Sometimes, manicures just don't go the way you want them to. You smudge a nail, flood your cuticles, paint too many layers... there's a bunch of different ways a manicure can go wrong. At Chez Sparkle, we know mistakes CAN and WILL happen. A wise person once told me that's why they make erasers. So, because we choose to CELEBRATE our mistakes... Here's a collection of my Failicures. ENJOY!


11.21.14: Ruffian Manicure Failicure
I've seen so many ruffian manis online using binder reinforcement stickers as guides. I haven't given them another go since, and I had better results with my 2nd ruffian using french manicure tip guides. What is even going on with my pointer finger?!? 

Paloma Herring

2.24.14: Paloma Herring Failicure
Zoya Paloma was supposed to turn OPI I Have a Herring Problem into a pretty purple color. And it sortof worked, but mostly not. Then there's the accent finger. THAT is OPI More Than A Glimmer with Paloma overtop. Blech. I think sans accent, this might've fallen into the realm of okay... but no. Just... no.

Whimsical Green

7.17.2013: Whimsical Green Failicure
This one should've been easy. I just wanted a mint green version of Revlon Whimsical. Instead of the blue, you know? 16 Layers of polish later, I have sloppy layers, flooded cuticles, shrunken tips, and glitter that's just all over the place. And I didn't even get the shade of green right. Maybe next time...