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Top 15 Manicures of 2015

Where did 2015 go? It's so hard to believe that we're already saying bonjour to 2016! I don't know about you, but my feeds have been littered with all sorts of "top... favorite... and best of..." posts. Can I just confess for a minute that I can. not. get. enough!

I already posted about the Best Polishes of 2015. If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see my #bestnine. That one is actually cool because it consists of the nine photos you guys liked the best! I'm not sure if comments are counted in there or not? Either way, as soon as that collage was compiled, the wheels in my head started to turn. 

And it has been a little while since I did a f a v o r i t e s post... 

Favorite Manicures of 2015

You know, looking at this collage gives me a real sense of accomplishment! My techniques have definitely improved over the past year. And I think I'm slowly becoming more adventurous with my nails. I mean, I probably would've laughed at water spotting a year ago, but I tried it for one of my Manicures of Christmas and loved the way it turned out! 

In the past year, quite a few things have grown on me, like gradients, stamping, and accent manis to name a few. The saran wrap technique and Seriotypes were probably my two favorite discoveries of 2015. When it comes to my absolute favorites... layering manicures of any kind will always win. They're the jam to my jelly glitter sandwich. Another technique that will always hold a place in my heart. 

So, here they are, in order of their appearance on the collage, with links so you can get all the details! 

Water Spotting Glitter Gradient Skittle Mani

1. 12 Manicures of Christmas 012 // Sparkly Gumdrop Skittles
A little bit of layering, a little gradient, and my first time water spotting! I'm honestly in love with the finished effect of water spotting. It's only a little bit less messy than water marbling, though, so I've lost that as an excuse when it comes time for the annual water marble. O.o

Distressed Glitter Gradient Manicure

2. Fishbowl Friday 040 // Punk
This was a fun gradient that I really enjoyed wearing. I love the distressed look where the black and silver polishes meet. 

Seriotype Manicure

3. Fishbowl Friday 017 // Sponging
My first ever Seriotype manicure. I think my favorite thing about Seriotypes are the fact that each nail looks a little bit different. I'm still not crazy about that pinky, though! 

Pahlish Autumn People over SinfulShine Prosecco

4. Layering: Prosecco People
Between Autumn People and Gumdrop Rooftop, I've fallen hard for multichrome and ultrachrome flaky glitter toppers. Depending on your base color, the look of these gorgeous little flakes can change completely!

Flowery Pond Manicure

5. #31DC2015 014 // Flowers
My first pond manicure. Definitely not my last, but whoa! This technique takes a while!!! But the end result is gorgeous, so it's worth all those layers!

Watermelon Tourmaline Manicure

6. Fishbowl Friday 042 // Tourmaline
This is one of those manicures that was incredible to wear, but almost impossible to photograph! Which was such a shame, because it was gorgeous in person.

PLL Welcome to the Dollhouse Nails

7. Stamping: Pretty Little Liars Season 5
This was the manicure on my nails when Welcome to the Dollhouse aired. It was a great episode, but it definitely didn't answer too many questions. By the time the Season 6A Finale came around during the Summer, my brain was a little too exhausted for a PLL mani!

3 Color Gradient Manicure

8. Fishbowl Friday 028 // 3 Colors
This is another one of those distressed/bleeding gradients. Fantasy Fire really added a fun touch of shimmer to the tips, turning this seemingly 2 color gradient into a sneaky 3 color gradient.

Animal Print Tortoise Shell Nails

9. #31DC2015 013 // Animal Print
Tortoise shell nails in tortoise shell colors? Check! This was a really fun manicure from #31DC2015 that I was really sad to remove after wearing for only one day. But, that's the way of the challenge!

Seize the Sparkle's Signature Style Nails

10. Fishbowl Friday 030 // Signature Style
This was a fun mani that combined a whole lot of glitter and shimmer! Not a Seriotype, but a layering manicure that changed and transformed with each new coat of glitter.

Duochrome Layering Manicure

11. #31DC2015 006 // Violet
I ordered these two polishes just before #31DC2015 kicked off. As soon as they arrived, I knew I needed to wear them together and see how everything shifted. I couldn't stop moving my nails around and checking out all the flashes from different angles. Ah-mazing!

Galaxy Sponging Seriotype Manicure

12. Gilded Galaxies Seriotype
I've been itching to redo this manicure lately. There's definitely a galaxy vibe, but it also reminds me of the colors on an old desktop globe. And maybe a bowling ball. But mostly the globe! I think the contrast between all the different colors is my favorite thing about this Seriotype.

Nails Inspired by a Pinterest Pin

13. Fishbowl Friday 023 // Pinterest
This was a look I recreated from a manicure I pinned on Pinterest. There's something so clean and simple about accent manis that gets me every time. And you really can't go wrong with purple and gold nails!

Distressed Glitter Grunge Gradient Nails

14. Fishbowl Friday 014 // Rain
Yeah, it's not you. There's nothing particularly "rainy" about this manicure. It was more of a loose translation kind of Fishbowl Friday. We have those every now and then!

Rainbow Glitter Seriotype Nails

15. #31DC2015 009 // Rainbow Nails
If I had to pick a favorite collection of the year, I'd probably have to pick the OPI Colorpaints. So many awesome manicures were possible because of these polishes. This was a no-brainer for my favorites! Jelly polishes will always have a really big place in my polish loving heart!

It's been a lot of fun looking back through 2015 and picking out my favorites! And of course, while I've been doing that, I've also been thinking a lot about my goals for 2016! So, be on the lookout for a post featuring my 2016 resolutions coming soon!

Oh, and I apologize for being so radio silent here on the blog since Christmas. Peanut and I both had a lot of time off, so we really had a lot of time to play and got to enjoy the Holidays with family! I was totally planning on posting a Fishbowl Friday last week, and the time just got away from me. But fear not... Fishbowl Friday 059 is definitely happening this Friday!

Happy New Year!!!



  1. Awesome summary! You did some pretty cool stuff in 2015

    1. Thanks Dina! I think you did some really cool manicures too! :)

  2. I love the recap!
    I think my fave is 6. But it might be 10... They are all so lovely! =D ♥

    1. Thanks Jonochi! So nice of you to say, it was hard narrowing it down to just 15!!!


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