Fishbowl Friday 053 // Zoya

by - 11/06/2015

We've made it to another Friday! YAY!!! I know that's how I feel when the week is finally over. So, last night, I drew one of the brand prompts in my bowl... ZOYA. I knew almost immediately what I was going to do, and that doesn't always happen...

Zoya Binx over Zoya Quinn

Zoya Quinn & Binx

Zoya Quinn, Zoya Binx

Zoya Binx over Zoya Quinn

Zoya Quinn and Zoya Binx

Polishes Used:

1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler
3 Coats Zoya Quinn
1 Coat Zoya Binx
1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat
1 Coat Seche Vite

I don't have a ton of Zoya polishes in my collection. It's a brand that I have to buy online, considering the closest Ulta is almost an hour away, in the city we used to live in. And it's rare that I head up that way to do shopping these days. So, I usually end up buying Zoya when they have big promotions. I almost always go for the buy 3 pay only shipping. Quinn and Binx were part of an order I made in February with a code for 50% off my order. Quinn was ordered for obvious reasons, but I wasn't so sure about Binx. I waffled a little bit before I finally clicked order. But I'm so glad I did! 

Quinn is described by Zoya as a "very rich red-berry with slight purple undertones in a glossy creme finish." I would definitely agree with that. I think Mulberry when I look at it. Sadly, my camera blasted out some of the blue undertones in the polish, so it's not quite as red as what you're seeing in the photos.

Binx is touted as a "spicy orchid purple dappled with gold metallic and holo sparkles." I definitely agree with the gold metallic sparkles, but the other glitter is definitely more of the translucent, opalescent variety. I don't think that I've ever used it before, and quite honestly, I was surprised with the amount of gold shimmer in this polish. Pretty sure it would look really pretty over a darker blue, but probably over lighter colors too. Just a great mix of glitter. 

Now, if I were behind the making of a shade called Quinn, I would have to add glitter. Why? Because my little girl's smile and laugh are just so contagious. She's a vibrant little living sparkle. Hence the name Sparkle Girl! 

I love the way these two shades play off each other. Quinn is a really gorgeous mulberry creme that feels so right now, but not in a trendy way. This is definitely a classic shade. Adding Binx in on top just makes it that much more fun, and oddly Holiday appropriate. Not that I was going for that, but hey! I'll take it!!! 

As of right now, I can't say that we have too much planned this weekend. Peanut and I will be working on potty training some more, and things have really turned around, so we're pretty excited about that!  Other than that, I've got a haircut scheduled. So, it's looking like a lot of hanging around home, playing, snuggling, and trying to make my word count when Peanut goes to bed! 

Happy Weekend! 

P.S. If you're NaNoWriMoing like me and need a buddy, feel free to send me an invite!   

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