Welcome to Seize the Sparkle! I'm Sarah and this is my home on the interwebs, and the mantra I live by. My blog started out as a cathartic way to share my obsession with nail polish and painting my nails. Looks vary from simple swatches and my signature layerings to more complex nail art and stamping!

My other obsession is figuring out the mystery that is Pretty Little Liars. In addition to recapping and reviewing episodes, I postulate all sorts of theories. If you reeeally want to dive into the crAzy, just follow me on Tumblr!

Here and there, I also write about parenting little Peanut, shopping, beauty, fashion, and pretty much anything else I might be thinking about at the time.

I do my best to keep the products I feature affordable and accessible. One of my favorite brands of nail polish retails for just $1.99/bottle. I stalk CVS, Kmart, RiteAid, Walmart, and Walgreens for new nail polish collections. TJ Maxx is my before anywhere else store. Peanut and I go to Target for popcorn, smoothies, and the dollar spot! Other than that, I shop for clothes at Kohl's and Old Navy, and sometimes Express. We're living in the real world here at Chez Sparkle... and there's just something about saving money while treating yourself that I just love!

A smidge more about me... I'm a 30something wife/mommy that works full time. During the day, I'm a Copy and Production Director. By night, I'm Mama Sparkle, responsible for teaching one spongy little Peanut all about this world we live in. I paint my nails while she's asleep.

I'm a little obsessive by nature, so in addition to nail polish and Pretty Little Liars, coffee and caffeine rank pretty high, along with writing, shopping, photography, social media, reading, and all things sparkly! I'm constantly overusing ellipses and I do have a liiiiittle valley girl tinge to my voice. I blame all those Cali-based sitcoms of the 80s... and I seriously love that PLL is set in PA!

So... what exactly is the Seize the Sparkle mantra? It's about taking the time to pamper yourself a little bit. It's all about grabbing opportunity by the horns. It's about having faith; choosing love and positivity. It's about being your own person and staying true to yourself.

A waaaaaaay long while back in 10th grade, we watched Dead Poet's Society, as I'm sure many other English classes did. The words Robin Williams' character whispered to his students made an immediate impression on me. "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

Replace boys with girls, add in a little glitter, and there you have it.

Seize the Sparkle.