#31DC2015 030 // Inspired by a Tutorial

by - 10/08/2015

Hard to believe that I'm nearing the end of this challenge. Not so much from a painting side, but from the blogging side, definitely! This past week, it just seems like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Hopefully that's all done with for now. Feel free to say a prayer, cross your fingers, maybe your toes! 

I've definitely posted about Seriotypes before, and I'm pretty sure that I linked back to Nichole's tutorial when she and Amanda were still co-writing Pretty Girl Science. They've each gone their separate ways with new blogs... Amanda at Some Weird Sin and Nichole at Bedlam Beauty. She posted a new Seriotype tutorial, and more recently a Fall Colors Seriotype, both of which inspired my TUTORIAL nails... 

Nails Inspired by a Tutorial

Nails Inspired by a Tutorial

Nails Inspired by a Tutorial

Tutorial Nails

Nails Inspired by a Tutorial

Polishes Used: 

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
2 Coats Wet n Wild A Latte Love
China Glaze Mingle with Kringle
Essie Leggy Legend
NYC Royal Chic
SinfulColors Feel The Vibe
Wet n Wild I Moss Have It
Wet n Wild Stop and Mel-the-Roses
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

I'm not really a pumpkin spice kind of girl. Salted caramel? Hells to the yes! Although, to be fair, I did have a delicious pumpkin spice white russian while out with Mr. Sparkle the other night. We were having such a great time during out date, I totally forgot to take a picture! 

My nails might not be the pumpkin spiciest at the moment, but they are seriously channeling the changing colors on the leaves outside. To me, that's what really signifies the start of the Fall season. As the leaves turn, the smell of the air changes. Definitely crisper, but at the same time, richer, earthier, almost sweeter. That's the kind of scent I want to bottle up or put in a candle! 

I started out with a base of Wet n Wild A Latte Love. It's really trying to be a part of all my manicures lately. It's just a great neutral shade for any kind of nail art! For this seriotype, I sponged most of the colors on with cosmetic sponges. On a couple of the nails, I went back and did a little dabbing with saran wrap, just to spread things out a little bit more. I did use a little bit of orange and gold in this layering, but the main colors I wanted to feature were red and brown. Stop and Mel-the-Roses is a gorgeous metallic crimson red. Royal Chic is a creme brown shade that sat in my stash untried for over a year. Yikes! I am really trying to work on that!!! 

Looking back, I'd probably try to go back with a little more orange on some of the nails. That really got covered up by all the brown, red, and gold. But other than that, I love how this Seriotype turned out. It's definitely one of the easier nail art looks to recreate if you're artistically challenged like me! 

Hard to believe, only one more prompt to go, and they I'll be recapping the 31 Day Challenge for 2015! I'd like to say that it went quickly, and for the most part it did. You know, until that part where it really didn't. But regardless, I'm still having a lot of fun doing the challenge, and that's what's important! 


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  1. Great finished look, must have taken quite some time with all those polishes.