China Glaze Moonlight the Night vs. Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden

by - 1/27/2016

For a nail blogger and polish collector, there's nothing worse than getting home with a polish and discovering *GASP* that you already own a polish in that exact same color and finish, just produced by a different brand. That is what we call a dupe. (Dupe = Duplicate) Not to be confused with backups, which are additional (intentional or not) bottles of the exact same nail polish.

When I ordered my bottle of Essie Starry, Starry Night, I was trying to add more to my order and China Glaze Moonlight the Night was the only other thing that ended up in my cart. It's part of the Spring 2016 House of Colour Collection from China Glaze. It looked glittery and interesting, and it just had to have a place in the sparklestash.

Between the time of ordering and receiving, I noticed that Moonlight the Night looked suspiciously familiar. As in... Daubigney's Garden from Fingerpaints familiar. It came out last year as a new addition to Fingerpaint's core line. When I used Moonlight the Night in my SPARKLES manicure last week, I mentioned that I would try to compare the two side by side.

Moonlight the Night vs. Daubigney's Garden
Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden vs. China Glaze Moonlight the Night

China Glaze Moonlight the Night vs. Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden
Daubigney's Garden vs. Moonlight the Night

I was ready to board the dupe train on this one, until I got the bottles outside. Immediately, I noticed that Moonlight the Night from China Glaze had much more of the coral/pink translucent glitter pieces. Curious as to how that would translate outside of the bottle, I got out a swatch wheel.

China Glaze Moonlight the Night vs. Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden
Comparing China Glaze Moonlight the Night to Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden

What you see in both bottles, you also see on the nail wheel. I built up to four coats of each polish, with China Glaze Moonlight the Night on the left, and Fingerpaints Daubigney's Garden on the right. Both polishes feature translucent and opalescent glitter. There's a good deal of translucent pink and purple and opalescent teal in each one.

Moonlight the Night definitely has more of the coral/pink color of glitter, and it's more noticeable as you build up coats. The glitter in Daubigney's Garden has more of a green-yellow flash to it, keeping it mainly in the cool spectrum. The base colors are different, too. Daubigney's Garden base has a bluish-teal lean to it, while Moonlight the Night is more of a bluish-purple.

Moonlight the Night vs. Daubigney's Garden
l. Moonlight the Night r. Daubigney's Garden

I can't really rule that these two are dupes, but they are similar. Do you need both polishes in your stash? Well, it depends on what kind of nail art you're into, and what color pairings you like. If you're more of a cool-minded blue/teal kind of person, Daubigney's Garden is probably what you want. But if you want that little flash of unexpected coral and pink for a mermaid manicure, I'd definitely go with Moonlight the Night from China Glaze.

As far as availability, both are relatively easy to find at the moment. Daubigney's Garden is part of Fingerpaint's core line of polish, and can be purchased through Sally Beauty Supply. Moonlight the Night is part of the newest China Glaze LE collection, so you should be able to find it at most Sally Beauty Supply stores or other online retailers. This time around, I purchased from Ulta, but I typically buy China Glaze polishes from HB Beauty Bar. They do a great job of stocking current and past collections in case you missed out on any recent LE shades.

Hopefully this will help you make a decision between the two of these shades! Do you have either of these in your collection? Both? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!!!


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  1. Aha! Okay, so like I mentioned on that previous post, I have the Fingerpaints version. Seeing them side by side is interesting. I do feel like the ChG one has a much more pink on purple vibe. As much as I love purple, I think I prefer the one I have. Not to say I'd never get the ChG, but no rush....

    Thank you so much for the comparison!

  2. I finally bought DG because I thought there was nothing out there like it, but then I see this post! Plus I'm trying to collect more cruelty-free brands like CG so I could see myself adding this to the stash...if I weren't on a no-buy! Great post! Super thorough.

  3. Thanks Abbi! I'm actually glad I own both, but my preferences do lean toward Moonlight the Night!!!