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Fishbowl Friday 067 // Orly

Can I get a Happy Friday? It's a little hard to believe that Spring is just hours away from arriving! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for warmer weather. Sooooo ready. When I picked the prompt last night and drew ORLY, it was either go bright or pastel. Bright won, and then I just had to add in a little sparkle for good measure.  Polishes Used:  1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler 3 Coats Orly On The Edge 1 Coat Pahlish Autumn People 1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite How awesome is this layering? Part of me doesn't want to take it off and part of me wants to build a seriotype on top of it. Difficult choices, huh?  I can't say that I have an overwhelming amount of ORLY polishes. But I do love most of the ones I have. Out of all the mainstream brands, they're one of the trendiest. I feel like they do a pretty good job of pushing the envelope with colors and finishes.  On The Edge was part of Orl

Fishbowl Friday 066 // Wet n Wild

For those of you who were waiting for this post last week, I apologize! I've been pretty busy lately and then there were a few technical issues! Everything is sorted out now, tech devices are fully charged and I've got a new mouse. So. How about a WET N WILD mani? Polishes Used: 1 Coat Fingerpaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler 3 Coats Wet n Wild A Latte Love 2 Coats Wet n Wild Stream of Consciousness 1 Coat SinfulColors Clear Coat 1 Coat Seche Vite When I pulled WET N WILD for a prompt last week, I didn't have a specific shade in mind. Now, I do have a few polishes from Fall that I still haven't tried. But with all the warm weather, I'm really feeling the pastels and brights again. No dark or vampy shades this time! A Latte Love is probably my favorite neutral shade ever. So much so that I own three bottles of it. And I've begged to have it added to the core collection. Quite shamelessly. It's a really great neutral that's kind of gra