#31DC2015 021 // Inspired by a Color

by - 9/23/2015

Immediately after removing my WATER MARBLE mani, I sat down to do this one. Getting to this part of the challenge is always fun, because the prompts allow for a little wiggle room and a lot of creativity! This year, I turned to the experts at Pantone for a little help with my COLOR mani. I chose Amethyst Orchid as my inspiration...

Pantone Colors for Fall 2015

As I was looking over the colors for Fall 2015... I noticed a recent SinfulColors acquisition on my desk. When I bought it, I went straight in for color and didn't really look at the name. I've been wanting to wear it since I bought it, and when I turned it over...


Now, when something like that happens, you don't think twice about it, you just go with it. Maybe it was my treat for sticking with the WATER MARBLE? Coincidence or treat, I happily painted Amethyst onto my nails and then skipped off to bed. Here they are, my nails inspired by a COLOR...

Amethyst Orchid Nails

SinfulColors Amethyst

SinfulColors Amethyst

SinfulColors Amethyst

SinfulColors Amethyst

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats SinfulColors Amethyst
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

It's not often that I come across polishes in shades that I don't already have in my sparklestash. But this one... it's definitely unique. It's a gorgeous purple shade that's not a mid-tone, but it's not dark either. A mid-dark tone? Honestly, when I was wearing it, there was a brightness to it that was a little surprising. It's a great shade, and while it might be sorightnow because of the Pantone status and everything... I'm pretty sure that it's core SinfulColors. Easy to find and affordable!

Application was great. Same wonderful formula that I expect from SinfulColors! I probably could've used two coats, but I didn't remember to wrap my edges on the 2nd coat. Boo... I felt like I was really turning a corner with that! You might notice a little bit of cuticle flooding in the photos, but that was all user error on my part. I was a little tired after watermarbling, and I'm definitely not used to painting more than one mani per night!

This is another one of those shades that I didn't really want to take off... but the challenge presses on! I'm not too far behind, and I'm hoping to catch up this weekend. Of course, that's only if my Fall cleaning goes according to plan!

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