August 2015 Haul

by - 9/14/2015

It's still not quite Fall, but the signs that Summer was here are quickly fading! August is always a time of transition, and I felt it more this year than other years! So much news about upcoming trends and collections, but none of them have hit store shelves yet. Maybe we're waiting for #NYFW2015? I can only hope!

Saving/Shopping For...

1. Cognac Riding Boots - Thanks to the ankle boot trend, I feel like these are going to be even harder to find than normal. I've got my eyeballs on a couple pairs from Frye. Anyone own a pair and love them? I'm searching for a really good pair that will wear well!

2. Cognac Hand Bag - My MK Bag is shot. It desperately needs to be repaired. Or replaced. I carry a ton of stuff around all the time, so it's got to be heavy duty. Something I can carry comfortably on my shoulder. I entertained the idea of a cross-body for a minute or two, but I need room for Peanut's stuffs. And I just like the look of carrying a big ol' bag. It's the boho in me...

3. Peanut's Birthday Present (No idea what to get my soon-to-be threenager. I feel like she has all the stuffs, you know?)

This Month's Purchases...

KBShimmer Order (Online) - $40.05
I'm not sure that I can afford to do it every month, but I'm trying to branch out and try more indie polish brands. I purchased Look High and Holo, Look on the Nightside, Pigment of my Imagination, and two mani shots.

Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag (Online) - $12.95

sugar Women's Heeled Lace-Up Ankle Bootie in Black (Kohl's) - $4.99 (with coupons & Kohl's Cash)
I was there shopping for Black Wedge Booties and ended up going home with these. Go figure. They look exactly the same from the front, but I liked the heel, fabric, and comfort. Oh, and they don't have grommets. The wedge boots I tried on had silver grommets and I just couldn't get past it. I cleaned up big-time on these boots. $20 in Kohl's cash and a $10 off a $30 purchase... $4.99. Don't you just love Kohl's Cash?!?

Wet n Wild Gettin' Inked (KMart) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Keep Vinyl Alive (KMart) - $1.99

Wet n Wild I Moss Have It (KMart) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Pop-Up Blutique (KMart) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Stop and Mel-the-Roses (KMart) - $1.99

Wet n Wild Thrift Shopaholic (KMart) - $1.99

Total - $69.93

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