a little more translucent than I wanted, so I sponged on Indigo Motif. That was a little dark. I probably should've mixed it with a little clear before sponging. I'll definitely remember that for next time! 

After Indigo Motif, I added a coat of Pure Ice Oh, Baby. Then, it was time for another coat of Seche and more drying. Honestly, at this point, the layers sort of blur together. I think I stamped each nail three or four times. I used a coat of Seche before and after stamping. Snow Me White was my stamping polish and Zoya Frida was my jelly. There were two or three more coats of Oh, Baby added in there, too. 

Finally, (after what really felt like forever) I was happy with how my nails looked. There were visible layers of flowers, jelly goodness, and of course, sparkles! One last coat of Seche Vite sealed everything together and I let my nails set for about five minutes before I went to bed. 

Layering manis are some of my favorites to do. I love combining polishes, especially shimmers and glitters in jelly glitter sandwiches! But I'll admit, I had no idea how time consuming this manicure would be! Next time, I'll definitely paint while watching something on TV. So, if you're planning on taking on the pond manicure... definitely be prepared with something to pass the time while your Seche Vite dries! 

This is one of those manicures that I'm a little torn about. Part of me wants to keep it on for a while, considering all the work that went into it! Then on the other hand, I'm wondering how difficult it's going to be to remove, given the fact that there are so. many. layers! 


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